Come Back to Love + Love Wings


Recently I asked on Facebook what people were desiring for an online class. This latest creation is a result of that.

So much is offered in this layered and rich mini-course given by my Mother (Jane Hennessy) and I:

+ Discover your muse / heart / inspiration again and get turned on to intuitive and intentional painting. Alena will create 3 intuitive painting examples for your inner world with INTENT. Prepare to see the magic happen and things transform in your life! Perfect for those who have lost a little bit of the muse or inspiration within or those who wish to be introduced to intuitive painting.

+ Become more in tune and let your bodily feelings guide you. Alena will also introduce her thoughts on healing the body from trauma, feeling peace from within, learning to feel and intuit your way in life by paying attention to certain Chakras and energy centers.

+ Create paintings that nourish and protect the heart. The three painting examples that Alena will show you are all about coming back to love. It’s time to truly honor your heart: it has such much wisdom to share with you.

+ Create Love Wings with Jane Hennessy to adorn your home in exquisite beauty! With the intent of adding grace, protection, and guidance to your home, create a pair of gilded wings for yourself or your loved ones that last forever.

+ So you basically are receiving two rich mini-courses for the price of one. Come dance with us and gain new skills, understanding, and ways to express yourself richly. Art changes consciousness (scientifically proven). Won’t you join us? 

** You will be able to receive immediate and lifetime access to this lesson. Once purchased you will receive a link and password within your Order Confirmation (please look for it there). Once you are logged into the lesson you will always have access to the lessons on the site. You will also get to share your work in our vibrant worldwide painting community over 1200 members strong! There are four videos for each course, along with support text/images. Each video is downloadable plus you can always view the private class on this website.