SoulPainting Certification Program Payment Plan

$650.00 / month for 4 months

“Alena Hennessy’s Soul Painting Certification Program is the BEST investment I made in my development as a teacher. Her program gave me clarity, confidence, and community. I gained clarity about my signature art style and teaching philosophy. I gained confidence in myself as someone who has something valuable to say and share and who will positively influence people’s lives. I gained lifelong friends. We meet online regularly to discuss our experiences, questions, and insights, and these friends brighten my life and creative journey like sunshine.” – Jenny Messerle, author of I am a Golden Buddha

“Your class has changed my life. I am eternally grateful for meeting you and I am glad we got to connect on a more personal level. Thank you again, I am humbled, yet I feel elevated. I felt supported today, seen and heard. I feel less hesitancy and more hope and confidence for this path and opportunity. The possibilities no longer seem like daydreams (like they did before this class) but very tangible.” – Sarah Whitwell

This program is now go at your own pace – where we will check in once a week via email/and or Zoom. By the end of the program you will share your new series of 7 plus paintings and become certified guide of SoulPainting. At some point, I  will share your offerings with my community.

This is an incredible opportunity on so many levels! Schedule a call with me or contact me to learn more.

Course Structure:

Week One: Sacred Welcoming
Week Two: Composition
Week Three: Furthering Your Series
Week Four: Safe, Sacred, and Seen Space
Week Five: Workshops and Retreats
Week Six: Ritual and Nature as Muse
Week Seven: Marketing, Social Media, and Course Creation
Week Eight: Community and Collaborations
Week Nine: The Prosperity Path
Week Ten: Spaciousness + More Painting
Week Eleven: Spaciousness + More Painting
Week Twelve: Culmination

All video lessons are recorded so you can go back and watch them within our classroom. This incredibly deep-dive builds on many fundamentals and shares everything Alena learned how to teach, make paintings you love that are true to your soul, and live an abundant creative life.

  • We will have a private classroom page on my website as well as a group (not on Facebook) where we can go online and connect.
  • There will also be two video sessions per week. Alena will provide active and personal feedback/support during your journey.
  • Usually, one of the video chats per week may be an art/creative lesson. The other will be a guided spirit/wellness/manifestation lesson.
  • All course materials will be held within our private classroom in which you will receive lifetime access.
  • There will be some other surprises too!!!
  • At the end of the course, you will have created a series of work that you worked on through out this program. This work will be showcased and highlighted through Alena’s network.
  • You will also receive your coveted certificate upon completion.
  • After the program is complete, a very special in-person networking/workshop event will take place in 2023 or beyond (not all expenses are covered for the retreat). You will have an opportunity to have photos taken and a beautiful opportunity to network among other things plus VIP status/bonuses for all offerings + invites to Alena’s home/studio at Musa.
  • Any workshop/retreat you offer that follows the SoulPainting guidelines will be listed on Alena’s website!

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