Palette #1

Titan Pale Green, Poodleskirt Pink, Naples Yellow, Deep Midnight Blue, Luminous Rose, Green Gold (in Golden’s Fluid or Heavy Body) + Bonus Color of Your Choice (I used Cobalt Turquois)

Please note, do an internet search for these in your area. For example, the Americana paints at Home Depot online are a $1.19 but other places vary!

password for the above video: palette1

What bonus color will you choose to reflect your current mood? Or will you stick with the challenge of just choosing this palette? I cannot wait to see! Share what you decided to do along with your work in our group here.

The purposes of these lessons is to learn minimizing dynamic color relationships for your painting. If you you cannot buy these colors (which I suggest if possible) mixing is also an open!

It is totally OK if the colors are not exact, just try and them as close as possible. This still helps immensely!

If you need to mix, these are some suggestions to help:

  • To create Titan Pale Green, mix a touch of a basic green with neutral grey and Titan Buff.
  • To create Poodle Skirt Pink, mix a magenta-like color and lots of Titanium White.
  • To create Naples Yellow, mix a touch of a basic yellow, Titan Buff, and warm it up with a Beige-like color or touch of brown and more Titan Buff.
  • To create Deep Midnight Blue, mix a touch of black with a Cerulean Blue Deep or similar color.
  • To create a Luminous Rose, mix a Florescent Pink with a Quinacridone Magenta.
  • To create Green Gold, use a classic grass green with gold, or a classic grass green, gold, and a touch of yellow.

Which do you prefer? The one with script or without? This reveals to you if you are inherently attracted to adding script or meaning to your work!

——> Be sure to share your work in our group and tag anything on Instagram with #colorclub or #mcc

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8 thoughts on “Palette #1

  1. Dear Alena,

    You have no idea how much fun and pleasure this was to me ! I painted recreationally at some periods in my life because I was seeing things that I wanted to reproduce. I never took any courses and couldn’t quiet realize what I had in mind, although it always resulted in unexpected creations and I felt so present while painting – totality immersed in the work, which I liked.

    Watching you and learning all of this exciting stuff is so much pleasure wow ! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work and I get so much out of observing how you paint – thank you ! I will order the colours from the palette and explore – can’t wait ! I am not on facebook but until the end of the month I will find time to create an account so I can share with the group 🙂

    I am truly passionate about colours, playing with them makes me happy ! I am in the process of launching a luxurious and very natural body care company. I work with plants and I am fascinated with everything about them, but mostly the colours of their flowers and fruits and everything… just magic to me. And their perfume…mmmmm!!
    Later in the line I would love to create very healthy lipsticks for women.
    I am obsessed with reds that I found in juicing some wild grapes or the hue from a juicy pink dragonfruit. I DREAM of materializing these colours so we can all gleefully wear them !!

    I will watch the clips again, there is so much to learn, and I will be back with my first palette painting when done.

    Enjoy summer !

    Geneviève xo

  2. Hi! Very new to all of this. I think you mentioned in the video to use gesso before you paint. Would I use this on watercolor paper first? Also what weight do you recommend? Thanks for you help. Looking forward to learning about using color in new ways.

    1. Hi Bette! No gesso is needed on watercolor paper. Gesso is good for canvas or wood panel but a lot of them already are pre-gessoed. 300gsm is a great weight for watercolor paper. Have fun with the process!

  3. I think we need a new Instagram # I am not on Facebook and would love to see what others are creating but the two hash tags seems to be mostly nail polish and random other things

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