Six Moons School: Now Taking Applications

Update: we have accepted all applicants and all have but confirmed but two. So we have literally just two spots left! Apply today to reserve your spot.

  • Would you benefit from personalized guidance for your creative style? 
  • Do you need help staying motivated to create or the courage and confidence to share your work?
  • Do you wish to learn real business advice for your creative endeavors?
  • Would you love to create a more steady flow of income, one where you can live with true purpose? 
  • Do you wish to understand how certain women create abundance and magic for themselves?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above — this new offering is for you.

For many years now since first creating ArtBiz I have sat with how to best serve women to rise up in their creative genius and create more income for themselves. I care a whole lot about women and their art. WHY? Because I believe when women tap into and express their creative power and have the financial means to back themselves we can change the world!

So please allow me to introduce to you my latest project with much enthusiasm and sincerity:

* Six Moons: A School of Magic & Magnetism*

I have re-vamped and re-ignited my beloved ArtBiz course as a personalized coaching school to assist you in tapping into your creative power + brilliance, along with sharing hard-earned tips for creating true abundance in your life. Together we will journey through 3 powerful new and full moons with intentions, release, and getting our energetics all in place. For without the inner well clear the outer world cannot reflect back the highest good.

Not only will I be sharing the nuts and bolts for building a thriving career as an artist, but I will also be guiding you personally with consistent check-ins about your work, vibrational foundations, habits, thinking, rituals, and more. As a group we will form a network of allies that help support the foundation, spread our wings wide, and give birth to our flourishing luminous ideas…all empresses in our own right ready to share our gifts with the world.

Because I identify and experience life being an intuitive empath, I will be guiding you as an individual along with coaching the group with a wide range of knowledge that intends to go a little deeper. I am also here to serve as motivator–for no career can be launched into higher heights without making the work! So as your creative guide and business teacher I am here to serve you and the energy of the group for all women. The depth and breadth of the work you produce is an undeniably valuable asset and often overlooked in other creative business schools. This course will be the exception. We will have conference calls, recorded videos, PDFs, visuals, and our private Facebook group to share. This will be an interactive group for 3 months (or 12 weeks) and quite possibly a one-time offer from me.

In sum, this experience is in two-parts:

  • A muse for your authentic creative self. Motivation, insight, technique, direction, and compositional guidance for your visual voice and aesthetic. I am here to motivate you to create! This will go beyond business coaching but also empowerment, wellness + spirit work. You are an intuitive being but it’s time to trust that power inside you.

  • Nuts, bolts, tips, and secrets for building abundance in your creative career. Simply put, let’s do this thing. I have over 13 years experience being a successful full-time artist with numerous press accolades. As a guide I pride myself in going into deeper and more unseen layers to unlock your true potential. Newsletters, hosting workshops/retreats, social media, licensing, selling work, marketing, wholesale, commissions, exhibitions, building a retail line, press…and more. You name it, let’s get into it.

The Six Moons School has limited enrollment and for various reasons to make sure this is a fit for you, everyone must apply before signing up.  

Apply Below:


When does the program begin?

The program begins February 4th and lasts until April 29th! This is an incredible opportunity to work with myself and the group for an extended period of time.

Do you have to have art or painting experience to apply?

It is recommended yes that you have done some type of art-making or painting. All levels are welcome to apply! After applying through the form above, please send 5 jpg images to

What are the time commitments?

This is entirely up to you based on your schedule. All interactive lessons and talks will be recorded so you can view or listen later. You will always have the content shared within the group as a resource.

Do I have to be an painter or can I be interested in other creative pursuits?

No you do not have to be a painter. Although I will be focusing a bit on composition and design, you can still get a lot out of this program. This is for creative mindset and foundational work, we are going deep and vast with energetics and basics of making things happen.

What are the costs?

I am offering enrollment into this academy by taking payment plans. A deposit of $197 (early bird price) is required with two more exact payments after that not due until late January and February. However, if you pay in full you can save as well. Compared to other coaching programs, I feel this is an amazing deal based on what is being offered!

Can I be located outside the US?

Absolutely! We will make it all work out for you.

What if I am not ready or really needing the business side? Can I still get something out of this course?

100% yes. You will receive a lot out of the motivator + muse aspect of this course, or tips for deepening your voice. This is also a course of empowerment for women. Self care tips, practices, and ways to strengthen inside to source-energy are all a part of this experience.

What can I do before the course begins on February 4th?

I will have some goals and check-lists to prepare you before our start date. There will also be a questionnaire to fill out.

Some praise from a past interactive business course:

“Thank you for this wonderful course and all its gifts. As always you conduct your classes with such grace that to participate feels effortless. I love soaking in all the wisdom and experience and sitting with it – percolating the ideas through my own consciousness. We are lucky ladies indeed. Thank you dear Alena.” -L Metcalf

“I love how this course is getting me unstuck. Having the business knowledge really frees me up to create! Art + spiritual growth + biz + manifesting seems like a great combination. Inspired by all of you, thank you Alena!!” – J Kinsella

“Your [last lesson is this course] made me cry. Your words touch me right where I am. Finding balance between self care and working on my dreams. Thank you so much for your honesty, for your guidance and for just giving you so much. It’s really rare that I see people who give so abundantly. I feel you are just not holding anything back for your students, and this has inspired me so much in all the classes I took with you. So glad there will be a year of painting 2.” -I Glad

“Thank you Alena for everything! I am going to keep working at all of this step by step and enjoying it as I go (which I was reminded of in your email today). It does feel very grounding to now have all this information to refer to, which is wonderful! But mostly, thank you for your special GIFTS…your kindness, generosity, authenticity, talent and ability to help each of us see more clearly our light.” – C Greene

“Just wanted to write and say thank you to you, Alena, for everything. I just want you to know how much the work you have done means… It means so, so much. I have, on occasion, unfortunately experienced teachers who lack the ability for the simplest – I think – of gestures, toward their beginning students. And that’s encouragement. The reason I will basically follow you anywhere – – is because of your…I’m going to go with….je ne sais quoi …because it’s just a bunch of things, all positive, all inspiring. All equaling to an amazing teacher. A true teacher. Thank you.” – T Francesca

“Thank you so much for all that you have given to us in this class, Alena. It has been SO unbelievably helpful and has saved me perhaps a few years worth of time struggling through trying to learn all of these things slowly.  I have read some art business strategy type books lately which was great for making goals and figuring out what I want to do… But your course helped me close the gaps that existed between my dreams and goals and the knowledge to execute. Thank you, thank you. Many wonderful blessings to you.” – C Rogers


We will notify all applicants as soon as we are able. Enrollment is limited to give all participants ample attention.

Thank you so much for taking the time to invest in your vision.

To love and art,

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