30 Days of Grace


This class is a self-guided study where you go at your own pace for 30 days! However, you will still be able to join and interact with our private group. After you purchase, you will receive a PDF of this course with links and passwords to the videos for a lifetime. This is a wonderful and enriching gift you can give to yourself, an epic act of self-care.

This online journey has proven to be one an incredibly beautiful and sweet experience. Some raves from students:

Can’t recommend this course enough. It will change your entire world view.–R. Michelson

The best e-course I have ever taken.” –S. Kapinao

Alena taught me how to do these portraits from across the seas, all the way to Italy. I’m surely gonna book the new class in May. Alena has given me her sweetness and healing-ness! You can be sure Alena Hennessy that you will always feel my gratitude.” L. Beckinsale

I end this glorious 30 day sojourn in this Temple of Grace with such a heartfelt salutation to you, beautiful lady of magic. I have been deeply touched and changed by you and your grace. Thank you. And to each of the magical women in this Circle…..you are so very beautiful and radiant and talented, and I’m honoured to have been here with you witnessing your Journey. –S. Alexander

“Again thank you so much, not only just for connecting to the student but for everything that you have offered in both your year of painting and your 30 days of grace. I have been creating more then I have been in a long time and have a new sense of inspiration…I went to become a school teacher and since then I have found it tricky to balance art making and working, but have a new sense of creativity now. What you are doing and how your are helping is beyond what I can express in words.” –M. Langille

This class holds everything dear to my heart, if you are considering it or are feeling a yes, I highly suggest joining me in this experience. All class content will be left up for 5 months after its completion. To see more examples of some of the students’ work from the last class, click here.

Journey with me through the art and practice of self love and dream manifestation. For 30 days we will go on a ‘cleanse’ of that which does not serve us, while bringing in the clarity and exquisite care for our beings.

In this virtual journey we will explore:

* Daily rituals to enliven our spirit and fill our hearts to make room for more love and contentment.
* Writing prompts and journal exercises that deepen and nourish your understanding as well as call in what you are truly longing for.
* Collages created for your muse (Goddess).
* Plant spirit medicine (herbalism and flower essences) to support you along the journey.
* Meditation practices to unwind and open from Earth to Sky, inviting in more peace and mind body spirit awareness.
* Awakening and understanding your intuition while tapping into your Divine Feminine and Queen archetypes.
* Simple drawing, painting, and other creative lessons based on self care, love, and magic.


I deeply look forward to sharing my heart’s highest calling with you ~ to remind and reveal to you just how exquisitely beautiful you are.

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