Adorning the Nest

Almost 2 months ago I received the keys to my new home. I cannot begin to share how emotionally intense and fulfilling the entire experience was. It brought up so much for me because this is the first home I’ve owned since my divorce some six years ago. For years I had been saving and planning on getting a new home, but the time was never quite right. So finally this Summer I decided it was and began to take the steps. I was so humbled to find out that yes buying a home as an unmarried female artist was not only a reality for me (years ago banks would not even consider me), but I could buy something of a dream home for myself. So after sorting through about 50 houses online and a half a dozen in person, one came along where there was an immediate knowing of this is the one, I’ll take it!! That is the best advice I would give to those looking… just wait until you really KNOW. It was not even a minute that I knew when running up to the front door. What an incredible feeling… a roller coaster and a true gift! It’s been so sweet, the process of settling in.

Here’s whats been done so far…

FullSizeRender(19)a hennessy home 1 a hennessy home 2 a hennessy home 3 a hennessy home 4 a hennessy home 5 a hennessy home 6IMG_1051 a hennessy home 7 a hennessy home 8IMG_1437 a hennessy home 9 a hennessy home 10The house has incredible light and a beautiful wooded lot (with open areas too), just under 1 acre. There is a magnificent sunroom with views, perfect for meditation and warm gatherings with friends, music, and feasts. The master bedroom is dreamy, and my studio feels pretty amazing too. All in all it is a home with wonderful energy and I feel like a Queen. Thank you dear Universe for making this a reality for me! Adorning your nest so that it feels like you is a priceless feeling.

Wishing happy trails and nesting to all of you!

14 thoughts on “Adorning the Nest

  1. Congrats Alena! It’s a beautiful home & you deserve it! I love seeing artists’ dreams coming true. You are an inspiration. Thank you!

  2. Wow!!! so beautiful and dreamy! the place is inspiring as you are to many 🙂 like Nichole, it’s so lovely and joyful to see artists’ dreams coming true!!!especially that someone i look up to! im really happy , happy for you Alena!!! yay!!!Thank you for being an inspiration!you are beautiful being!

  3. Congratulations!!!! It’s so exciting to see your dreams come true. I wish you much happiness in your new abode.

  4. For you lovely Alena, congratulations on your new home, so happy for
    Poem by John O’Donohue:-

    May this house shelter your life.
    When you come home here,
    May all the weight of the world
    Fall from your shoulders.

    May your heart be tranquil here,
    Blessed by peace the world cannot give.

    May this home be a lucky place,
    Where the graces your life desires
    Always find the pathway to your door.

    May nothing destructive
    Ever cross your threshold.

    May this be a safe place
    Full of understanding and acceptance,
    Where you can be as you are,
    Without the need of any mask
    Of pretense or image.

    May this home be a place of discovery,
    Where the possibilities that sleep
    In the clay of your soul can emerge
    To deepen and refine your vision
    For all that is yet to come to birth.

    May it be a house of courage,
    Where healing and growth are loved,
    Where dignity and forgiveness prevail;
    A home where patience of spirit is prized,
    And the sight of the destination is never lost
    Though the journey be difficult and slow.
    May there be great delight around this hearth.
    May it be a house of welcome
    For the broken and diminished.

    May you have the eyes to see
    That no visitor arrives without a gift
    And no guest leaves without a blessing.

  5. iT’S BEAUTIFUL Alena, enjoy it thoroughly.
    That gut feeling – this is it!!! – is the best indication that you have made a good choice.
    I myself always base my decisions on my gut feeling.
    I’m sure you will be very happy here.

  6. Alena –

    I am IN LOVE with your windows, the wooded lot and the studio space! What a beautiful blessing. Oh, I love the table and floor seating too! I’m exciting to see how this continues to evolve for you. Many blessings on your new home.
    May it be filled with love and art.

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