Flow Meditation + Wabi Sabi Painting Lesson

Here is just a little taste of my new WabiSabi Effortless Flow journey.

There are limited seats left as I give direct feedback to every painting you post and any other guidance you may need! This lesson is more advanced as I give you many delicious warm ups to explore before this.

Energy flows where intention goes.” – Rhonda Byrne

Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river.” – Lao Tzu

Wabi is about finding beauty in simplicity, and a spiritual richness and serenity in detaching from the material world. Sabi is more concerned with the passage of time, with the way that all things grow and decay and how ageing alters the visual nature of those things. It’s less about what we see, and more about how we see.” – Beth Kempton

Try the below meditation to allow freedom and trust in your painting and life (a long with a touch of magic).

In this lesson you will:

  • Relax and delve into your own delicious flow state within.
  • Begin to evolve with more detail and complexity with the WabiSabi technique.
  • Continue to learn about the union of opposites, or balancing polarities with the elements and principles.
  • Create one to two flower power paintings that hold water depth and perhaps moon magic!

Wabi Sabi Painting Mini Lesson:

Tips to Remember:

  1. Lay out your watercolor paper and use a soft round brush or quill brush to create some organic circles that meet.
  2. Drop in your fluid or high flow acrylic, or watercolors, to allow the feathering process to take place.
  3. Allow the water element to work its magic, for the WabiSabi effect to take place. Natural light to dark and organic movement will magically appear and dry that way. Become a channel for creative flow.
  4. Use transfer paper if you wish, once the back ground is dry. Carbon or darker side down the trace the outline of your main motif.
  5. Continue to add magical details elements to allow the union of opposites to take place.
  6. Less can be so much more. Subtlety is seductive. Dance around the composition and allow the imperfection to be beautiful.

Trust the process. Fall in love with the process and you will fall in love with your work.

Secure your space in this fulfilling and unique class experience.

–> Here are some gorgeous public domain images you can use for your Inspo File:

Print your favorites out to reference them. You can also use the carbon or transfer paper to outline them to get you comfortable with the drawing aspect. You got this!

Share your work in our virtual circle, I so look forward to seeing it soon and providing feedback and guidance!

To receive a variety of more painting plus meditation guidance on LOVE, JOY, and WELLNESS join us here. Remember you can create with yourself, your loved ones, and enjoy the passage of time together in ways that fill up the soul and mind.

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