Newest ArtBiz Offering!

Hi dreamer!

Do you long to embody and cultivate a creative career that serves your purpose and fulfills your soul?

Do you need guidance on just how to get it started; all the honey pots and nuts and bolts?

Do you need a confidence boost in knowing that yes you can do this and you are worthy of it and so much more?

{ This course is also an energetic imprinting and so much more than the very helpful nuts n’ bolts shared. Yes you can. }

You will also be given two value PDF workbooks with priceless info, one being of a value of $225 (my former ArtBiz pdf).

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this new (limited ticket) webinar series is for you. This will be a very personalized experienced where you will receive ample attention while paying for mentorship at a very good discount! (60% off)

What it is:

Mentor coaching sessions on everything related to creative career. I am sharing it all! One private session is basically the cost of 3 of these plus bonuses.

You get to ask as many questions as you want during and beforehand.

You will receive worksheets and bonus material, along with a certificate of completion at the end of the series.

Reserve your seat here.

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Topics covered:

*Core Beliefs, Confidence + Money Stories
*Honey Pots: Ways to Make a Creative Living
*List Building
*Social Media Methods
*Website Matters
*Selling Originals
*E-courses, Workshops and Retreats
*Licensing and Manufacturing
*Selling Prints
*Wholesale, Consignment, and Art Fairs
*Crowdfunding projects
*Manifesting Methods

Say yes to your dreams: reserve your seat today. Simple payment plan available here.

Testimonials about my past ArtBiz offerings:

 I just wanted to thank Alena Hennessy for your beautiful, generous and magically practical leadership and guidance. Such a grounding, healing and sacred container and *just* what I needed! I still have a TON of stuff to work through when life permits but I feel much more stabilized just knowing the resources are at my disposal! I thank you so much for sharing your wealth of wisdom & experience with this crew – Nikki Coffelt

I have really enjoyed this class. It’s given me a lot of ideas moving forward and I have especially been inspired by everyone’s art and your journeys with it. I’m so grateful for Alena for sharing the incredible wealth of knowledge and depth of heart she has for art and encouraging us all to succeed and be authentic to our vision. -Paige Ashmore

Thank you Alena, for sharing your experiences and wisdom – I’ve really loved watching each of the lessons and adore your uninhibited coaching style (although I’m still catching up on videos!) but this has been so very magical and insightful. -Riddhi Banani

Deepest thanks with a song dedication to Alena Hennessy for giving what you are, being one who brings the dawn… a mentor and mirror for what is possible. Thank you for sharing so intimately! -Jules Ostara

“It’s rare to encounter someone with such strong intuitive abilities. Alena has a deep sense of knowing and powerful understanding of connection that enables her to see clearly that which might be otherwise obscured or concealed. By providing a gentle mirror she enables others to tap into that clarity of vision in a way that enables them to see the points of necessary action for the path ahead. She has, graciously through her own gifts, helped me to have more confidence in seeking out and listening to my own intuition.”  –Melissa Rothman

“Just wanted to write and say thank you to you, Alena, for everything. I just want you to know how much the work you have done means… It means so, so much. I have, on occasion, unfortunately experienced teachers who lack the ability for the simplest – I think – of gestures, toward their beginning students. And that’s encouragement. The reason I will basically follow you anywhere – – is because of your…I’m going to go with….je ne sais quoi …because it’s just a bunch of things, all positive, all inspiring. All equaling to an amazing teacher. A true teacher. Thank you.” –T Francesca