Some kind words that have been received:

“And thank you for creating a space to connect and ground…the meditation time was life changing for me. I am now living daily that my tribe is attracted to this time and space.”  -J Bequette

“The best class I could’ve taken…it opened me up to the experiences I would have at Squam and it made me feel safe enough to finally get back in touch with my inner child after so many years. The women in that class were all so beautiful and I will always remember each and every one of them for the sanctity of that class and their beautiful contribution.

Alena, I love her! One of the most personable teachers I’ve had. I felt like I knew her for years. She made me feel comfortable in expressing myself and she has a way of making you feel safe, worthy, and open. I loved her class and learned more than the techniques she taught us in there. I learned more about myself, my worth, and that we are all in the same boat when it comes to needing a safe place and a sense of validation. She’s an angel in every sense of the word” -P Ridley

“Alena is a rare bird… she creates an environment where you feel safe to share your hopes, dreams, fears and demons… She guides you into your heart where your dreams live and helps you access them & and then she gently leads you on a journey~ where you are free to play and explore, and at the end~ there is beauty, friendship, inspiration, understanding and hope. She is a magical, wise, humble, & grounded sweet woman. Thank you Miss Alena!” -EM Glendenning

“Thank you for the flower essences. It’s been a challenging holiday season for me, and your healing essences saved the day. I continue to reap the benefits of your workshop. Since meeting you, I have been finally getting a solid direction for my arts-related (and non related too for that matter) passions. I had been feeling really stuck for what seemed like ages, and I am so grateful that we met when we did because I am feeling so much more focused and inspired.” -J London
“If you ever get a chance to take a class with Alena Hennessy, you should jump right on it! I had a great experience…I’m grateful to Alena and her process for helping me set this intention and I would recommend her as a teacher if you ever get the chance to take a class or workshop from her. She really has a lovely spirit about her and you can feel that she genuinely wants to help you. Alena’s new book, Cultivating Your Creative Life (Quarry Books) is due out next spring and I know I’ll be doing even more inner cultivating when it comes out.” -T Davenport, editor at North Light Books

“More than anything in my life as a woman, a mother, a sometimes-artist, I love to be surprised. I love to start with an idea in my head and end with God’s idea in my head. The beauty of Alena’s class is that it’s about intention, not merely craft, so everything I wrote and painted and glued and glazed surprised me with my own history and direction. 

Just the fact of that surprise, knowing it’s still possible, still out there whenever I work, gives me lots of hope and determination to keep working. It’s a rare teacher who can make her students feel safe enough to conjure that kind of magic in their own lives. That class is still going on in my head and heart, four months later.” -M Skluzacek Drew

“I have spoken fondly of your class at Squam many, many times. Now you will be able to touch so many and share the beauty of your art through your new book! Can’t wait to see it!” -B Huddleston

“I have been meaning to thank you again for your wisdom and kind words during your class. I will never forget what you told me about holding our sadness like a baby… Sigh.. Such a beautiful idea. I am so grateful for meeting you and taking your class.” -A Rice

“What a beautiful morning we shared. So glad to have recieved your energy. My intentions are to keep living through this season of motherhood that is filled with joy and pain, beauty and hardships, and when things are feeling monochromatic, find a way to slow down enough that I can look up and see where the light is shining to catch sight of what I am missing in my haste. Because there is always light and it is always offering beauty and comfort; truth and warmth; color and energy.” -B Soucy

“With gratitude to Alena Hennessy for the creative, soulful and loving weekend of art. You are truly a divine teacher with much wisdom, kindness, beauty and guidance. May the universe always give back to you what ever you wish.” -C Alvarez

“I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I appreciated the workshop. It was the first time I have had people give me feedback on my art (other than friends and family) in about 15 years… it was also the first time in my life that I actually felt like I could call myself an “artist” (for some reason I had always felt unworthy). So thank you. I LOVED it!” -A Arden-Copper

“You are an incredible being— I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with you. Thank you for creating such a safe sweet place for us to open up into…. For taking us on a heartfelt journey… You are a sweet gentle wise soul.” -EM Glendenning