My past ArtBiz courses sold out very quickly, and due to my busy schedule this is now available as a self-guided PDF. However, you will receive one free 60 minute personalized mentor session (a $150 value) after you have finished reading and studying the entire document. We can do the session on Skype or by phone. Simply contact me to schedule after you have finished reading and studying the document in depth.


“Thank you for this wonderful course and all its gifts. As always you conduct your classes with such grace that to participate feels effortless. I love soaking in all the wisdom and experience and sitting with it – percolating the ideas through my own consciousness. We are lucky ladies indeed. Thank you dear Alena.” -L Metcalf

“I love how this course is getting me unstuck. Having the business knowledge really frees me up to create! Art + spiritual growth + biz + manifesting seems like a great combination. Inspired by all of you, thank you Alena!!” – J Kinsella

“Your [last lesson is this course] made me cry. Your words touch me right where I am. Finding balance between self care and working on my dreams. Thank you so much for your honesty, for your guidance and for just giving you so much. It’s really rare that I see people who give so abundantly. I feel you are just not holding anything back for your students, and this has inspired me so much in all the classes I took with you. So glad there will be a year of painting 2.” -I Glad

“Thank you Alena for everything! I am going to keep working at all of this step by step and enjoying it as I go (which I was reminded of in your email today). It does feel very grounding to now have all this information to refer to, which is wonderful! But mostly, thank you for your special GIFTS…your kindness, generosity, authenticity, talent and ability to help each of us see more clearly our light.” – C Greene

“Just wanted to write and say thank you to you, Alena, for everything. I just want you to know how much the work you have done means… It means so, so much. I have, on occasion, unfortunately experienced teachers who lack the ability for the simplest – I think – of gestures, toward their beginning students. And that’s encouragement. The reason I will basically follow you anywhere – – is because of your…I’m going to go with….je ne sais quoi …because it’s just a bunch of things, all positive, all inspiring. All equaling to an amazing teacher. A true teacher. Thank you.” – T Francesca

“Thank you so much for all that you have given to us in this class, Alena. It has been SO unbelievably helpful and has saved me perhaps a few years worth of time struggling through trying to learn all of these things slowly.  I have read some art business strategy type books lately which was great for making goals and figuring out what I want to do… But your course helped me close the gaps that existed between my dreams and goals and the knowledge to execute. Thank you, thank you. Many wonderful blessings to you.” – C Rogers


Having little light bulbs go off or the ‘golden download’ as I like to call it is essential for my artist path, as is living my passion in abundance and being true.

There are no instructional videos or art lessons within this. This is a enriching PDF in which I am sharing all my secrets on how to create and kick start your some monetary flow into your creative passion! Other rich topics that are very much related, such as how to make art that sells, plus much more, will also be included. However, if you are looking for art lessons, please sign up for another one of my e-courses.

Specific Topics Covered:

Claim It
Abundant Thinking Means Everything
Goals: From Deep Roots to Brilliant Stars
Be Distinctive, Vulnerable, and True
Nuts and Bolts
Choose Your Honey Pots
Your Home – Your Foundation – Your Website
Blogging and Dreams Coming True
Shine like the Sun with Social Networking
Thrive in Community
Getting Press
Newsletters 101
Selling Reproductions
Selling Originals
Wholesale Accounts: Pros and Cons
The Joy of Exhibiting
Licensing: An Introduction
Teaching: Passion and Promise
Success and Balance