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In 2017 I will have all the below offerings + brand new exclusive interviews with some of my favorite healers and artists where we will truth-telling from the heart, sharing what has transformed our lives in healing and abundance. These talks will not be seen anywhere else. Return students as well as all levels welcome and encouraged! You are receiving SO MUCH with this course, a small investment for your personal well-being! We all deserve to live wild, happy, and free!

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Join me in a year of creative transformation and joyful wild living! As one extended worldwide circle + community we can step into a year of healing together, through art-making and fulfilling life practices. As for the creative portion of this course, painting, mixed media, journaling, photo-work, mandalas, nature art, and more will be explored.

So for every month there will be one juicy art lesson + one guided meditation (new for this year) along with year-round support, resources, and community, plus other bonuses/surprises with some pretty amazing women (artists, activists, authors, healers, + more: see gallery photos).

Guest teachers and interviews include: Kelly Rae Roberts, Flora Bowley, Katie Hess of LotusWei, Susan Tuttle, Lori Portka, Mati Rose, Faith Evans-Sills, Juliet Blankenspoor of Chestnut Herbal School, Amira Rahim, Carrie Schmitt, Pixie Lighthorse, Brooke Sullivan of The Wild Temple, Tamara Laporte, Rachael Rice, Marianne Mitchell, Shannon Jones (evolutionary astrologer) and more!

And don’t let the word healing limit your mind to what this is about ~ this course is so much more than that. This virtual journey is about living true and whole. This course is about the power of intention + variety of rich creative lessons to fulfill the soul. This course is about bringing together some of Alena’s favorite healers/teachers/artists to share with you their wisdom and knowledge. This course is about togetherness, being connected in a way that matters and lasts. This course is about true and free possibility.

{ monthly themes }

January: Awareness

~ guided meditation + talk on embodying awareness of self, habits, thoughts, and radical intentions for the year.

~ creating a scripted ink painting with our word of the year and holding that in the magical realms.

February: Surrender

~ guided meditation, talk, and real life practices on total release and emotional freedom techniques. you are your truest love.

~ get messy, wild, and paint with total self love *SANS JUDGEMENT*. create in wild acceptance. let go + let infinite love pour in.

March: Seeds

~ journey into our dreamworld or angelic realms, our highest purpose shown.

~ create one very awesome vision board with paper, paint, coded imagery, and magnetism.

April: Growth

~ meditation on allowing real shift to take place and inner transformation to begin to blossom.

~ working with flower alchemy / nature mandalas / pressed flower crafts and resin.

May: Power / Courage

~ calling in your truest teacher and high priestess within; stepping into leadership role in  your communities.

~ art-making project that allows yourself to shine as a true guide; creating a power painting with photo work.

June: Containment

~ healing meditation on implementing healthy boundaries and energetic protection.

~ working with the plant spirits/flower essence painting for protection. (bonus: make your own flower essences)

July: Longing

~ shamanic journey into the inner layers and cosmic realms of the heart and its thirst / longings.

~ utilizing longing for true fulfillment with intuitive painting.

August: Courtship

~ calling in, embodying the temptress of life’s sweet fruits. courting your own muse / power.

~ paint yourself as the divine archetype you are. know thyself.

September: Clarity

~ diamond mind meditation for clear thinking and crystallized existence.

~ making a series that is authentic, distinct, and clean (clear) in feeling.

October: Wild Gratitude

~ activating our superpowers through daily gratitude practices and visualizations.

~ implementing free and true thankfulness through your art on every level. having gratitude become a magic maker in your painting.

November: Abundance

~ journeying into the realms of sweet and real abundance. honoring and embodying the archetypal queen practices.

~ make your own oracle card deck. manifest and heal further.

December: Eternal Love

~ open heart meditation into joy + practices that carry that enriched fulfillment. closing the year in bliss that sustains.

~ art from the heart that expresses eternal love.

Some testimonials about Alena as a guide:

“It’s rare to encounter someone with such strong intuitive abilities. Alena has a deep sense of knowing and powerful understanding of connection that enables her to see clearly that which might be otherwise obscured or concealed. By providing a gentle mirror she enables others to tap into that clarity of vision in a way that enables them to see the points of necessary action for the path ahead. She has, graciously through her own gifts, helped me to have more confidence in seeking out and listening to my own intuition.”  — Melissa Rothman

Once again thank you for your classes. They mean the world to me. I never had an art teacher that spoke to me and could bring out my soul like you do. Its priceless.” -Ida Glad

“I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your inner beauty and bountiful wisdom.  I have a history with ailments like seasonal affective disorder and anxiety, so it can be hard to function at school, especially with the insane amounts of pressure high school students experience nowadays.  Chakra meditation has been my go-to for when I need to calm down, and I try to paint as often as possible and think and write about grace in all its forms.  I’m now noticing how grace seems to manifest itself in our everyday lives, something I never would have taken note of if not for your lessons.  I can’t tell you how much YOU have contributed to my mental stability.  I’m filled with motivation and a renewed determination to enjoy life, and I can’t thank you enough.  This class has been cure I needed that no doctor could prescribe.–A. Monroe

“I’ve done so many online courses but I am just LOVING yours so so much, my art is growing exponentially. I’ve only been painting for a year and I’m so excited about the paintings I’ve been able to do. I just love your lessons, and somehow you manage to have the most wonderful community of people that are so happy and willing to share and take the time to comment on other peoples paintings, it’s the most uplifting thing I’ve ever done. Thank you.” -Angela Brisbane

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