“The beauty of Alena’s class is that it’s about intention, not merely craft, so everything I wrote and painted and glued and glazed surprised me with my own history and direction. Just the fact of that surprise, knowing it’s still possible, still out there whenever I work, gives me lots of hope and determination to keep working. It’s a rare teacher who can make her students feel safe enough to conjure that kind of magic in their own lives. That class is still going on in my head and heart, many months later.” –Marta Drew

One of the most personable teachers I have ever had. I felt like I knew her for years. She made me feel comfortable in expressing myself and she has a way of making you feel safe, worthy, and open. I loved her class and learned more than the techniques she taught us in there. I learned more about myself, my worth, and that we are all in the same boat when it comes to needing a safe place and a sense of validation. She’s an angel in every sense of the word.” –Paula Ridley

Teaching was my original passion. Before I was spending hours tinkering away in the studio, I was devoting my time everyday teaching children to see, draw, use color, hunt, gather, and just enjoy. I spent years doing this, teaching children of all ages,  before I began teaching adults. I witnessed that children were way easier on themselves, and trusted their instincts and tended to feel more proud of what they created. This was all valuable experience for me as a facilitator and guide. I share a variety of things in my workshops, depending on the setting and circumstance; from collage, painting, movement, flower essence making, meditation, manifestation, and more. My materials range from bright and shiny found objects to colorful and drippy India ink. Basically we get to dream, share, and play in a spirit of pure joy and transformation.

I am not any more offering any more workshops outside of Asheville for 2014. To schedule a workshop for 2015, please inquire here.


Studio Crescendoh: Painting Bold as Love: Tapping into the Wild Muse. March 29 + 30 in Santa Ana, CA. SOLD OUT

Art & Soul: Nature as Muse, (NOW CLOSED) Remember to Play, (NOW CLOSED) Layer Love: Paper, Paint, & Mark Making (SOLD OUT) April 7, 8, & 9th in Portland, OR.

* Art Paradise in Portugal: Paint & Paper Bold as Love. *Only a handful of spots left – this is a fantastic deal for an amazing experience*

TWO options: August 22 – 25 or August 19 – 25 in Estoril, Portugal (outside of Lisbon). So thrilled to be in such a beautiful and culturally-rich place teaching magical intention and art-making! A total dream come true.

By exploring paper, paint, ink, paint pens, and other magical ephemera, you will create 2 perfectly-imperfect sparkly and heart-based mixed media wall pieces. Wild shapes, intricate patterns, rich hues, handwritten script, and a touch of glitter-love will all be a part of this process. The class will start and end with rich soul-work through circle time, meditation, and authentic connection. Creating a collage based on your soul can be a door opening experience for that which makes you and your dreams come alive. We did not come here to settle down, but to live a life of transformation, one that is deep, joyful, and full of laughter and love. Let the natural movement of color, the paper you tear, and the worlds you write be an act of devotion to yourself. Cost for workshop is $300.

Registration is very limited! To secure your spot in total beauty with me please email me at for fill out the below form.

(with special accommodation, tile painting class, and unique sight seeing tour available with the lovely Margarida beforehand. Margarida has generously give you two options, so after registering with me, please choose your retreat option here. The remaining payment is due to Margarida by May 2014.)

Call of the Wild Soul: Oxford: Magic Making and Inspired Vine. August 28 – 31 in Magadalen College, Oxford.

Art & Soul: Nature as Muse, Remember to Play, Layer Love: Paper, Paint, & Mark Making. Septemeber 29, 30, & October 2nd in Virginia Beach, VA.

Serendipity 2014: Uncovering Grace: Collaging with Soul (a painting and mixed media workshop). October 22-25 in Nags Head (Outer Banks), NC.

Past workshops:

Teahouse Studio: Wild Muse: Dream*Making using Mixed Media & Flower Essences. March 16 + 17 in Berkeley, CA. NOW CLOSED.

ArtsCenter: Wild Muse: Painting + Intentional Collage. April 13 + 14 in Carrboro, NC. NOW CLOSED.

Lemoncholy Studio: Wild Muse: Painting + Mixed Media. June 1 + 2 in NJ. NOW CLOSED.

Squam: Painting as Alchemy. June 5 – 9 in Holdnerness, NH. NOW CLOSED.

Painting Bold as Love. July 14 in Asheville, NC. NOW CLOSED.

Call of the Wild Soul: Dream*Making. November 7 – 10 in Peteluma, CA. NOW CLOSED.

Plus other various magical locations.