Mysteries of Love Oracle

Our Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded, thank you! You can now buy the deck + guidebook here on Etsy.

“The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.” ― Anaïs Nin

My love for tarot cards goes way back to when my mother gave me my first deck at 16 years old. The tarot and its history has always fascinated me. It has a direct way of communicating, clarifying, and healing our stories through a divine channel. It was an easy transition to move on to using oracle decks. I began to use them in my painting workshops, retreats, and women’s circles. The students seemed to rejoice and get just as excited as I always have. The cards seem to have a way to uncover, reassure, ground, and direct our lives. They are like gifts or messages from higher realms represented here on the Earth plane. How can anyone resist that?

The Mysteries of Love deck came about as a natural collaboration between my mother, Jane Hennessy, and I. My mom has a classical timeless style, which complements my bright and wild aesthetic in perfectly imperfect contrast. Having spent hours outside as a child with her encouragement, we both share a deep admiration for the natural world and all the mysteries within it. She painted the main illustrations of each subject and I designed the rest of the card, with the help of designer friends. It speaks of the Creator’s love and masterful artistic side—each animal, plant, and flower spirit represents some aspect of the mystery. We have spent almost a year and a half working on this and we hope you love this creation as much as we do! Our hearts are brimming to be able to offer this to you.

It is our hope that each card you pull reassures and clarifies issues in your life. Let these totems move into your body, mind, and heart. Allow them to sink into your bones. They are here for you. They mirror unseen aspects of yourself. Within you is the sunflower, hummingbird, rose, and elephant – all wishing and courting you to get closer to your sovereign power and truth. As a collective, we can heal and transform our world. Let these totems show you where to focus within and how to effortlessly move on your path of life.

Deck Specifics:

Our intent for this deck is for it to feel like a golden blessing or treasured gift. Gold leaf adorns the gorgeous and intricate design of the box, as well as the back of each card with a flower of life design and a heart in the center.

The oracle includes 48 cards with guidance from the flower or creature realm. Each card measures a generous size of 3.75 x 5.5 inches. The Mysteries of Love Oracle also contains a guidebook that further shares the message of each card.

Why Fundraise?

Quite simply we have a big print bill to pay. We decided to buy a pretty good amount of decks up front because we believe in their quality and what gifts they bring to each person who received them. We also spent a while working on them as mentioned previously, and artists’ time is of value.