Empress Circle

You deserve to live a life that is full of joy, compassion, creative freedom, and strength.

Our virtual circle will be empowered to uphold the following:

~ To support women on their path of power, thriving creativity, and inherent joy.
~ To hold space for healing, growth, and realization of each member’s truth (mind, body, and heart).
~ To act in service for the greater good of all, for the betterment of our collective culture and world. To protect those in need and give back as able.
~ To circle (virtually) and share about our lives along with ways we can assist one another in the realization of our dreams.
~ To create magic, to offer intuition, and to gain momentum to our aspired goals, both personally and in business or creative passion.
~ To be a coven of wild women, share our secrets and wisdom, to love without abandon for ourselves, our lives, and each other. To network naturally and freely.

How it Will Work:

The Empress Circle is based on simple and affordable monthly membership. Please note that membership will be capped at a certain number.

Each month there will be a theme presented by Alena. She will have a video lesson and sometimes live chat (which will be recorded later). Themes will be based on:

~ Receiving and give the love you want in your life.
~ Stepping and embodying the Empress or Queen archetype in your life.
~ Giving from a place that emboldens and empowers you and others.
~ Working with flower essences, plant spirits, and animal totems.
~ Embracing your wild and abundant woman within.
~ Vulnerably sharing and feeling seen and supported.
~ Cultivating mystery in your life, working with the tarot/oracle decks.
~ Courting the Divine and allowing miracles.
~ Healing unhealthy or unconscious patterns/blocks.
~ Creating art that is meaningful, transformative, and full of magic.

…and much more.

Why Join?

For centuries women have been circling to share, support, nature and cultivate serious magic. Circling for me has absolutely changed my life… I received so many gifts from it when I was going through a challenging time in life. I felt held in the Divine mystery of things, I created magic and miracles, and I learned so much from my sisters. I healed with ritual, oracle cards, and plant spirit medicine, and I felt home. I invite you to join me in partaking in these gifts virtually. We will have live calls and video chats too so we can stay connected. We are better when we come together, especially as women. Now is our time.

To love, for love, with love~