Cara Italia, My Love is True

I happen to believe we have kindred spirits all over this Earth, which for me, is most delightful especially when they are of the creative kind. These kindred beloveds can also be countries, or certain parts of the world. Fifteen years ago when I was the ripe age of 22, I discovered my first true love… and her name is Italy. She blew me away with her warmth, sweetness, light, delicious treats, songs, ridiculous fashion, red wine that flows lightly as water, and rich history under dramatic painting and over narrow cobblestones streets.blog1i  blog3i blog4iblog2iThese above photos are of the studio of the amazing Louise Beckinsale, a newly discovered kindred artist. Louise took my 30 Days of Grace class (which is now back open for registration) and created work that made my heart flutter with pure elation. How divine it was to find out that she resided in Cara Italia and had her own art studio called Bliss Base where she paints and teaches! Louise and I are going to be working on some delicious things together, such as: live painting, an exhibition, collaborations, and film projects. However, I will also be gallivanting about in Italy for the first week of September or so, and am planning on doing a little mentoring, teaching, and other magic making all in the name of art, of course! I have a few spots available for this special trip, for any of you who may want to paint with us. I will be making a trip to the most beautiful place in the world to me, Cinque Terre (see pics below — SWOOOON!), with art media in hand. Painting in these maritime courtyards while sipping a little vino rosso can only fulfill the soul and allow it to blossom open even more.  If this at all calls to you simply get in touch and I will fill you in with all the details. (Note: this opportunity is now FULL). Italy is where I found my voice as an artist, where things in my life began to change quickly, into glorious new horizons of love and adventure. For this reason I will always be loyal to her… she was my first true love. Her magic is like nothing else I have ever experienced.  Did you also know I am teaching some completely original workshops in the magnificent Magdalen in Oxford, UK?! This late Summer/early Autumn trip is going to life changing for me… I can feel it. Perhaps you will feel the call too. blogi10blogi9I want to gently remind you that the purpose of a ship is not to stay close to the shore, but to adventure out into the sea: the unknown, the deep blue, a whole world underneath that is a mystery. We do not fully live unless we risk, for if we do not risk, how will our lives truly change? To love is to risk. To adventure is to risk. To try new things is to risk… this is how magic happens in our life. This is my invitation for you. Choose it from your heart and see what begins to happen.
The charming private BnB where we will be staying and magic making Dolce Vita style. Pinch me now please… this really is a total dream come true.

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    1. to me depth is when the other person knows what you are talking about and you two connect over common feelings and exsecienrep. so those could be something really profound or something stupid, but when you can talk about them with someone who understands them you feel that the talk was really deep since it hit something really deep in you!

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