Kindred Creatures + Company


The first course ever by my amazingly talented Mama Jane Hennessy. PLUS, receive 10 beautiful coloring book pages made by Jane herself available to download immediately upon purchase! You and/or your children can enjoy the meditative and healing properties of coloring in these kindred creatures and print them out as many times as you want.

Learn how to paint a series of magical animals (or any subject matter really) in a soft yet approachable style of realism, adding an essential element to your creative toolbox!  Jane will demonstrate her special techniques in a series of three different creatures. Learning these techniques can help open up your creative work in new ways plus unfold gorgeous opportunities (think illustration jobs + more). PLUS, you get to invite the healing and powerful energy of painting such special totems into your home and life. Learning these techniques is also a wonderful way to get your images out there and into the world (think on pillows, scarves, stationary, apparel, etc.)! You may use this technique she shares to also paint from any photo and make it come to life through your hands!

Some skills and gifts gained from taking this course:

~ gain more understanding and practice of creating classically rendered images from transferring.
~ learn to paint/draw from any of your favorite printed out photos.
~ bring the healing medicine of spirit animals into your being.
~ practice the art of restraint to create striking paintings in a series that are perfect to be reproduced on a variety of wares (cards, prints, pillows) + much more!

You will be able to receive immediate and lifetime access to this lesson. Once purchased you will receive a link and password within your Order Confirmation (please look for it there) via email along with a compressed file where you can download your coloring pages right away! (You will also receive a file of the fox, owl, and pheasant images only if you wish to work with the same images as Jane). Once you are logged into the lesson you will always have access to the lessons on the site. You will also get to share your work in our vibrant worldwide painting community over 1200 members strong! There is one rich video for each course, along with support text/images, the downloads, and an extra welcome video for Kindred Creatures. Each video is downloadable plus you can always view the private class on this website.