Mentoring & Online Workshops

I am now working one-on-one with individuals in mentoring sessions through phone, email, and Skype (if desired). The *beauty* of these sessions is that you create it based on your desired outcomes. Whether its just one session or a package created for you, lets make your dreams come true and your true radiance shine out.

What I offer:

*Consulting: Creative Career Guidance, Tips, and Manifesting Principles.

*Find your Flow: Art Therapy, Technique, and Creative Unblocking Through Art Making.

*Transformational Healing: Conscious Language, Plant Spirit Medicine, and Energy Healing.

Sliding scale and packages available. Email me at and tell me what you wish to see happen in your life. It’s truly amazing and beautiful what my clients are experiencing (they are totally transforming their lives)! If this calls to you get in touch. Limited spaces available.


Registration is currently closed for my e-courses or online workshops. Please contact me if you would like to hear about future offerings.

About My E-Courses:

A variety of creative expressions in many forms may be explored: from journaling, painting, collage, and some simple photography (using a smart-phone or digital camera), are used as a tool to live your best and most fulfilled life. Here we will share, support, and help one another blossom into the beautiful, thriving, and prosperous beings we are meant to be. We will form as a interconnected circle, a network of budding and thriving beings learning to trust, create, and manifest our deepest hopes while courting radiant health and a vibrant spirit. Abundant Wild Life is about transformation, where the exquisite *you* is free to be just what you are.

Specifically, this course includes:

-Art Making Techniques: working with acrylics, watercolor pencils, India ink, masking, collage, art pens, and more. Journaling and basic digital photography are also tools used. The artwork will be exploratory, intuitive, and freeing in nature to help you release and find your deeper creative voice.

-Laws of Attraction: ways of thinking, feeling, and using your intuition to guide you, while releasing what no longer serves you. Exercises to attract more love and abundance into your life.

-Learn from the Inside: an exclusive videotaped interview with a top managing editor at a major craft publishing house who shares juicy tidbits in the publishing world. Other interviews/guest posts include those from successful artists, an author, and full-time blogger thriving in their creative vision.

-Holistic Well-Being: simple meditation, energy healing, and yoga techniques will be shared to gently loosen up the body, along with moving the focus out of the mind, or ego, and into the center of being so we can create from a place of authenticity. Connecting to Nature as a teacher and a source for energy and inspiration. 

-Plant Spirit Medicine: how to make your own special blend of herbal tea and flower essence blend for creativity, along with emotional well being and support.

-Sharing: this course is about coming together in an authentic way. More than anything it is about support and transformation. We will share our art, writing, photographs, on whatever level you are comfortable with through the Squam Ning site. What happens in this group is truly phenomenal… just wait, you will see.