fall into total lushness

Fall into the exquisite feeling of painting lush floral bouquets. Alena Hennessy has taught 1000’s of happy students no matter what their level of experience. Paint classic legacy works of art to sell and adorn your home with. This particular practice of painting delights the heart and mind.

Today this brilliant class of 7 lush painting lessons is only $47 (normally $339)! Take advantage of the sale tier space while available. This price is available for a limited time. You will receive immediate and lifetime access.

By joining the Lush Bouquets you will receive:

  • Seven painting lessons with a variety of videos.
  • Supportive text and imagery to help further your learning and inspiration.
  • Guidance and support from yours truly plus everyone else in our worldwide community!
  • Understanding color, composition, and the elements and principles of design.
  • A meditation lesson to put you at ease and in creative flow.
  • Tips on how to sell, price, show, and market your paintings.
  • Immediate as well as lifetime access!
  • Inspiration and new ways of seeing, painting, feeling, and thinking about your creative energy.

“Again thank you so much, not only just for connecting to the student but for everything that you have offered in your online courses. I have been creating more then I have been in a long time and have a new sense of inspiration…I went to become a school teacher and since then I have found it tricky to balance art making and working, but have a new sense of creativity now. What you are doing and how you are helping is beyond what I can express in words.” 

– Michelle Langille

Become the painter you always desired to be by joining here.

Alena Hennessy’s work has been featured in the below plus many more:

“Just wanted to write and say thank you to you, Alena, for everything. I just want you to know how much the work you have done means… It means so, so much. I have, on occasion, unfortunately experienced teachers who lack the ability for the simplest – I think – of gestures, toward their beginning students. And that’s encouragement. The reason I will basically follow you anywhere – – is because of your…I’m going to go with….je ne sais quoi …because it’s just a bunch of things, all positive, all inspiring. All equaling to an amazing teacher. A true teacher. Thank you.”

– Tara Francesca

Oh my goodness I’m learning so much and having so much fun. Thank you so much for this class. It’s incredible.  Thank you for sharing yourself so freely.” – Janelle Lucinda

Become the painter you always desired to be by joining here.

“Once again thank you for your classes. They mean the world to me. I never had an art teacher that spoke to me and could bring out my soul like you do. It’s priceless.” -Ida Glad

{See some kind words about my teaching style here}.

See you in class and see you more inspired and at ease!