The best therapy there is ~ come play!

Perfect for beginners! All levels welcome and encouraged. At the beginning of every month, you will receive a brand new painting lesson with a fresh palette. Learn the science of color relationships and never look at color the same. The art lessons are simple enough while still encouraging you to paint intuitively with colors combinations never imagined before.

Today this delightful therapeutic and surprising class is only $17 (normally $35).

By joining the The Magnificent Color Club you will receive:

  • A brand new painting lesson plus new palette every month!
  • Supportive text and imagery to help further your learning and inspiration.
  • Guidance and support from yours truly plus everyone else in our worldwide community!
  • Ways to further and deepen your art practice (and life practice) from here.
  • Inspiration and new ways of seeing, painting, feeling, and thinking about your creative energy.
  • Understanding color, composition, and the elements and principles of design.
  • Immediate as well as lifetime access!

“I want to thank you so much… It’s like you have let the genie out of the bottle or something!! I have been searching for my own personal style…and you have really helped me to loosen up and let go!! I’ve been on fire since your lesson.”

– Pate Buss

Alena Hennessy’s work has been featured in the above plus many more!

“I feel so free and daring from taking this course–all my fears of using bright colours is gone. This is my 2nd course and it is always new and refreshing again. Also the videos of Alena and the sharing of the group efforts on the Facebook site are wonderful. I just love it. Alena is a genius with exceptional creative power and shares with us also lots of love. 

– Marleen Osman

Work with basic art supplies in new ways of seeing that provide a delicious relationship to color. Color is such good therapy therapy for our brain!

Create playful works of art that welcome all levels of experience. Beginners encouraged. Cancel anytime!

“Can’t recommend this course enough. It will change your entire world view.” –Rachel Michelson

Secure your spot now while on sale.

{See some kind words about my teaching style here}.

Become the Color Alchemist you were always meant to be and join here.