An incredible and super fun new offering! No matter what level of artistic experience, you are warmly invited to be a part of this world where the joy of color opens up new realms in your painting and life…

The creation of this delightful yet new member-only offering came about from the suggestion of my artist friends. Cathy Nichols lovingly said to me “Alena, no one does color like you. You should offer up a different palette (limited color combination) for other’s to work with every month to teach them how you use and see color.”

Because let’s face it, color is everything in a painting. It’s the first thing we notice and how to use it well changes our visual world and expands it vastly.

By joining the Magnificent Color Club now you will receive:

  • A painting lesson plus a unique limited palette suggestion every month. You accept this inspired challenge and watch how it effects your work!
  • A PDF and intro video where I dive into the world of color and share many secrets! Yay!
  • Tidbits on composition and how to use color effectively in your work. This is an affordable and exciting new way to open up your painting skills as well as feel good while doing it!
  • Free COLOR THERAPY. We all need it let’s face it!
  • You will also become a part exclusive list where you receive the first invite to a VIP event I plan on having in the next year at my studio and estate. This will be a wonderful networking and community building event where we can share all our color and painting stories! This is not a workshop but an affordable event of pure enjoyment.
  • You will also receive the benefit of support from an awesome worldwide community. Many possibilities can come from this!
  • Plus more surprises! Like snail mail surprises?!

Secure your spot now while on sale.

{Cancel membership anytime}.

Oh my goodness I’m learning so much and having so much fun. Thank you so much for this class. It’s incredible.  Thank you for sharing yourself so freely.” – Janelle Lucinda

Become the Color Alchemist you were always mean to be and join here.

“Once again thank you for your classes. They mean the world to me. I never had an art teacher that spoke to me and could bring out my soul like you do. It’s priceless.” -Ida Glad

“I want to thank you so much… It’s like you have let the genie out of the bottle or something!! I have been searching for my own personal style…and you have really helped me to loosen up and let go!! I’ve been on fire since your lesson.” – Pate Buss

{See some kind words about my teaching style here}.

See you on the other side of the rainbow!