Roseheart: a Collective for Creatives

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Brand new offering based on your requests. Lifetime access with one payment and times of the sessions will rotate based on your needs! Come create live with me, we are having so much fun and it is so healing!!! Our next session is July 31 at 11:30am but the times will change as the group grows based on your needs.

“Alena’s offerings are so welcoming and overflowing with soft love.  Her Roseheart collective is a gift I recently said yes to.  Within this live online gathering space, Alena guides us to connect to our body and breath and name our heart’s desires!  Through embodiment and creative play, we share our hearts in community in real time!  This is also a delicious space for accountability! When we gather and open to our creative flow, magic unlocks for the collective!” -Amanda Boekhout, creatrix at

A new and golden offering: work directly with Alena and a small group of other women. Let us come together in magic, wisdom, inspiration, and love. You can call or zoom in from anywhere in the world and all calls will be recorded for playback for members.

It is your birthright to have joy and bountiful creativity as a baseline for your life.

With direct guidance from Alena, you’ll embark on a magical journey that enhances your art and brings healing to your spirit.

By joining creative community, you gain access to a treasure trove of resources, personalized feedback, and a circle of like-minded women. This supportive sisterhood creates a powerful space where healing and growth flourish. Whether you’re new to art or a seasoned creator, these sessions will elevate your craft, open new doors, and weave deep connections. Through connection we feel a sense of belonging, as Ram Dass once beautifully shared, we are all walking each other home.

Session Structure:

  • It will start out with a short divination, blessing, and breathwork practice.
  • Then Alena will lead a topic or satsang on art, spirituality, creativity and prosperity. Both esoteric and practical.
  • There will be a creative exercise to warm you up and spark new ideas!
  • Then time for your shares and questions.
  • Finally, a blessing to close.

The Roseheart Collective recognizes the interconnectedness of mind, heart, and body, offering techniques and insights that resonate and ease physical and emotional states. By honoring the somatic parts of ourselves, this support fosters a holistic approach to mental well-being, embracing the full spectrum of who you are.

Read testimonials about Alena’s facilitation style here. Payment plan here.


The sessions will take place every 1st and 3rd Wednesday (most of the time). Session times will change based on your votes as well!  There will be two a month. The calls will last from an hour to 90 minutes.

With just one payment you will have lifetime access to these calls. A link or number will be provided with plenty of heads up before the call and all calls will be recorded in case you have to miss any.

Space is limited to ensure the quality time and attention.

Life-changing spirit homework will be given until then!

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