Sneak Peak into My New Book!

It’s here! It’s here! I am over the moon thrilled. The pre-order price is unbelievable (only $11.35 at the last time I checked) and it begins shipping early next month. Several of you have been asking for a sneak peak inside, and it just so happens that I have the only copy available. So here’s a little peek-a-boo. This book contains over 170 paintings, 52 prompt ideas/exercises, and selected mini-workshops for a how-to portion. I poured myself into this title to think about what everyone would need to be inspired, think of new ways of creating, deepen their own expressive voice, learn more about the medium, and some lessons on painting and mixed media. Thank you all endlessly for your support. This book is dedicated to all my fans. I appreciate you so much. Order it now to save and get it first (plus I have a LOVELY opportunity for everyone that buys it first… more on that later).
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10 thoughts on “Sneak Peak into My New Book!

  1. Wish it was October so I could spend the day getting lost in your new book…it looks amazing! I’m so delighted for you, Alena. You deserve all the good that is flowing your way. Hope your time abroad has been memorable and inspirational. Off to pre-order right now!

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