An inspired and healing new offering!

Life is meant to be a ceremony–when we allow all parts to shine as this innate human need, magic happens.

Come express yourself freely, paint, learn new tools and rituals. It’s time to restore and affirm the lightness of your being.

Limited enrollment. Sign up here.

This course includes a variety of ways to live in harmony within your body, creative source, and mindset. It contains so much that you need to feel calm, healthy and loved during these times of confusion and uncertainty.

Alena is one of my FAVORITE teachers. Immediately, you see what a delightful beam of radiance she is. But there is so much depth, wisdom, and generosity to her spirit. Her lessons share lovely art-making techniques infused with such beautiful insight that will change how you view yourself and your life. Her workshops are always so life changing for me. The birds are partial blind contour drawings of images in a book that lovely Alena brought to the workshop to inspire us. She always knows what will speak to my soul.” -Jenny Messerle, author of I am a Golden Buddha.

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