Painting the Muse


For years I have been desiring to create a class on painting your muse, angel, deity, goddess, or queen. Not only do I find it a beautiful balance of fulfilling and challenging to paint faces, it’s also healing, empowering, and embodying. For real, this process is simply magical. So come join me in this sweet virtual class.

Lifetime access means you can watch it and do it whenever you want — it will be left up on my site forever. 🙂
You can do it at your own pace once you have received the classroom login.
The class is all in one setting and has over 3.5 hours of video content + more. I will show you at least 5 examples of muse painting plus bonuses.

Painting the Muse will learn and explore how to:

* Sketch in the facial features and learn proportions.
* Discover and learn to trust your style when painting your muse.
* Paint muses that hold certain qualities that you wish to embody in your life. This is a healing and empowering aspect of this course.
* Adorn your muse with paint, ink, gold leaf and even paper if you wish.
* Learn to bring your muse to life through ink and paint pen and/or layers of acrylic in an expressive and painterly style.
* Paint an angel or protective being to bring grace into your artistry and life.
* Learn about aspects and wisdom of the goddesses.

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