Find Your Voice



An accessible four-week journey to discover more of your true self (+ go at your own pace until the end of the year). Find your authentic voice through the Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. Create works of art original to you through all your elements as a Human Being that fulfills your deeper self.

Do you wish to create more art but sometimes get confused over if your style is authentic to you? Do you wish to share more of yourself in your art (not matter what the level of experience)? Many times I have heard from students in my classes that they want to discover more of their style and who they are as artists. Therefore I created this class to take you all on a visceral journey into yourself. It is taught by myself and Ryan Oelke (MSEd Counseling Psychology 16+ years of meditation practice and study) to deepen your understanding of your inherent style, the stories in your soul, longings, and hopefully, to awaken discovery and more inspiration within. Another intention for this course is to clarify and strengthen your voice, by being vulnerable, sharing with and being received by the world, which thus can be healing.

How it will work:

* This is a self-paced online course, 4 weeks in length, and you will be able to work on it in your own time. You will have access until the end of the year, with an extension (if needed) available for a very nominal rate.

* You may work straight through the 4 weeks if you have the time, or can take a year to complete. You may also download all video lessons to your own computer and keep/watch them forever.

* A private group for support will be available, where you can share your works and receive feedback, from myself and the other participants.

* It is a course rich in content. The first week is finding your voice through the Physical Body, 2nd week is the Mental Body, 3rd the Emotional Body, and final week is the Spiritual Body. Meditations and guided prompts will be given by Ryan, along with 1-2 art lessons a week from me, + more.

Join this awakened discovery of your authentic self, which can be healing and joyful if we allow it. Come play in the paint with me and let your art shine out through your deepest self!