Are you ready to step into a more successful yet embodied place of your healing arts career?

Does being an integral part of a coveted group of leaders in the arts interest you?

Do you desire to paint and make art in a way that is fluid, gorgeous, and multi-faceted?

Are you ready to learn how to create an abundant career as a healing arts guide, with real life applications?

–> If any of this plus so much more interests you, applications are now open. There will be many benefits to joining. Please read to the bottom of the page for all details.

Update: This program is now sold out.

You will receive:

  • The opportunity to intimately work with Alena as she guides you and provides a path and framework for your creativity, art-making, dreams and unrealized gifts and aspirations… all that come into realization.
  • Live calls, video and group chats with a small group of women along with one on one time with Alena. This is a global-friendly program and you will receive lifetime access. All sessions will be recorded and the guidance you need.
  • Guided instruction and priceless information on how to become your best brilliant art star. You will learn how to paint in a more fluid and expressive way from the soul. You will also learn how to teach others to tap into their depth and higher more fulfilled creative self (both online and in person). You will further learn how to teach others this process.
  • At the end of this transformative process you will receive a complete training and certification as a SoulPainting teacher. Any in person workshops and retreats you create will be listed on Alena’s website! There will also be an opportunity to teach at one of Alena’s retreats.
  • This is by far the most hands-on and complete program Alena has ever offered. It is with great joy, appreciation and created ultimately in so much love.
  • There will also be an amazing opportunity to gather with Alena and the rest of the community for an in person for a personalized retreat, networking, and gathering! One place will be at Alena’s new residence / custom studio on the gorgeous coast of Mexico. YAAAAYYY! (Some costs of retreat not included). You will have choices on this.

Becoming a certified SoulPainting teacher will not only transform and enhance the life of others but also allow you to be infinitely more in tune with your own arts practice and inner life.

We are going to explore a wide range of healing and integrative creative and soul-based practices that bring joy, clarity and flowing creative juices into your being.

This program will also teach you how to set up your own career so that people desire to learn from you in new ways you have not experienced.

By completing this certification process, you will be a part of a chosen group of leaders in Alena Hennessy’s network. This community will have numerous benefits and opportunities that will naturally arise.

Apply here today for this unique teacher training into art stardom that suits your soul. Spaces will be limited and this program will sell out. A deposit is required upon application.

To gather with others, in the name of creative expression, is a balm for the soul.

Through a variety of media, like paint, paper, and drawing media, we lose and uncover ourselves at the same time. When we also learn how to go within, to light up the heart and ease the mind and body, alchemy happens. We move, we write, we draw, we paint, we grow. This alchemy is a state of being that is most natural to you. From here you can create a life you can thrive in and feel free, in true abundance and clarity.

Explore a variety of art media and creative lessons/prompts.

The joy of being a SoulPainting teacher is knowing how to play and use a variety of media and lessons that are juicy and transformative. Your students will adore this! Your art will soar! The intuitive mind loves to curate, layer, and set your expectations free.

Find the equanimity within.

Through meditation, breathwork, movement, and other fulfilling practices, we can uncover a very clear, wise, and ecstatic part of ourselves. From this place, our ability to share our work and teach others soars. Further, sharing these practices with others allows them to excel too.

Up level your own mixed media and painting skills.

By becoming a certified SoulPainting teacher, you will also learn how to advance and synthesize your own art-making and painting skills. What we teach, we ultimately become. Alena will share the inner workings of all her techniques with this coveted group.

Build a lifelong community and network of support.

You cannot place a price on shared values, experiences, and interests in community. When we create real connection and journey together with a small group of people, we find our network, our tribe. This tribe is a source of support and opportunity.

Use ritual and ceremony in your practice.

Art is alchemy — and when we bring a ceremonial aspect to it, an intention and set of rituals that create and embody the divine, so much more magic is unveiled. Learn practices that enhance yourself and the dreamer within the dream. Come home to the sacred.

Bring abundance into your arts career.

By learning how to create a career that is both successful online and in person, you can bring about prosperity. We become what we practice. Alena will share all the steps and foundations for bringing about abundance to your creative journey and career.

“Just wanted to write and say thank you to you, Alena, for everything. I just want you to know how much the work you have done means… It means so, so much. I have, on occasion, unfortunately experienced teachers who lack the ability for the simplest – I think – of gestures, toward their beginning students. And that’s encouragement. The reason I will basically follow you anywhere – is because of your “je ne sais quoi” but really it’s just a bunch of things, all positive, all inspiring. All equaling to an amazing teacher. A true teacher. Thank you.


Tara Francesca


“I have really enjoyed this class. It’s given me a lot of ideas moving forward and I have especially been inspired by everyone’s art and your journeys with it. I’m so grateful for Alena for sharing the incredible wealth of knowledge and depth of heart she has for art and encouraging us all to succeed and be authentic to our vision.

Paige Ashmore

Artist, Intuitive

“I just wanted to thank Alena Hennessy for your beautiful, generous and magically practical leadership and guidance. Such a grounding, healing and sacred container and *just* what I needed! I feel much more stabilized just knowing the resources are at my disposal! I thank you so much for sharing your wealth of wisdom & experience with this crew.”

Nikki Coffelt

Artist, CEO

“It’s rare to encounter someone with such strong intuitive abilities. Alena has a deep sense of knowing and powerful understanding of connection that enables her to see clearly that which might be otherwise obscured or concealed. By providing a gentle mirror she enables others to tap into that clarity of vision in a way that enables them to see the points of necessary action for the path ahead. She has, graciously through her own gifts, helped me to have more confidence in seeking out and listening to my own intuition.” 

Melissa Rothman

Artist, Editor

“This is the best online class I’ve ever taken. It’s delightful and deep with inspiring art lessons, beautiful painting demonstrations, meditation, breath work, and self-care habits. I approached this class with an intention to improve my art techniques. But during this journey, I experienced something more transformational: self-acceptance and self-love. This community was such a wonderful microcosm and I am truly thankful for the gifts. I realized this: Alena is not only my art teacher, she’s my spiritual teacher. Her classes are always incredibly transformational for me.”

Jenny Messerle

Artist, Author

This class was such a blessing! Alena has created a course for mind, body and soul.  I love her teaching style and magical spirit.  She is my favorite artist and teacher.  She brings out the best in me.  I highly recommend this course for anyone looking for peace, healing, love, community, magic and creativity.” 

Judie Parsons


Course Structure:

The dates for this program are: September 13th – December 6th.

All video lessons will be recorded so you can go back and watch them within our classroom. Alena will rotate the times so that no matter where you are you will get a chance to be a part of it. There will be other ways to stay connected and bonuses too.

  • We will have a private classroom page on my website as well as a group (not on Facebook) where we can go online and connect.
  • There will also be two live video sessions per week. Alena will provide active and personal feedback/support during each session.
  • You will receive the attention you need. You will be highlighted several times through out the program but can always receive feedback during or after any sessions.
  • One of the video chats per week may be a live art/creative lesson. The other will be a guided spirit/wellness/manifestation lesson.
  • All course materials will be held within our private classroom in which you will receive lifetime access.
  • There will be some other surprises too!!!
  • At the end of the course, you will have created a series of work that you worked on through out this program. This work will be showcased and highlighted through Alena’s network.
  • You will also receive your coveted certificate upon completion.
  • After the program is complete, a very special in-person networking/workshop event will take place! You will have an opportunity to have photos taken and a beautiful opportunity to network among other things.
  • Any workshop/retreat you offer that follows the SoulPainting guidelines will be listed on Alena’s website!

The total intuition of this program after the deposit is made is $2600, or payment plans can be set up (you will save a bit if paying in full). Since this is the first year of the program it is discounted and expect to go up by 25% next year.

To view the in-depth curriculum and everything you will be receiving, click here.

—> Say yes to your dreams, your wild gorgeous life is waiting!

Alena is the author of Cultivating Your Creative LifeThe Painting WorkbookIntuitive Painting Workshop, The Healing Guide to Flower Essences and beloved teacher of the art-making process, both online and at select retreats. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines and publications, including DwellThe Washington PostSomerset Life, Spirituality & Health, ReadyMade, Redbook, Stitch, Victoria, and Natural Health magazine, as well as being featured on Good Morning America and pilot shows for ABC Studios. Her paintings have been exhibited across major cities in the U.S., along with several museum shows. Alena is also a flower essence practitioner, along with being a Reiki master and energy healer. Through grace and intuitive guideposts, she calls the beautiful town of Asheville, NC her home. As a facilitator, her intention is that each participant leave a little more transformed, content, and open to wild possibility.