Art Transforms Life

blog1Lately I’ve been pondering just how much art making, painting, and active creative pursuits have impacted my life. I began to realize that it’s influenced so much…perhaps everything. For this, I am endlessly thankful, in fact I often tag my Insta photos with #thankfulartistgirl. It just fits. So I thought I’d write a simple post on just how art can change a life, or mold it from a slab of clay into a beautiful vase that holds life-giving water and fragrant blossoms.

Art teaches you to let go.

“Last night I lost the world and gained the universe.” – C. Joybell C.

We are human beings, creatures… not machines. We are organic in our shape, not angular. So when we create we can seek to achieve our own ideas of perfectionism, balance, harmony, unity, and so forth…. yet we must also learn to let go. What a valuable lesson this is. We must begin to trust and allow what naturally wants to come though, come through. Surprises are the biggest gift in art making. This is how I teach others to create, anyway. I have found something magical happens when we let go further, we begin to gain more. When we are freer from our personal attachments to outcomes and expectations we have set for ourselves, we create from a place of more grace and ease. When we are in that state of grace, we become delighted by what we discover, the inner clicking rings more clearly. We create from a place of authenticity and what feels true, rather than from a concept or idea on what is beautiful or ‘good art’. I happen to believe there is no good or bad art – that it is beyond that state of right or wrong. I just want my students to feel they have honored where they are and who they are in that moment of creating.


“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.”

- Rumi

Art subsequently quenches and expresses your soul-longing at the same time.

During my quiet-hour(s) of painting, I find that my soul gets to sometimes rest, explore, or express its deep longing. That time when I sit down and create with my heart is sacred. It’s simply your time with you, no one else’s. Something within gets satisfied, something within gets fulfilled. It is a practice and meditation. Something within also got to express something that it needs to get out, let go of, or made seen. It is a dance between these sacred intrinsic needs.


Art brings you community.

And what an unexpected gift this has been. I’ve been saying for many years now that the friendships born in creative spirit are like no other. It’s a tribal sisterhood for me. Not only does art begin to transform and fulfill the soul within, it brings you more like-minded beings into your life. Sharing your work, forming exhibitions together, taking part in collaborations or business projects with other artists, is incredibly satisfying and innately human. Doing creative work with a family member or beloved creates bonding in the purest way. It is a shared experience, a gift that allows each person to express and take part in the greater whole of something.

Art allows you to express what is beyond words.


Through art forms like painting, drawing, photography, dance, and such we get to express that which is beyond words but still contains feeling, emotion, nuance, story, and subtlety. This is a wondrous reprieve. When I paint, I strive to express the mystery, although oftentimes words can fall short when I begin to reflect on just what that mystery is. This is where the language of color, line, shape, form, rhythm, balance, chaos, and more come in. An infinite language that is my own language: it does not always need explanation it just needs to be made real.

Art impacts others.

Make no doubt about it; taking a great piece of art in can stir the soul like no other and at times have more impact then flat out sharing it by a more direct means. It can stir the unconsciousness and bring feelings and thoughts into the forefront, or our own awareness. Art can be political through a unique lens that can move the senses and thus change perspective or inspire change within, and thus change the actions we take in our own lives.


Art is a practice that you can have until the end of your days.

Cultivating your creative self is an endless exploration or thirst that never runs dry, but that which only deepens with time. Matisse was said to have painted on his hospital bed with a long extended paintbrush, making brush strokes on the ceiling overhead. Dedicating a life to one or more practices of expression is a gift that will serve your golden years well, something you can keep intimate company with though out your years. Embracing your own evolution through a visual or other documented means is leaving traces of each phase of your life behind for generations to come.


Art can support you through monetary means.

And what a gift this is. To do what you love, that which comes most naturally to you, and be supported financially through this process and offering. I have found that passion is a contagious energy, when it is true, not forced, and done repeatedly, or an act of disciplined love. Attention is love, so give your art your undivided focus. Be open and take the steps to receive from it. This is also a learning and a process, but in infinitely ways possible: to make a good living as an artist.

Current Turn Ons

“I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world.”
Rainer Maria Rilke, Rilke’s Book of Hours: Love Poems to God

“We need, in love, to practice only this: letting each other go. For holding on comes easily; we do not need to learn it.”
― Rainer Maria Rilke, Translations from the Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke

blog1blog2ablog3aPhotography by Russian artist Katerina Plotnikova.

blog4 The above text by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run with the Wolves.

blog5blog6“Believe in a love that is being stored up for you like an inheritance, and have faith that in this love there is a strength and a blessing so large that you can travel as far as you wish without having to step outside it.”
― Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

The Tonic of Wildness

“We need the tonic of wildness…At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be indefinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathomed by us because unfathomable. We can never have enough of nature.”–Henry David Thoreau

The following photos are from a recent trip to Cumberland Island.

blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4 blog6 blog7 blog8“I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes. –ee cummings


Cara Italia, My Love is True

I happen to believe we have kindred spirits all over this Earth, which for me, is most delightful especially when they are of the creative kind. These kindred beloveds can also be countries, or certain parts of the world. Fifteen years ago when I was the ripe age of 22, I discovered my first true love… and her name is Italy. She blew me away with her warmth, sweetness, light, delicious treats, songs, ridiculous fashion, red wine that flows lightly as water, and rich history under dramatic painting and over narrow cobblestones streets.blog1i  blog3i blog4iblog2iThese above photos are of the studio of the amazing Louise Beckinsale, a newly discovered kindred artist. Louise took my 30 Days of Grace class (which is now back open for registration) and created work that made my heart flutter with pure elation. How divine it was to find out that she resided in Cara Italia and had her own art studio called Bliss Base where she paints and teaches! Louise and I are going to be working on some delicious things together, such as: live painting, an exhibition, collaborations, and film projects. However, I will also be gallivanting about in Italy for the first week of September or so, and am planning on doing a little mentoring, teaching, and other magic making all in the name of art, of course! I have a few spots available for this special trip, for any of you who may want to paint with us. I will be making a trip to the most beautiful place in the world to me, Cinque Terre (see pics below — SWOOOON!), with art media in hand. Painting in these maritime courtyards while sipping a little vino rosso can only fulfill the soul and allow it to blossom open even more.  If this at all calls to you simply get in touch and I will fill you in with all the details. (Note: this opportunity is now FULL). Italy is where I found my voice as an artist, where things in my life began to change quickly, into glorious new horizons of love and adventure. For this reason I will always be loyal to her… she was my first true love. Her magic is like nothing else I have ever experienced.  Did you also know I am teaching some completely original workshops in the magnificent Magdalen in Oxford, UK?! This late Summer/early Autumn trip is going to life changing for me… I can feel it. Perhaps you will feel the call too. blogi10blogi9I want to gently remind you that the purpose of a ship is not to stay close to the shore, but to adventure out into the sea: the unknown, the deep blue, a whole world underneath that is a mystery. We do not fully live unless we risk, for if we do not risk, how will our lives truly change? To love is to risk. To adventure is to risk. To try new things is to risk… this is how magic happens in our life. This is my invitation for you. Choose it from your heart and see what begins to happen.
The charming private BnB where we will be staying and magic making Dolce Vita style. Pinch me now please… this really is a total dream come true.

Let the Season of the Wheel Move You

blog1ablog3blog7 copyblog11blog62photo(66)blog5blog2Let it come to move you. The sounds, colors, lines, rhythmic patterns, shapes of new growth… Let this Season of Spring, the soft buzzing, delicious blossoms dripping with nectar, hues so fresh and alive, make your way into your creation. Any creation. Take a walk: get down and become small. Notice the tiny details, the little points of life. Expand out big: look at the vast sky, the way the light hits leaves, the way birds swoop through the expansive air. How can the Season move you? Let it come from you. Paint your days into the night. There is much music happening outside in this new season of love. Let those notes hit your canvas like the delicate and bold blossoms unfolding forth.

Let it come to move you.

Together in Sweet Creation

I just returned from teaching a series of workshops out on the West Coast. The first week of teaching proved rather challenging, with me catching one of the worst bugs I have ever had. The second week I came back to life and rocked 3 workshops in a row. I keep learning more of what each participant needs each time as my lessons grow deeper, richer, as well as more light. As I grow and evolve as a facilitator I notice my students’ work deepens as well. They were amazing. I feel in love with SO many pieces. I flew back to the East Coast with a full heart, so thrilled for them, so content on the many exercises and processes we explored.
blog1Have art media will travel: one of three suitcases that I brought along this 2-week workshop journey. This large hard-shelled case is filled to the brim with art supplies. One of the more not-so-glamorous parts of the job.

blog2 One exercise I had students do was two Quick, Affirmative, and Intuitive paintings. They can only work for 20 minutes on the first and then 10 minutes on the second one. They must work completely by instinct, play, and trust. It is pure delight to do this! Takes us back to our inner child when we made art without involving the ego.

blog3 Another student example, the 10 minute painting. I love her whimsical lines, her carefree way of being. It is perfectly imperfect: the wabi sabi style of painting. I emphasize this concept to my students repeatedly.

blog4 The above photo are some of the delicious materials that I have my students work with. Sometimes I have them paint their own paper pieces that they then collage into a painting. It is so rewarding and teaches them how to make the elements and principles come alive in a work.

blog5 A student painting almost complete in a day-long workshop. It is so free and rhythmic. I believe the energy and state of mind that we pour into the a painting can be felt by the viewer.

blog7 This is my first chaotic layer that I paint with water-based media so that it feels fluid. I love this free process, working like a child: free, exploratory, curious, instinctual, trusting

blog8 “You Blossom my Heart“: my completed demo-painting. This was done after many layers and exploring various techniques and intuitive art principles. This was sold the next day.

blog9aAfter the long journey on the road, it is so rewarding to come back home. There is no place more special in this country to me then my darling home town of Asheville, NC. My love and I took a hike to see numerous waterfalls. The water and warm/cool rocks restored my being. Connecting to this source of life, the Natural world, is imperative for my being and peace of mind.

blog10Of course it’s always nice to receive a beautiful bouquet when you return home as well! He knows my favorite flowers. Feeling so blessed and under a magic star these days. I am grateful in so many ways. I thank you sincerely for being here. Never give up… dreams held close to the heart do come true. Stay on the path, both feet on the ground, trusting and surrendered. Let it unfold for you. Love all of creation.

Inviting Grace

People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child–our own two eyes. All is a miracle.” –Thich Nhat Hanh

Butterflies are self-propelled flowers.” –Robert A. Heinlin

The fires of suffering become the light of consciousness.” — Eckhart Tolle


Definition of grace:
1. Seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion.
2. A characteristic or quality pleasing for its charm or refinement.
3. A disposition to be generous or helpful; goodwill.
4. Graces Greek & Roman Mythology. Three sister goddesses, known in Greek mythology as Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thalia, who dispense charm and beauty.
5. Divine love and protection bestowed freely on people.

tr.v. graced, grac·ing, grac·es
1. To honor or favor: you grace us with your presence.
2. To give beauty, elegance, or charm to.


alena hennessy blog


My next online offering is one that holds close to my heart. The lessons within it will be rich with the many paths that have brought me here today, along with, or most importantly, the value of love and care for one’s soul and self.


Topics of exploration include:

1. Automatic/intuitive drawing.

2. Plant Spirit Allies for self-care and beauty.

3. Chakra meditation: expanding your field, letting go, and fortifying.

4. Divine feminine soul collage, connecting to your Goddess archetypes.

5. Self-love self portraiture.

6. Nature photo walks.

7. Flower essences for healing and transformation.

8. Luscious thick floral paintings.

9. Bless your mess art process.

10. Finding your magic and calling.

…. YUM!


Those above sweet nuggets of truth have been gifts for my soul and now I want to pass them on, you see. There is so much magic we can uncover when we do this together.


So, if you are feeling even a little tug or yes, this is your invitation to sign up and journey in this experience with me. Currently, there are just about 10 spots left, (I am keeping enrollment on the smaller side so I can give more attention to each participant and hold sacred space).

*May grace light your path and unfold your many gifts within, like self-propelled butterflies out into this world.*

Co-Creating in San Miguel de Allende

blog1blog2ablog3blog3ablog5blog4ablog8blog7aThis was such an awesome experience for so many reasons. Bright fluid movements with paint, ink, and other materials used as a medium to come together in the spirit of passionate collaboration. The themes of ease, flow, letting go, trusting yourself and learning/unlearning all took place. Flora Bowley hosted this delicious occurrence. What a treat to work with her and beloved Anahata Katkin of PaPaYa! So. much. FUN.

That Which Makes You Come Alive

blog1This New Year, I would love for you to ponder the following questions:

What truly turns me on?
What makes me come alive?
Where do I find real joy?

Such simple questions, but when we take the time to sit with them, honor them, nourish them, unfold them… we may be surprised as to what comes up.blog2I’d like you to invite you to be exactly the woman you want to be, no apologies. I’d like to invite you to wear bright colors on your nails, to put a tiara or flowers on your head, to sing out loud or to recite a line from your favorite poem to a stranger. I’d like to invite you to be entirely you: authentic, bold, beautiful, outlandish you. Even if at times that feels discordant, that’s OK. More than ok. You are a brilliant multitude: complex, simple, and light-filled. Trust me, you are. This I know to be true. blog3 I believe this is how we start unleashing our creativity. We become true. We make no excuses. We travel lightly and freely. We wake up one morning and say “I really don’t give a ____ about what they think anymore, this is just how its going to be.” We live true to our insides. Its scary at first, but very liberating. That liberation is a damn good thing. It brings all sorts of goodies. Welcome it. blog5Start by making a list: let it come uncensored, let it be unleashed. Let it contain all the simple things that you love, all the big things too. Dream big, dream sweetly…

And Happy New Year dear ones.

Uncovering Treasures within the Well of Grief

blog1Photo to the left by Danielle Cohen, creatrix of Amulet magazine. blog2The other night I was having dinner with a friend when she told me about a powerful grief ritual she attended. She shared what a profound influence it had on her and how much her soul needed it, even years after experiencing a deep loss. I had heard once before of this woman’s gifted work and was sorry I was not in town to attend. In the past two to three years, I have been sitting with the meaning of loss, its impact on our lives, and what it means to grieve. It is such a mystery, really. When deep loss hits another human’s life are there enough ways to support it in our culture? Is it the type of grief that is socially acceptable to receive waves of support or is it just too private or personal to share? I was sitting with this the other day after receiving some sad news about a family member, along with some other personal circumstance that seemed unfair it its timeliness (aka, an emotional trigger that related on several levels), when serendipitously I came upon this post from the Good Life Project. blog3About three years ago I was in deep period of sadness, a particular shade of that feeling that was completely new to me. I was waking up to how unexpected and truly hard divorce is and remember not feeling the support my soul was crying out for. I did have several friends I could call on, but none of them had a married partner for almost a decade so they could only understand so much. Also its hard to ask for support when you yourself aren’t totally clear on what you’re needing to begin with. Although, many of my friends were well-intended, it was no way near enough. My dear Mother could only say so much as well, for truly what are you to do when a person is experiencing so much pain. The pain is just there. It exists and you cannot ignore it. For almost one year it felt at times like my solar plexus was in big knot as I drifted off to sleep. My body was experiencing it whether I wanted to or not: its as if it had its own message for me. One way to describe it was that it was like being pulled down to the underworld, or underwater, murky, unclear, deep, slippery, dark, just able to only take the step in front of me. The guilt and shame I was feeling from losing my best friend, who also could no longer could be my best friend, because it threatened his current partnership, was unfathomable at the time. All my childhood sh** was up. My fur was raised and I was heated. There was more than one loss happening too, I should share. There was a multitude of identities within myself, many related to security, along with several relationships of the heart, that I had also pushed away. I needed to push them away, for my soul had to be alone for a while. I did not know where to go but to take flight. blog2And yet, slowly, slowly… like a door opening or window beginning to crack, the light started making its way back in. Little by little I made my way back up to the surface. After spending about five months with some Nepalese Buddhists, doing contact improv (and dropping art for a little while), along with a whole lot of solitude, I felt my hopefulness again. I was still in the waiting room although, or in between two worlds, as Christina Rasumssen so aptly puts it, but at least I could feel the sun rays beginning to cross my face. The warmth was building. The pieces were being put together. Little pearls were being discovered at the bottom of the shore. It could take me paragraphs to describe what those pearls are and I’m not even sure words could do them justice. It was the gift of humility, of building courage, or realizing and understanding the heat I had stored up within me for many many years. It was learning what a good man looked and felt like, or why a man living through the protective armor of his own narcissism was dangerous for the soul. It was so many things. But it was transformational.blog5I feel there are often points in life when you come to a spiritual crossroads, where you either give it your surrendering yes and start dancing again, or duck back under and hide. I am grateful for my ability to step back out on the dance floor, along with the many human angels that helped make that happen whether they realized it or not. There is a grace, unwavering, silent, and flowing. This grace is my muse. It flourishes the well after its deepening through grief. It breathes compassion into understanding the lives of others. It calms the soul after a long arduous journey. Sometimes losses are pearls in disguise, it just takes the act of opening further to feel and see them. It’s not that you do not know about that loss anymore, it still resides there, it has just taken up less room in your soul-house. The fulfillment of your soul is your calling, even more so when risen above its ashes of the past.

When We Gather

blog1 blog2 blog3Why is it that something sacred happens when we gather with a shared intention? What is that exactly? Why does creative process challenge, thrill, and fill us so much?
blog6Colors, textures, lines, patterns… this visual language: unspoken and silent, yet it speaks in volumes; gently, passionately, richly. Its up to you decide: do you want to push it all the way to the edge with quick movements, layers, stories, repetition, a dance between the contrasts? Or do you want to draw it all in within simple refinement, balance, symmetry, calm? Of course there are many more choices from there and in between those two, yet the truth of the matter is, it’s your choice. blog6aHere Lindi is in the flow of her process; letting go and becoming moved, responding to what she creates, and allowing the inks and movement of water to guide her. She pastes down colors and textures that she is drawn to. It is an attraction, a deep and sweet pull, a dance back and forth within yourself…a meditation and act of trust. So in this we find not only complexity but also simplicity.blog7 blog8This sweet little magic painting is by Jenny Messerle. Watching my students work like Jenny is such a gift to me, sometimes they chatter away with intermittent gingles and coos, other times silent with serene and intent focus, a little fierce, but nonethleless a softening always takes place at the end during our final share. Here we can accept and relish in how we are able to seize the day, through these elements and principles of art, in a knowing, playful, or intrinsic fashion, where we are able to gather together these moments in time. So yes, something sacred happens when we gather. blog9We will be doing this virtually here (only a handful spots left until 200 spots are full for the second tier) and here in the Spring (with limited spots to keep it intimate) and through out next year in person (with a few more to come). Perhaps you will feel the call too and join me in this loving adventure.

Art Becomes You

Several people from my overseas Instagram account asked me to post on my blog this recent article I wrote for Somerset Life magazine on how blogging changed my life. Here it is in pictures, which I hope you can read. Basically the gist of it is that what you put out to the world through thought, action, and word, is incredibly powerful. Those actions get reflected back to you somehow, as the Universe has to do something with that energy. So be mindful and speak your truth. Share out loud your dreams and see what comes of it. Be amazed, be humbled, be grateful.

slmagblog2 blog3 bg4

Co-Creatrix Chat with Flora Bowley

Definition of creatrix:

A female creator. Someone or something that creates; feminine in nature.

A few days ago I had the divine pleasure of speaking with the lovely Flora Bowley, goddess-in-paint extraordinaire. I first met Flora several years ago when we were both teaching at an art-making retreat. I had heard of her work through some mutual artist friends for years, and we later discovered how much we have in common in terms of our philosophy of creating, living, loving, and being. So it was so nice to have a have a sweet chat with her and discuss our upcoming projects and thoughts on art-making and creative community, along with the practice of gratitude, among other gems.
blog3Flora and I at her art opening in the Pearl district of Portland (left). One of her powerful bright and bold creations (right).b4Flora’s newly improved ecourse starts September 30th (very soon)!

blog5This painting on paper I created several years ago is entitled “The Jeweled Forest“. I assembled this altar welcoming the Change of Season and new beginnings. This has proven to me to be a season of shedding and letting go, and welcoming my newly birthed self, bare bones and all, to that which meets my greatest joy, my soul, my self. Learn to create sacred altar paintings, pen and ink, acrylics, mixed media, and more gems through my upcoming course.

Here is a video of our chat.  I adored sitting with this beloved spirit and plan on sharing more with others in our ever-expanding network of spirited creatrixes. So perhaps something in you is longing to explore your artist within? We welcome to join us in deepening your voice, seeing what in you is craving to come and step out, to express and share your truth in a way that feels supportive and fulfilling. As Flora and I share, there is no competition here, just an ever-expanding circle of love and creation.

The Big Annoucement!

My new intro video for my most beloved online project yet is now live & direct! I am so thrilled, over-the-moon excited about this! I cannot wait to paint, create, and explore all the varying creative outlets through visual art-making and even some craft with you all. The Seasons will delight us as we inspire and support one another in pure creative joy! Spaces are limited for the second tier and filling up fast, so register today.

So without further ado, here is the new video!

This is also doubly and equally thrilling because this special online journey coincides with my new book coming next Autumn (2014) entitled The Painting Workbook. This will be my 3rd artist book that I poured myself into this entire year with over 160 paintings created! Both in the course and in the book I will be sharing varying techniques, projects, and ways to bring out the best in you; from different ways of seeing and ways of creating,  so that you may gather more depth and magic in your artist toolkit, along with creating some sweet prosperity in your creative life.

In celebration of all this good news, the next 10 folks to sign up for the course will receive the first 10 signed and dedicated copies of the book when it first comes out next year, along with a special welcome gift in January– a one-on-one mentoring session with yours truly (this is over a $95 value altogether)!

To secure your very coveted spot and join our amazing group of artist and magic-makers right here.

* UPDATE: This offer is now SOLD OUT but you can register  while the course is still in 2nd tier pricing*

All the best to you on your creative journey, with many warm wishes and sparkles!

LifeBook Giveaway!

I’m teaching this upcoming year in LifeBook, which has a long and stellar list of teachers offering all their varying and creative lessons! My class is entitled Joy of Intention: Create a life-affirming mixed media art piece based on manifesting principles and conscious language practices. Learn to paint with a variety of materials, including: ink, paper, and more to make one sparkly-gorgeous work of art. I can’t wait to share it with you, along with many other delicious goodies in my Year of Painting class. But wait–there’s more! You can win a spot in this course by simply leaving a comment below. Simply share why being creative is good for you or why you enjoy it!

deer love collage

*UPDATE: Your answers are so exquisitely gorgeous and are touching my soul deeply! I realize that since creativity has been my way of life and source of income for many years now, I should probably share just what it means to me.

*THE WINNER: is Kristin! Kristin, please get in touch with me! xo

For me, creativity is about turning and tuning in to a meditative state where I feel simply content. From this place my mind gets to take a rest and my intuitive and child-like playful spirit takes over. Colors, textures, lines, and subject matter become alive and reveal to me deeper languages that sometimes I do not have words for. It is healing and fulfilling. I have seen time and time again how art can save and transform a life, through its intention and the sheer joy of creating. The Universe responds to what you put out, it becomes a personal reflection of your mysterious soul, a way to awaken and bring people, experiences, and abundance (true abundance) into your life.

Here is the list of other teachers in our big Blog-Hoppin’ party! Creative community just rocks. 

13th Sept 2013 – Tascha Parkinson –

14th Sept 2013 – Lesley Riley –

15th Sept 2013 – Alena Hennessy –

16th Sept2013 – Kat McBride –

17th Sept 2013 – Carla Sonheim –

18th Sept 2013 – Jane Davenport –

19th Sept 2013 – Danielle Daniel –

20th Sept 2013 – Jennibellie –

23rd Sept2013 – Kelly Hoernig –

24th Sept 2013 – Micki Wilde –

25th Sept 2013 – Kate Thompson –

26th Sept 2013 – Flora Bowley –

27th Sept2013 – Anna Dabrowska –

28th Sept 2013 – Steven Speight –

29th Sept 2013 – Mika Diaz –

30th Sept 2013 – Serena Bridgeman –

1st Oct 2013 – Dyan Reaveley –

2nd Oct 2013 – Effy Wild –

3rd Oct 2013 – Carissa Paige –

4th Oct 2013 – Marieke Blokland –

5th Oct 2013 – Christy Tomlinson –

6th Oct 2013 – Traci Bautista –

Allowing Grace.

I wish grace and healing were more abracadabra kind of things. Also, that delicate silver bells would ring to announce grace’s arrival. But no, it’s clog and slog and scootch, on the floor, in the silence, in the dark.”   ~ Anne Lamont

Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom.” ~ Friedrich Schiller

This morning as I sit down to write I am filled with the sweetest feeling of what it means to allow. When I say allow I do not mean tolerate, or accept blindly. Instead I offer the word allow to mean let grace to flow, the trust and let the Universe have its way and let it unfold naturally. boldcolorcollage So what are you allowing or letting in to your life? Is there something that you are holding close yet with gentle open hands to allow the river of grace to move freely through them? What are you feeling grateful for, and in turn, letting go of to make more room to receive deeper heart wishes? 3When we ask and state out loud to ourselves to the ethers, we are creating a contract for our life. Writing and speaking what you are feeling is a powerful tool to create a life you love, accept, and allow to transform. Clarity is freedom and the adventure is consistently afoot. Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments here. I welcome your dreams and hearts wishes, along with your letting go of what no longer serves you as a tool to transform your life.

Everyone is an artist, everyone has their own magic.

Paula Madonna is someone who I “met” last year in one of my online classes. Immediately I noticed her natural gift and inherent expression that allows her work to feel fluid and free. She did not fear bold color or rich movement, and was willing to try everything, to explore the simple photography and flower essences, to process and intuitive art-making.
paula2Whats been so wonderful about this and that since after the class was complete, Paula continued to work and grow deeper into her own language and voice. She took the techniques and ran with it, but distinctly made it her own. Paula and I began working together through my mentoring program and from that, she began to explore new means for sharing her work. Her children had all left her nest, so this was a perfect time (its never too late, BTW) to tap into what she knew was meant to be hers, to live her life as a working artist. This is why taking the time to learn is of so much value, it is making space for yourself. Now you may be able to understand why past students can get so giddy after taking a class they are opening up new worlds for themselves.
paula3Having a passion about painting is not always an easy thing, but it can be so dang addictive in the best sense and reveal to us in a visual and crafted format, what beauty we hold within ourselves to be dear. Paula’s new beginnings paid off, as one of her paintings was featured in Spirituality & Health magazine, and her work is starting to be shown and collected in select galleries and art boutiques.
p5I am so proud of this dear soul! I also love her work, adore it. It speaks deep knowing to me. So, my point is two-fold: its never too late, ever, and that each one of you, has your own magic that is longing to be uncovered. No two are alike. We can all dance in that and honor one another’s unique expression. Lets celebrate in the vastness that is available to us in this way. We each creating our own dream, through sacred marks and solving our own visual puzzles. How delightful.