When We Gather

blog1 blog2 blog3Why is it that something sacred happens when we gather with a shared intention? What is that exactly? Why does creative process challenge, thrill, and fill us so much?
blog6Colors, textures, lines, patterns… this visual language: unspoken and silent, yet it speaks in volumes; gently, passionately, richly. Its up to you decide: do you want to push it all the way to the edge with quick movements, layers, stories, repetition, a dance between the contrasts? Or do you want to draw it all in within simple refinement, balance, symmetry, calm? Of course there are many more choices from there and in between those two, yet the truth of the matter is, it’s your choice. blog6aHere Lindi is in the flow of her process; letting go and becoming moved, responding to what she creates, and allowing the inks and movement of water to guide her. She pastes down colors and textures that she is drawn to. It is an attraction, a deep and sweet pull, a dance back and forth within yourself…a meditation and act of trust. So in this we find not only complexity but also simplicity.blog7 blog8This sweet little magic painting is by Jenny Messerle. Watching my students work like Jenny is such a gift to me, sometimes they chatter away with intermittent gingles and coos, other times silent with serene and intent focus, a little fierce, but nonethleless a softening always takes place at the end during our final share. Here we can accept and relish in how we are able to seize the day, through these elements and principles of art, in a knowing, playful, or intrinsic fashion, where we are able to gather together these moments in time. So yes, something sacred happens when we gather. blog9We will be doing this virtually here (only a handful spots left until 200 spots are full for the second tier) and here in the Spring (with limited spots to keep it intimate) and through out next year in person (with a few more to come). Perhaps you will feel the call too and join me in this loving adventure.

10 thoughts on “When We Gather

  1. Thank you, Alena, for sharing your wise and thoughtful words and some of the tremendous beauty created by your students. I see magic happening out there and can’t wait to be part of one of your adventures …
    I do have a specific question for you: do you recommend participating in your ‘Grace’ course when already having signed up for your ‘A Year of Painting’ course? Is the content you present there very different from the one we will be seeing rhroughout the year and an addition to your book on creativity? Thank you so much for letting me know!
    Warm hug from across the ocean!

  2. You are most welcome. 30 days of Grace will be more intimate, healing, and spiritual in nature… heart based. It will be about women connecting and sharing there process. I think it will have a different feel then the Painting course, which is project and technique based. They will overlap in some ways, but the lessons will vary quite a lot.

    1. I love that tint on your photos…so soft and warm and pretty.Yes Christmas is going to hit us over the head before we know it – clever to get ahead and start plaignnn!Glad you feel better.

  3. hi alena! i am lovin your blog over here and gorgeous art! thank you for this so inspiring and beautiful. i want to also sign up for the grace days….. just wonderful! i can feel it!!!

  4. Alena, I would love to join you next year on one of your gatherings. This is just what my soul is needing at this time.

    I just signed up for the 30 Day Grace class as well.



  5. Hi Alena
    Thank you for sharing your world with me. I LOVED your class at Petaluma and I hope our paths cross again.
    Fondest love

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