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UPDATE: My latest book entitled The Painting Workbook is now available and shipping! I am beyond thrilled with this book, which is an adorable square-shape, coffee-table style title that also includes 52 prompts and selected mini-workshops to show you some how-to action! The reviews coming in have been stellar 5-stars so far, which I am so grateful for. You can order it right here!


Here are a handful of some of the heart-warming reviews from my first title, Cultivating your Creative Life:

Cultivating your Creative Life is one of my favorite art books ever! Not only is it visually stunning but she encourages you to find that something inside of you that is aching to get out. I truly believe that art is an outward expression of the soul. The book is chock-full of ideas and prompts to take you further in your artistic journey. She invites you to slow down a bit…. to coax your inspirations and let them evolve. By doing so, the true, higher self can work its magic. And I ADORE the project ideas….so unique and full of life.” –Mindy Murphy Lacefield, beloved teacher & professional artist.

“This book is fun. If pictures are worth a thousand words, then Alena succeeds in creating a literary composition that speaks volumes – But Alena not only graces her book with original artwork but leads the reader on a fun journey of creative wisdom and activities to help us open and seek balance in our fast-paced lives. Inspirational stories and new perspectives allow one to RELAX and get in touch with a youthful openness again. Upliftedness. Cultivating Your Creative Life would be great for adults and teachers/counselors looking to tap into or help facilitate other adults or even young-adults in their creative and growing processes. Overwhelmingly awesome book.” -Justin Rhode

“Everything about Cultivating Your Creative Life invites you in: it’s size, imagery and words. I have it on my bedside table~and it’s the perfect book to pick up when you’re needing a little bit of reflection or that little nudge to create. The quotes and photographs inspire~they are mixed throughout this gem, along with Alena’s own beautiful works of art. Each page seems to have been carefully crafted, and every couple of pages, there is space for you to carefully or unabashedly put your pen to paper~to literally become a part of the process/of the book itself. Cultivating Your Creative Life achieves what most books are trying to do, to interact with the reader, and does so in such a thoughtful, authentic way. Alena Hennessy seems to have poured herself and her wisdom onto these pages and thus, inspires us to do the same in our lives. Here’s to simplicity, honesty, and growing back to the point where we remember, that inside each of us, lives an artist.” -Lucy Snow