“The beauty of Alena’s class is that it’s about intention, not merely craft, so everything I wrote and painted and glued and glazed surprised me with my own history and direction. Just the fact of that surprise, knowing it’s still possible, still out there whenever I work, gives me lots of hope and determination to keep working. It’s a rare teacher who can make her students feel safe enough to conjure that kind of magic in their own lives. That class is still going on in my head and heart, many months later.” –Marta Drew

“Words cannot begin to express how much this class has infused and transformed my whole way of creating, as well as looking at the world. Along with the generous techniques that were given, Alena taught us so much more that day than just art-making. Do yourself a favor to your heart and your creative spirit: learn from this gifted teacher.” –Miranda Wilson

I am not any more offering any more workshops outside of Asheville for 2014. To inquire about possibilities for 2015 and beyond, please contact me here. I have one or two very special retreats planned for 2015, if you are interested in being notified when it first opens (space will be limited), please sign up for my newsletter.



Studio Crescendoh: Painting Bold as Love: Tapping into the Wild Muse. March 29 + 30 in Santa Ana, CA. SOLD OUT

Art & Soul: Nature as MuseRemember to PlayLayer Love: Paper, Paint, & Mark Making SOLD OUT April 7, 8, & 9th in Portland, OR.

Call of the Wild Soul: Oxford: Magic Making and Inspired Vine. August 28 – 31 in the totally magical Magadalen College of Oxford, UK.

Painting in Italy at Bliss Bass + other artful adventures! September 3 – 5. SOLD OUT

Art & Soul: Remember to Play, Layer Love: Paper, Paint, & Mark Making. September 29 & 30 in Virginia Beach, VA. (SPACE STILL AVAILABLE)

Serendipity 2014: Uncovering Grace: Collaging with Soul (a painting and mixed media workshop). October 22-25 in Nags Head (Outer Banks), NC. (SPACE STILL AVAILABLE)

Past workshops:

Teahouse Studio: Wild Muse: Dream*Making using Mixed Media & Flower Essences. March 16 + 17 in Berkeley, CA. NOW CLOSED.

ArtsCenter: Wild Muse: Painting + Intentional Collage. April 13 + 14 in Carrboro, NC. NOW CLOSED.

Lemoncholy Studio: Wild Muse: Painting + Mixed Media. June 1 + 2 in NJ. NOW CLOSED.

Squam: Painting as Alchemy. June 5 – 9 in Holderness, NH. NOW CLOSED.

Painting Bold as Love. July 14 in Asheville, NC. NOW CLOSED.

Call of the Wild Soul: Dream*Making. November 7 – 10 in Peteluma, CA. NOW CLOSED.

Plus other various magical locations.