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A Year of Painting 2017

$259.00 $169.00

Registration for the early bird tier is now *open* for A Year of Painting 2017 (with all brand new lessons)! After this tier sells out the price will go to 2nd tier, then full price. This is going to be my best online course to date, with fresh new lessons, interviews and more. Return students as well as all levels welcome and encouraged!

“I’ve done so many online courses but I am just LOVING yours so so much, my art is growing exponentially. I’ve only been painting for a year and I’m so excited about the paintings I’ve been able to do. I just love your lessons, and somehow you manage to have the most wonderful community of people that are so happy and willing to share and take the time to comment on other peoples paintings, it’s the most uplifting thing I’ve ever done. Thank you.” -Angela Brisbane

“Once again thank you for your classes. They mean the world to me. I never had an art teacher that spoke to me and could bring out my soul like you do. It;s priceless.” -Ida Glad

“Because of this wonderful class – which is so gloriously rich and so realistically paced – I have created my first series of paintings, something I never thought I would do. Thank you for helping me to achieve this (in between full time work and being a mama). Anything is possible.” –Lyn Metcalf

So here’s how to works:

For every 3 weeks for the entire year of 2016 starting on the New Year, I will post a new lesson / technique / or project idea related to painting and other art media. This way you can stay inspired through out the seasons, keep in contact with a wonderful worldwide community, learn new ways of seeing and expressing yourself in intuitive yet technique-based processes, thus opening up new worlds within and around you. Each lesson will contain a video (which is downloadable so you can always have it), along with supported text and photos. I am very active in my groups and will provide feedback and support through out the year. In this way we come together to celebrate each other’s successes and support each other with life’s challenges. It’s been a beautiful experience so far in which I am so grateful. I have heard from many of my participants that it is the best e-class they have ever taken. In sum, you will receive 18 rich video lessons for the year along with support all along the way~ quite a fantastic deal if you ask me!

This course is absolutely perfect for the beginner as well as the experienced painter: all levels join and are welcome in this experience.

New Lessons:

  1. Painting with Intent
  2. Inky Bliss
  3. Fill Up Your Heart
  4. Soul Collage
  5. Watercolor Delight
  6. Soul Faces
  7. Contrast with Botany Art
  8. Eastern Love: Pattern Color Paint
  9. Wilding Our Intuition
  10. Found Object Mixed Media
  11. Script Series
  12. Work with the Sun
  13. Painted Papers
  14. Animal Totem
  15. I AM
  16. Leaf Painting
  17. Gratitude Goddess
  18. Holiday Crafting

A small investment for a lifetime gift you can bestow on your creative and authentic self.

“Again thank you so much, not only just for connecting to the student but for everything that you have offered in your e-courses. I have been creating more then I have been in a long time and have a new sense of inspiration…I went to become a school teacher and since then I have found it tricky to balance art making and working, but have a new sense of creativity now. What you are doing and how you are helping is beyond what I can express in words.” –Michelle Langille

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