direct guidance

Please note: I am no longer offering one-on-one mentoring sessions because of my busy schedule. A very special ArtBiz course will be offered later this Fall covering all the nuts, bolts, insider tips, support, and direct guidance to make your art career dreams more real and tangible. You must have taken or be currently enrolled in A Year of Painting to be eligible for this course.

Deeply Wild & In Tune Readings:

It’s rare to encounter someone with such strong intuitive abilities. Alena has a deep sense of knowing and powerful understanding of connection that enables her to see clearly that which might be otherwise obscured or concealed. By providing a gentle mirror she enables others to tap into that clarity of vision in a way that enables them to see the points of necessary action for the path ahead. She has, graciously through her own gifts, helped me to have more confidence in seeking out and listening to my own intuition.”  — Melissa Rothman

My mother, a sensitive and intuitive being herself, gave me my first card deck when I was 19 years old. From the very start, I began to give my friends readings and they would often feel very moved by what would come of it. It feel like such a calling, as if I was fulfilling the work and knowing of my ancient soul. For many years I have never charged for this until I kept receiving the feedback that I had a gift and needed to share it. It feels funny saying this, but more and more these days I receive these direct downloads and premonitions for many in my life that I encounter, whether its a new or an old correspondence. I have 4 decks that I often work with, the traditional Rider-Waite, the Osho Zen deck, and sometimes a rare deck from the divine and ancient wisdom of Egypt, along with The Wild Unknown, a captivating hand drawn deck. I also use my same Zen deck that I have been carrying for over 17 years. I combine these together along with any other messages I receive from Source. It is my honor and privilege to serve you in this way for your greatest joy and fulfillment of your soul’s longing. A reading with Alena based on phone, Skype, or in person. Each session is unique to fit your highest soul purpose and healing. Let your passion be the guide. To schedule a session click here.