about alena

Alena Hennessy is an artist, author of Cultivating Your Creative Life, The Painting Workbook, and facilitator of self-love and magic. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines, including Dwell, The Washington Post, and Natural Health magazine. Alena also holds a deep passion for flower essences and other plant spirits, along with being a Reiki master and energy healer. Through grace and intuitive guideposts, Alena lives her live in the beautiful town of Asheville, NC, with her champagne fox Mimi Simone and many other gifted playmates. She is ever grateful to do what she loves and share it openly and authentically with others. As a facilitator, her intention is that each participant leave a little more transformed, content, and open to wild possibility.


“Work is love made visible.” –Khalil Gibran

For as long as I can remember I have been making art of some kind. I would spend hours drawing on the back of my Grandmother’s geography “dittos”– creating imaginary worlds of rainbow puddles, ants, horses, and dozens of fashionable ladies. Things of course have since evolved, but never has my desire faded for creating. Some time near a big life change, I felt a higher calling to learn more about the healing arts, divine feminine archetypes, and the plant spirit world. How grateful I am today that I have found a way to make all these passions synthesize, along with my deep love for painting and mixed media. The delightful and sometimes challenging journey of creating a work of art brings me as much joy as facilitating others to their inherent and thriving creative nature. I think of this work like that of hummingbird, collecting nectar from life’s sweet aromas. I thank you for being here. And please know this: not only does art save lives but it also transforms them.

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