Brimmin’ over + gettin’ wild. So thrilled to share this with you.

Wow, what a journey this has been! For the last six months or so I have been putting my heart + soul into this project. I have taken things that have helped shape me and my art and put them into an online course. We will dive deep into many things… may abundant, wild things…

So specifically, this course includes:

-Art Making Techniques: working with acrylics, watercolor pencils, India ink, masking, collage, art pens, and more. Journaling and basic digital photography are also tools used. The artwork will be exploratory, intuitive, and freeing in nature to help you release and find your deeper creative voice.

-Laws of Attraction: ways of thinking, feeling, and using your intuition to guide you, while releasing what no longer serves you. Exercises to attract more love and abundance into your life.

-Learn from the Inside: an exclusive videotaped interview with a top managing editor at a major craft publishing house who shares juicy tidbits in the publishing world. Other interviews/guest posts include those from successful artists, an author, and full-time blogger thriving in their creative vision.

-Holistic Well-Being: simple meditation, energy healing, and yoga techniques will be shared to gently loosen up the body, along with moving the focus out of the mind, or ego, and into the center of being so we can create from a place of authenticity. Connecting to Nature as a teacher and a source for energy and inspiration.

-Plant Spirit Medicine: how to make your own special blend of herbal tea and flower essence blend for creativity, along with emotional well being and support.

-Sharing: this course is about coming together in an authentic way. More than anything it is about support and transformation. We will share our art, writing, photographs, on whatever level you are comfortable with through private Facebook/Flickr accounts.


Update: my latest ecourses are now offered here.


4 thoughts on “Brimmin’ over + gettin’ wild. So thrilled to share this with you.

  1. Dear Ms. Hennessy
    Congratulation for the birth of your baby and the book! I just got your book and started to go through the process…I love it! I’m a mother of four dreaming to be an artist like you.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart and art!

  2. I’m just wondering how much prior experience is required to do something like this? Apart from doodling with my daughter, I haven’t really “done art” since year 11 at school (15 years ago!) And also how much time per week should be put aside? Thankyou x

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