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SoulPainting Certified Leaders

Here are some incredible facilitators of painting, magic, ritual, and healing… in their own unique and brilliant way. Please look to these women to be inspired by and check out their unique offerings! If you are interested in becoming one yourself (changing your life and advancing your creativity to wonderful heights) then get in touch with me or learn more here!

Amanda Boekhout

Amanda Boekhout aka Divine Fem is an artist, yogi, mama, friend, lover, sister, and universal traveler.  She creates artwork and experiences as offerings to the divine.  Her artwork, symbols, movement, and mindfulness practices serve to activate the divinity within.  She has been a practicing artist for over 20 years and continues to explore, experiment, and find surprises with her work!   

Amanda has a Masters of Fine Art from Florida State University (2012) and has seven years of experience teaching art at the college level.  She is also a certified yoga instructor and offers weekly intuitive flow classes to her community. 

Currently, Amanda is fine tuning her first online course SYMBOL, available in Spring 2022!  This course is for curious makers who wish to infuse more meaning and meditation into their creative practice using symbols as guides. 

For updates about upcoming courses, workshops, sales, and musings, please join her mailing list here. 

To see everyday art and inspiration, find Amanda on Instagram

Jenny Messerle

Jenny Messerle is passionate about sharing ways to add more joy and self-compassion to your life. This is the mission of her art, writing, and classes. Jenny is a mixed-media and Procreate digital artist.

She is also the author of I am a Golden Buddha: A Journey from Self-Criticism to Inner Peace. Her book has 47 five-star Amazon reviews and praise from creative luminaries like Alena Hennessy, Sabrina Ward Harrison, Rachel Awes, Jill Badonsky, and Violette Clark. 

Enter Jenny’s world to enjoy her offerings. Browse Jenny’s Instagram gallery to see if her delightful Soul Creatures brighten your spirit. Visit Jenny’s website for a free month of art, writing, and self-care classes including her free class: Rediscover the Joy of Drawing: Five Steps to Illustrate Unique Characters. Join Jenny’s email newsletter community to receive free gifts such as phone wallpapers with encouraging messages and printable scrapbook pages.

Mo Singh

Since 2016, Mo began turning to expressive arts when her partner became ill. Creativity gave her a space for sustenance and to “play”. After her partner passed away, art cradled her, and to this day, allows her to express and resource herself “beyond words”.  Colour has always been her element. Her Asian mother’s love of magenta, gold and purples in her wardrobe, Mo’s teaching of crystal healing for 20 years and now creating abstract paintings with watercolours and acrylics, inks and markers.

Mo values nurturing herself, space to dream, create, “play” and express. This is the space that Mo would like to hold for you: a safe place to embrace your creativity, just where you are. By accepting Mo’s offerings, you are valuing making time for yourself; time for you to get juicy with paints and explore, play and allow yourself to be supported through a magical process. She will guide you through creating art, painting alongside you and sharing suggestions, tips and encouragement.

Mo believes in energy and love: in the interconnectedness of all beings and The Divine. She is trained in crystal healing, theta healing and life coaching and is a reiki master. She has taught many healing modalities in adult education colleges in London since 1992 and has run workshops and her client practice for 30 years. She has completed her SoulPainting certificate with Alena Hennessy, to facilitate expressive art. She currently runs small Zoom classes for women to paint and create. It would be a pleasure to welcome you and to hold a safe, creative space for you to bloom. Find Mo here and all her juicy offerings!

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee is a Hong Kong born artist living on Kaurna land (Adelaide, South Australia). Her works are a point for spiritual awareness, intuition, self exploration and gentle, healing, inner soul work. Using an abstract language of colour, pattern, forms and mark making, her art delves into the mystical, the magical and, the divinity in all things. It surrenders to the playful and simple little moments in our lives, framing instances that could otherwise go unnoticed. She creates intuitively guided, abstract, mixed media pieces and also colourful, wearable art. 

Michelle has been a practising artist for over 18 years and together with her extensive background in graphic design, she has been enriched with the knowledge of how to convey complex messages in a visual medium, and a deep understanding of colour psychology.

Currently she is offering Intuitive Art workshops monthly in her home city of Adelaide. These workshops provide a safe space for people to dive deep as a means of healing themselves through curiosity and play. Michelle is super passionate about transformation through art; combining her interests in breath work, meditation and ritual, she loves encouraging others to connect to their truth through creative freedom; and the wabi-sabi aesthetic of imperfection and impermanence.  Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries throughout Australia and are held in private collections across multiple continents.

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Theresa Soltzberg

Theresa Soltzberg at Expressive Art is an artist, writer, coach and MFT therapist who offers experiences that allow the intersection of self-expression, soul healing and deep personal story. She has been guiding and instructing others in their creative process and life journey for many years.

She blends the many practices she has found powerful for her own creativity into her healing and artistic approach, including somatic, mindfulness and spirituality-based approaches. Some of the tools she loves are non-perfectionism (wabi-sabi), symbolism, story and healing through nature.

Theresa is currently in the process of launching an intuitive soul painting class called Authentic Creative Expression, that will focus on going deeper into the symbolism and personal story that is truly YOU, using guideposts for inquiry, and exploration, and getting to know yourself with loving curiosity. 

Click here to join her mailing list, get updates on her class and receive a free one-page mediation guide, plus a 10+ minute meditation that can be used before you create, and find her here on Instagram.

Lisa Waddle

Lisa Waddle is a 500 hour certified yoga and meditation instructor, sound healer, and creativity guide. She is passionate about holding space for people to heal, nourish, reignite their creativity, and connect to their truth. She guides you on this soul journey through employing yoga & meditation, mantra, sound healing, and breath practices as powerful tools to connect to the body, mind, and spirit. Through practicing these modalities you tap into the flow state, learn to listen and trust your intuition, and let the process guide your creativity.

Her teaching style encourages students to notice their breath, observe their mind, and explore body sensations without any judgements or expectations, and let go of preconceived ideas in order to fully embrace themselves where they are as they are, whole, complete, and radiant. When students bring this full awareness into their creative practice it allows them to start where they are, let go, trust, and allow creative energy to flow.

Lisa believes that through the practice of acceptance, the freedom of releasing judgements, comparisons, and expectations, and the power of movement, breath, and play, everyone can discover their unique voice, reignite creativity, and unearth their journey home to the soul, connecting to their truth.

Lisa would love to share yoga and art with you, one on one or small group sessions, in person or Zoom, or through my online offering coming soon. To receive studio updates on new work, classes and workshops, sound baths, and other offerings please sign up for her monthly newsletter here.

You can also find her on Instagram @lisawaddleyogaart

Nicole de Picciotto

Nicole de Picciotto is an art-alchemist, healer and an avid painter.  She is a passionate devotee of the deep feminine wisdom embedded in art-making and seeks to ignite the magic of creativity  in all who are curious, especially those who feel encumbered in their lives.  As someone with a chronic illness herself, Nicole has discovered the power of art-making to revitalize our bodies and hearts, allowing us to experience the fullness of life even with tremendous challenges.  She continually seeks fresh answers to the question: “How do we become our full, powerful, joyful, and authentic selves in each moment?”  Responding to the relentless invitation from intuitive painting to slow down, open, listen, let go, and trust, Nicole continues to find new pathways to heal  layers of life’s burdens and open us to our full, tender hearts.  Through intuitive art classes and life coaching, she invites her students to listen deeply to themselves for the way creativity can be a dynamic and nourishing practice to heal and transform.  She would love to partner with you on your own journey to unleashing your full aliveness, from wherever you find yourself now.

Please sign up for Nicole’s newsletter at to stay abreast of future workshops, painting circles and special offers!  If you would like to schedule a complimentary creativity coaching session, please email Nicole at

Coming soon: FREE painting circle!  Monthly, 2 hour sessions in which we start with an embodiment/grounding practice, share our intentions for the day, make art in virtual community and reconnect about our process at the end.  This is a rich opportunity to receive feedback and strengthen our sense of community with other art-makers.

Raffaella Cetrulo

Raffaella is an Italian girl deeply in love with all aspects of life. When she is not travelling around the world or working, you’ll find her painting in her studio in Luxembourg.

Her paintings are inspired by nature, travels or inner child and are characterised by the use of several techniques, media and colors.

Through them, Raffaella intends to share beauty and inspiration with simplicity.

If you are curious to discover more paintings and remain updated, please follow her on Instagram @raffainviaggio. She will be grateful and delighted to accept your request.

Sarah Whitwell

Since childhood, Sarah has found painting to be a warm and welcoming meditative practice. She could get lost in her whimsical little worlds and abstract adventurings for hours. Painting was her happy place, and to this day, it still is. In recent years, it has become a way of opening her heart, putting herself in the path of life’s beauty, finding inner peace, and cultivating more calm. Sarah has an education and background in both the Fine Arts, and also in Diagnostic Healthcare, which has made the connection between mind and body abundantly clear. In a culture that fuels burnout, painting was often a welcome break from the everyday routine, demands, stressors, and high expectations.

For fun, Sarah began teaching paint nights to share her love of painting and show anyone that they can also paint, even without prior experience. She noticed how much her students loved it, and embraced the process. It was so much more than just painting, it was more about showing up for themselves, being present, courageousness and trying something new, or just making the time to do something that they already loved. She expanded her paint gatherings to be more of a self-care session, and this is a concept that is continuing to evolve. From this place she has tapped into a more creative energy and life, and has enjoyed sharing this with others.

Sarah has recently started her business Heart Happy Art, which focuses on offering a sacred space of rest and healing through meditative painting including Self Care Sessions, Burnout Recovery, Heartache Rehab. It also inspires women to be their highest self and live their best life.

Visit Sarah’s website or her Instagram for her current and future offerings on classes, workshops, mini adventures, and e-courses.

Jenny Siegel

Jenny Siegel is an art maker and lifetime student of exploring the creative impulse. She is a soul coach, space holder, circle facilitator, embodiment practitioner, and in service to the great mystery. She tends creative practice with curiosity, spaciousness, and play, inspired by forms found in nature, the sacred in the everyday, and interconnectedness. Drawn to the mystery of things unseen and the dance between chaos and order, she works with a variety of mediums including acrylic paint, watercolor, pastel, wax, graphite, charcoal, ink, fabric, paper, thread, wood, and found objects. Jenny also enjoys creative collaboration and community-building, partnering with different artists, change-makers, and organizations focusing on positive change. 

Jenny offers a compassionate space for you to deepen in your inner knowing, and connect with your creative impulse. She creates opportunities to explore your relationship with creativity and allow your creative expression to emerge and develop. She weaves creative practice (play!), intuitive art exploration, embodiment practices such as breath and sensory awareness, meditation, and soul coaching tools for self inquiry. She offers 1:1 sessions and also small group sessions, in person or on zoom. Jenny is here to support you in aligning with your joy to create.

Visit Jenny’s website for more information.  There you can sign up for her newsletter to learn about future offerings and events. You can also find Jenny on Instagram.