Current Turn Ons

IMG_2789IMG_5078IMG_5077Painting together in the spirit of collaboration with Faith Evans Sills and in retreats and workshops. IMG_4798Planning my Summer workshop where folks arrive in just a few weeks so that we can paint outside together. Oh my… Outdoor pillows, easels, rugs and circling under birdsong and wind/light in leaves. I welcome you! IMG_4960Having a proud moment when taking in all my work I’ve created over the past year and seeing it together like this. It sometimes surprises me as I reflect “Did I really make all that, Wowza.” Well yes, when we allow the creative forces to take place, we can become a channel and there is no limit to that. IMG_4752IMG_4750Sitting in the light, the fire, and realizing the benefits of simply letting things burn away inside. The clearing is a cleansing.

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