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This amazing course is now sold out and has begun. A new round of this course will begin in late July. To be notified first of the early bird spots, drop your email here.

Come paint, express your creative truth, and become more at home in your body, mind, and heart.  Feel the glorious gift of your heart’s range of feelings and wisdom. Both live and recorded art lessons + yummy practices to get your mojo flowing beautifully.

The best investment in myself is self-love. And this is what I uncover over and over again in Alena Hennessy’s classes. Restoring The Wings is the best online class I’ve ever taken. It is delightful and deep with inspiring art lessons, beautiful painting demonstrations, meditation, breath work, and self-care habits to help center yourself. I  approached this class with an intention to improve my art techniques and grow as an artist. But during this journey, I experienced something more transformational: self-acceptance and self-love. – Jenny Messerle
Restoring the Wings course was a blessing!  It came at the time I needed healing and peace in my life.  Alena has created a course for mind, body and soul.  Through lessons and creative work centered around the 7 chakras, I was able to heal, feel love and open up my creative flow.  I love Alena’s teaching style and sweet, magical spirit.  She is my favorite artist and teacher.  She brings out the best in me.  I highly recommend this course for anyone looking for peace, healing, love, community, magic and creativity.  – Judie Parsons
The affirmations and breathing exercises were lovely, too. I felt like your teaching style and presence really flourished in this class.  Your beautiful way of communication was soothing to my soul and a great contrast to the current stresses of the world. I  will always be grateful for you! – Tammy Dial Grey

You will receive:

  • A virtual journey that we go on together through various painting, breathwork, and mind/body/spirit techniques. This course has a sweet and doable pace. Expect beautiful transformation with ease.
  • A total of seven painting/mixed media art lessons based on the chakras + a few live lessons. These lessons not only are healing and enjoyable, but you will also learn intuitive and grounded skills to express yourself through art.
  • Each week (for a total of 7 weeks, all which are go at your own pace), we will build upon the knowledge based on each energy center until we meet our entire selves with clarity, love, and understanding.
  • A support group led by me with people from all over the world who are also a part of it.
  • In the end you will receive tools to live a radiant clear life during times of distress. No matter what your situation is, allow art, color and breath be your glorious doorway to feel at home inside yourself.

Live and recorded videos will be a part of this. You will receive lifetime access. Limited enrollment. This course reflects some of the juiciest ways I have found to live in harmony.

Choose your sliding scale (gem crystal!) payment for this offering exchange. This is based on what you feel you can afford!


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