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An inspired and healing new offering!

Life is meant to be a ceremony–when we allow all parts to shine as this innate human need, magic happens.

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Come express yourself freely, paint, learn new tools and rituals. It’s time to restore and affirm the lightness of your being.

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Wow – I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, so very inspiring, insightful and reflective! With the massive change all around us, this was just the need of the hour, to allow ourselves to focus inwards for peace and stability while indulging in painting alongside a beautiful group of artists 🧡🌸🌈 it was blissful to have witnessed works of other creative souls! Thank you so much again, Alena!” -Riddhi Benani

Restoring the Wings course was a blessing!  It came at the time I needed healing and peace in my life.  Alena has created a course for mind, body and soul.  Through lessons and creative work centered around the 7 chakras, I was able to heal, feel love and open up my creative flow.  I love Alena’s teaching style and sweet, magical spirit.  She is my favorite artist and teacher.  She brings out the best in me.  I highly recommend this course for anyone looking for peace, healing, love, community, magic and creativity.” Judie Parsons

This course includes a variety of ways to live in harmony within your body, creative source, and mindset. It contains so much that you need to feel calm, healthy and loved during these times of confusion and uncertainty.

{See some kind words about my teaching style here}.