So, confession… I am simply IN LOVE with my new gallery space that my mother, partner, and I have created. It is filled to the brim with total visual and sensual inspiration by my favorite artists/makers from all over the country and is highly curated so that each thing we carry speaks of love. Everyone that seems to walk in falls in love too. One day I had this realization that I would love to create custom gift packages with totally varied and one of a kind items, all to awaken and enchant the individual soul. Based on some questions I will ask you and using my intuition and adoration for what we carry, I will create an alchemical gift package just for you…

We have 3 gift baskets for Gold, Silver, and Bronze offerings. If you are seeking to feel more like the goddess you are and receive a gift direct from my artist heart to yours, simply add this package to the cart and we can get it started for you. (Expect an email to follow shortly with some questions so we can get to know you a little more). These are unique and one of a kind items and the curated selection will make your heart sing.

Let us pamper you and awaken the muse from within! It is truly my pleasure.

“It is LOVELY! I had been gone on a business trip all week and had totally forgotten about this when the mailman delivered it. It was literally a breath of fresh air. The first thing I saw was the Jennifer Currie print which was simply gorgeous. Then the smell hit me and it was just so good and comforting. Everything was so delightful.
It really was amazing that someone who didn’t know me was able to put that basket together.
It definitely makes me wish I lived close enough to shop in your store.
 take care,