Make Your Own Oracle Deck – Payment Plan (6 mo)

$169.00 / month for 6 months

Simple payment plan option! Only five more payments of the same amount each month and you’re in this coveted experience.

On rare incredible sale today! Creatives of all levels and experiences are making the most beautiful decks, getting full funded, and actually becoming star decks on platforms! Just read a few of the testimonials here

Includes a personal mentorship session from me at the end of your deck designing process! So just before you goto print, I  will share feedback for the most prosperity for your passive income.

This is a deliciously rewarding process and my most successful online class to date, in terms of results.

Make the oracle deck of your dreams: from creation, designing, printing to marketing! This is the most comprehensive package where *everything* you need will be provided for you to make the oracle deck of your dreams from start to finish. Not only learn how to channel, create, write, and package the deck from your soul, but also learn printing options as well as how to market a deck that sells and gets attention (consistently)! This is an incredible opportunity for your to create something you will always cherish, as well as receive passive income for the rest of your life! Join now before this coveted opportunity sells out! You will receive lifetime access as well as one personalized session at the end of your journey. I can personally guarantee by taking this course you will create and consistently sell the deck of your dreams. Plus I will be working on my new deck right alongside you so the learning and steps to creation will be so clear!

Making my own oracle deck has been such a surprising delight and gift to my life. I never imagined that it would receive so much praise from various Hollywood types form Oprah Daily and such. It has provided so much magic at gatherings and a lovely passive income. I wish this also for you! There is no reason why you cannot create the deck of your dreams, however you envision and wish.

The course is now Evergreen (go at your own pace) and is pre-recorded, rich with information so you can go in order and build the deck of your dreams along with my guidance all along the way. So many beautiful decks are being made and you will be prosperous in this awesome active group!

I will share all my resources (from designers to printers) to help guide you into total success. All the inspiration and guidance will be for you to make the most beautiful deck that comes from you and your intuitive artist within. You will also learn to give readings (be heightening your intuition), build a true community of oracle card makers, channel/create from the alpha state of your brain write and design a guidebook that shines, plus so much more. This includes marketing, photos, pricing strategies, getting press, and much more. Creating abundance can be fun, healing, and feel joyful and inspiring.

Remember, this is a personalized experience where you will be guided to create the very best deck possible that you will have for the rest of your life! Read more detail about it here.

I personally feel that after you complete the course you will have created successful deck of spirit and passive income. Not only that, but you will now understand how to channel and design any creation through this powerful but resourced method.

You can also pay in full here and save on registration.

“Once again thank you for your classes. They mean the world to me. I never had an art teacher that spoke to me and could bring out my soul like you do. Its priceless.” -Ida Glad

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