The Magnificent Color Club

$27.00 / month

** You are warmly invited to become an exclusive member of The Magnificent Color Club **

Color is the first element of any work of art that the eye first notices. Color really is everything — it sets the total  mood of the painting. It impacts us on many levels. Yet, learning to master color is a skill that takes an innate understanding and years of practice. Color therapy is also real–the brain produces serotonin when painting and taking in color. 

My professional artist friends suggested I create this offering because they have long admired my use of this wondrous element.

What it is:

This is a monthly membership (or color club) where I create a new palette combo challenge so that artists can learn how to use color in new ways. And please know this: It. will. change. your. painting. capabilities. forever.

You will be emailed the fresh palette + painting lesson/inspo/tips (on the 5th of every month with where to buy or create options. The welcome lesson and any other videos that are shared are downloadable.

By joining this club you will open and advance your creative skill levels in completely new ways and open up new realms of thinking and making art. Learning to see and experience color in ways you normally would not gravitate to is the best way to grow as a painter. Plus it’s so very good for your mental health. Artists of all levels of experience will benefit from this!  

  • A unique limited palette suggestion every month + painting lesson. You accept this inspired challenge and watch how it effects your work!
  • A PDF and intro video where I dive into the world of color and share many secrets! Yay!
  • Tidbits on composition and how to use color effectively in your work. This is an affordable and exciting new way to open up your painting skills as well as feel good while doing it! A video art lesson will be shared every other month or so but there will always be a lesson every month!
  • Free COLOR THERAPY. We all need it let’s face it!
  • You will also become a part exclusive list where you receive the first invite to a VIP event I plan on having in the next year at my studio and estate. This will be a wonderful networking and community building event where we can share all our color stories! This is not a workshop but an affordable event of pure enjoyment.
  • A snail mail surprise at some point!