A Giveaway for the Overwhelmed

“At Christmas, time deepens. The Celtic imagination knew that time is eternity in disguise. They embraced the day as a sacred space. Christmas reminds us to glory in the simplicity and wonder of one day; it unveils the extraordinary that our hurried lives conceal and neglect.

We have been given such immense possibilities. We desperately need to make clearances in our entangled lives to let our souls breathe. We must take care of ourselves and especially of our suffering brothers and sisters.” –John O’Donohue

Are you longing for a creative boost? Have you been struggling financially this year or feeling under pressure of ‘too-muchness’? Do you wish to be more expressive and in touch with the artist within you? Do you desire to be more intuitive, trusting, and loose in your artistic style? Are you ready to discover more of your style? And finally–are you ready to make 2019 a more inspired, alive, relaxed and fulfilled year?

I am giving away 10 spots in A Year of Painting to those who have had–simply put–a challenging year. More specifically, finances at this time keep you from tending to and evolving your inherent creative self. We all need opportunities to express ourselves and I live knowing deeply that Art Saves and Transforms Lives.

To enter: simply sign up for my museletters list first, then share this post or A Year of Painting’s page on Facebook about this class, or share one of my paintings on Instagram and tag me, @alenahennessy, mentioning #ayearofpainting.

Then comment below and share why you need more creativity in your life.., anything you need to vent about your year! You may also nominate a friend or family member.

I am sending you the most promising seeds that grow into wild giving oaks of shade, life, liberation, and nourishment.

May 2019 hold transformation and true love in your heart, starting now.

31 thoughts on “A Giveaway for the Overwhelmed

  1. What a wonderful gift for you to give!

    2018 has definitely been an overwhelming year for me. I got unexpectedly divorced, have tried (unsuccessfully) to sell my business, moved into a tiny apartment and am barely making the rent. I’m away from my beloved pets and, just last night, was in a car accident and am now without a vehicle. (Terrible wind/rain storm and I hit a tree that was laying down across the road in the dark)

    So, needless to say, I feel like I can’t seem to catch a break. I know people have much worse things going on thatvenat I have just described. Life is a struggle and I find myself wondering what in the world is going to happen next.

    Thank you & Merry Christmas

  2. I have had a very challenging year. And find myself recovering both my health, my marriage, and building a business from scratch. I’ve been exploring the idea of having a creative practice beyond the art I have been doing and would love to be part of something bigger than myself. I love your art and would love to explore painting.

  3. Hi there. I’ve had a really tough year financially, a lot of expenses came up unexpected and I would so appreciate more time to paint for ease of mind. I appreciate you offering so much Alena! I long have admired your work.

  4. Hi alena, thank you so much for this! I adore your beautiful heart and spirit. This year has been full of heartbreak, I am feeling sad and because of that have not made money like I would have liked. This class would mean so much to me, a little spark.

  5. Thank you for this! This year has held a lot of unexpected setbacks— it’s bern pretty intense. Especially financially. Art is something I need More of in my life.

  6. Hi Alena, thanks so much for offering a chance to those of us have had a rough year financially. I wanted to sign up for your Year of Painting class for years and this year, I finally thought I could. But then, I had major medical problems and had to be hospitalized, which used up my funds I wanted to use to buy your class.
    Wether I get a spot or not, thanks! You have a beautiful spirit and make beautiful art!

  7. Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I will have surgery early in the new year along with all the usual waiting and then treatments. Not the end I had visualized for 2018 and certainly not the way I had anticipated welcoming in 2019!! Having a year of painting in place will give me a wonderful and positive focus for 2019 and give me a solid place to land while recovering. I’ve long loved and followed your work and appreciate this generous opportunity.

  8. thank you for this alena hennessy, I admire your work greatly.

    this year has been the worse for me, i went through a break up… had to find a new place, you get it… just a lot of struggle and i am so ready for the uplift!

    your generosity inspires me. i have shared twice and signed up for your newsletter.

  9. Oh, Alena, I can’t wait for this year to pass more softly than it came in. It’s been a tough one: a second diagnosis of triple-negative breast cancer meant six months of chemotherapy (drugs which, quite frankly, took a toll on my cognitive and creative processes), two months of radiation, and three surgeries. At the end of treatment, my younger daughter cut me out of her life. As much as I hope this will be temporary, I took it as a call for healing, and have since been involved in therapy and acupuncture, and started attending Al-Anon meetings. The idea of taking care of myself always seemed to be such a selfish notion, but my disease and chemo-induced depression is insistent upon putting myself first, so I’m digging deep. Unraveling the ties of codependency and learning how to love others in healthy ways sounds so simple, but the process has been intense. My moments of creative expression have been few and far between. In 2019, I intend to give birth to new ways of being in the world, and because I’m a veteran of this course, I know it would lend the necessary element of possibility to me intention. Thank you for your generosity, dear one.

  10. I have a chronic illness …i am not able to work full time ..Art is a lifeline for me enabling me to express myself …We live in a different country and its not easy to make a living …i am praying that life turns around for us in 2019 …it would be amazing to win your giveaway …it would prove my life is moving forward .Even if I don’t , thank you for the opportunity ❤

  11. Thank you Alena for extending yourself in a manner that is always open and humble. There is an element to the art world that is so ego driven and righteous and approval seeking- I find myself drawn to artists who are highly intuitive and grounded and generous in spirit.
    I seek the granting of a free class because all of my income goes tonsupproting my kids’ endeavors and to a huge lawyer retainer to try to recover from their deadbeat but financially sound father, the money he owes me for the past five years. I work with high school students on emotional well being, as a psychologist, and choose to utilize sketches and charts and drawings sometimes in my work with them. I’m completely untrained but have been told I’ve got good instinctive composition when I do paint, which I’ve taken back up in the past year.
    I crave instruction that works with who I already am rather than someone who wants me to become someone else to produce what they produce. I would be honored to have an opportunity to learn for a year and see where it takes me and how I can then give back or pay forward to kids and families in need.

  12. I love color and creating and am so moved by your gift of these giveaways. I discovered in September that I have breast cancer. I had surgery in November but the results did not go as expected. I am getting at home nursing. When, I can get better I will start radiation. Through all of this, I realize that I only have one life to live and I need to live it my way. I am longing to hear my own voice louder and clearer.

  13. I would be extremely thankful to receive the gift of A Year of Painting because it would mean a new beginning and fresh start as I change paths in life to a work from home as an artist due to an overwhelming amount of stressors and crisis this year (illness, job loss, moving, divorce). Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  14. Oh Alena!! This would mean so much ♥️

    This year has been so hard for many reasons. I’m hopeful though. Your class would mean the world right now.

    I’ve done all the entry requirements

  15. My transitions have been heavy, exhausting and especially expensive. I have lost the self I was comfortable with, to my new self as a mother. Sometimes I crave just to get a little piece of the artistic self back. Always inspired by your work.

  16. Hi sweetie, this is so kind of you. Yea this year has been all the challenges. I’m not able to spend money on art right now due to expenses. This would be a whole lot, I ADORE your work.

    Ive shared it a few times on my social media. THANK YOU!

  17. If ever there was a year that brought extremes, it was this year. I took part in an intimate, joyful, awakening weekend of love and art with Kelly Rae and a few months later began selling my work on Etsy ~ two ten year goals met with tremendous hope and insecurities all in the same shaky step. It was thrilling and scary and gah! I was over the moon.

    Then it all came to a screeching halt when my children’s father was arrested near the end of August and subsequently ordered to have no contact with any minors. I now find myself a full time single mom having to place my art aside while struggling to keep food on the table (due to having primary custody and a loss of corresponding financial support) ~ and trying to figure out how to be the mother my children need in the midst of such a traumatic experience. I’m trying to figure out how just to be, how to mourn the life we once had, how to let go, how to nourish, how to heal myself and my children. I’m trying to regroup, to return to my own artist’s path, while mindfully mothering through the storm. I don’t know how else to pause the world other than to keep moving forward, to release the hopes and the hurts through my love language of art. That’s the only way I know how to heal all three of us.


  18. Hi Alena, Thank you for your generosity. We’ve had financial hardship for a few years now as my husband has had to leave his job and go on disability because his kidneys failed due to diabetes and he is in dialysis. I’m the primary breadwinner now and we have a daughter in high school. The stress is terrible and making art really helps me to channel and express it in a way that helps me cope with our situation and be there for my family. I’d be so grateful to have a spot in your class. I admire your beautiful style and spirit. Blessings to you! Tracy Allegro

  19. Hi Alena, Sorry if this post comes up twice I posted once and didn’t see it. I love your works. My husband is on disability because he is on dialysis and waiting for a kidney due to diabetes. I’m the primary breadwinner and we have s daughter in high school. Painting is a way for me to cope with all my responsibilities and just play and explore for awhile. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be able to participate in your class. Thank you for your offering and kindness whether I win or not.

  20. Sister, wow! This is so incredibly kind and generous. I’m inspired to gift another spot for my own deep dive into the self this year as well.

    I humbly offer my name into this opportunity with the intention to, should I be selected, dive deep into creative expression through this beautiful course. I’ve been longing for an opportunity to work with intuitive painting, but haven’t ever felt financially like it was even an option for me. I know it would profoundly deepen my relationship with my own soul, and would probably help me work through some of those deep seeded issues I’ve got around self-expression and artistic ability.

    Bless you for your generosity, your spirit, your shining example of prosperity consciousness… as I said, I’m deeply inspired.


  21. This is a beautiful offering Alena!

    I really need a new pair of boots but can do without since I live in a relatively warm place. Finding time to create for myself has long been something I hope to do, ever since my grandmother who was a painter moved away when I was seven. She was just starting to show me watercolor techniques and I felt like she was the only person who understood me without words.

    This past few years have been financially very challenging, beloved and rich with my young children and being home with them but otherwise very difficult to give myself any personal space. I am studying education and would love to share this creative need with my children while knowing I am doing it as much for myself as for them.

  22. Hi Alena

    I’m swooning over this Christmas gift! What an amazing offer . I have been seriously wanting to do your Year of Painting since I first stumbled across it a couple of years ago. I feel as though it would be so encouraging to get me back into discovering my joy for daily creating.

    Life has been crazy, lost loves, mothering 3 children, the daily do what you can to keep everyone sheltered,clothed and fed. But I’m nearly there, I’ve secured a great part time job, financed my house (I even have an art shed) I have time to be a mother and time to myself but I struggle to use that spare time making art, which is what I need to be doing. I have been doing a lot of soul searching and inward work over the last three years as life has forced me to change. I started off daily creating art in my younger years and I have since lost the ability to continue with it as life got busy and I kind of lost myself. I’ve definitely been trying but my inner perfectionist is a pain in the ass when it comes to finishing things or just creating out of sheer joy and love. I need help and guidance.

    Thank you for caring and understanding the importance of being a creative, soulful human.


  23. So my reason for entering the giveaway is being a mom! I am guilty of giving most of my time (and finances!) to my kids and not enough to myself. Some inspiration would be amazing and so very very helpful.

  24. This course has been my sanity and healing amidst the mind-numbing chaos. I would be so grateful to keep it (the camaraderie and encouragement) at the top of my daily practice and continue my growth so that I can give back/pay it forward too. The power of art to help one grow and heal ignites the soulshine and the world desperately needs much more of this. <3

  25. What a wonderful opportunity! I’d love to be a part of this program and would be grateful if selected. I have always been an artist, art being my happy place for many years since I was little. I’ll be turning 30 in the fall, and I’ve been struggling with being creative on canvas. I’ve lived with depression for many years and have been sadly out of touch with painting. I have been sitting down to create and working with The Artists way book, and it’s helped a little. I feel very blocked and that this course/community support during the year would be nourishing to my heart and soul. I miss creating and have been searching for a way to reconnect and heal through art. Creating makes me feel alive, vital, and I know is a primary means for combating depression. I’d love to work with you this upcoming year. Thank you for your consideration!

  26. This mama needs a year of painting! 2018 has been a tough one for me and my little one. My house has been broken into, my car broke down, my girlfriends family has cancer swarming all over the place, ++ at the young age of 27 have had to have 3 follow up appts (so far) to a breast exam lump. I had the coolest job, that I loved, at this local art gallery and I was laid off over night! As a single mother and an artist, this felt detrimental on so many levels. I prayed to my ancestors & was able to find comfort & semi stability through assisting staple artists in my community. This has been a supplement. Through working for them, I’ve have been given nice doses of wisdom & have overheard snippets of artist’s survival advice. I know I need more things for me that are self care related (but as a Virgo I want that to still involve a little “work”, hehe). A year of painting would be the sweetest soul soother. I also need to realign with my spirit guides & reopen myself to be able to channel that good juicy flow. From peeking in on your social media, I believe you as a teacher truly encompass both! Please consider me for your class.

  27. I have had a difficult year. Someone offered to buy my corner market and my landlords wouldn’t let me sell it. It would have been a huge help to have been able to receive that blessing, recoup my investment, and move on with other creative pursuits. I instead closed the business altogether. It has been disheartening to build something of value to myself and the community and see it end this way. I am using this as an opportunity to explore new creative possibilities in the coming year wherever I can afford to since that was the original intention in selling the business. 2019 is going to be my year of learning, opening my heart to new paths and personal evolution.

  28. Between working full time and taking care of 3 teens, I haven’t had time to paint or do photography or anything creative this year, every time I decided I was going to do some painting or photography something came up. I went to my dad’s in October and instead of taking pictures at the beach I had to help him get ready for Hurricane Michael. It’s been that kind of year!

  29. Wanting to dive in this year…. To get back into self care… Creative care.
    Nourish my roots, so I can nourish others and pay it forward. Thanks for your heart and generosity!

  30. Hi Alena,
    This is so incredibly thoughtful and generous of you to offer this ‘scholarship’ giveaway to your AYOP.
    I’m already entered into the class…I signed up as soon as it was posted thinking, ‘this is the year I’m going to work on all the lessons’. I’m really excited!
    That said, I’m nominating my dear friend, Terry Wilcock for AYOP giveaway. She has had one of the most difficult times the last year, really two years. While I don’t want to disclose specifics of her personal information, I will say that through all the difficulty she’s had with finances, personal all trials and loss of loved ones, she has given so much of herself to others.
    Her main focus has been to volunteer an incredible amount of time to an organization, Fraternity House, California that helps support Aids victims. she tirelessly volunteers time for art projects, drives the residents to many social events and just gives of herself to all of her friends.
    She is an amazing woman who continually lifts up those around her and she just needs it paid forward to her this time. So I nominate Terry Wilcock and hope she can join AYOP for some well deserved artistic expression, personal enrichment and self-care.

  31. First off, I appreciate that you are offering 10 spots. That is kind and generous.
    2018 was a year of tearing things down and sifting through what remains. I chose to get a divorce from someone I still care about deeply, because I realized that staying in that relationship would mean denying myself my dreams. I’ve decided that I owe myself the full dream – not half, not three-quarters, but every single bit of what I long and wish for. While I am still dealing with the grief of divorce, I am hopeful that 2019 will be a year of remaking, rebuilding, and setting things to rights. In 2018, I dabbled in painting. I do Zentangle-inspired art, and it’s been fascinating – and frustrating – to relinquish the control and ease I have with a Micron pen to deal with a mysterious brush. It’s been a lesson in patience and mistake-making. I would love to continue exploring painting with your class. I had the best divorce possible (sounds strange, but it’s true) and while money is tighter, I still have much to be thankful for. Without a scholarship, I’ll save my pennies to do your class next year. With a scholarship, I’d be able to add an exciting new creative pursuit to my quest to reimagine, remake, and rediscover myself in 2019.

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