That which moves you moves through…

Shown above: an up close shot of one of my paintings done on handmade paper along with a plethora (just a snippet actually!) of my art supplies.

Lately I have been pondering why painting has been of such value in my life. We have had such a deep and intimate relationship, second to that of my parents, so why, of all things, has it been so important to me?

Well, it allows you to turn off the chatter of the mind and channel something greater through you. Personality and story aside, you get to create your own story, land, color themes, tiny or big worlds, and become something beyond your everyday reality for a period of time. It is a resting place, a place of discovery, and a chance to explore the act of creation– which is the nature of life itself.

Okay, perhaps that is a lot to initially take in… but nonetheless, painting is a medium– both physically and metaphysically. As for me, I have been making art of some kind ever since I was a wee one, probably since the ago of four. I remember it was essentially the same to me back then as it is now: it was my time to shut out the noise for a little while and go deeper into my world. Time has no meaning when we create– we simply get to play, we get to enjoy a deeper silence, along with being surprised by what comes through our own hand. I find it wonderful that something I enjoyed so much as a kid I also truly enjoy now. It does not tire like so many things can in life… it is endless, as creation itself. Therefore creativity, an energy we tap into everyday, is a life force energy. It is natural and divinely human.

Painting also allows us to move through fears and find acceptance. To overcome and to love what you make– or at least kinda like it– that is an awesome thing. Do not underestimate that feeling– it is like a ripple that goes out into your life and can touch it in many ways. What we touch, what becomes tangible through our own making, becomes innately woven into our lives. Painting is a raw and real expression of that. There is infinite possibility within this relationship, of not only within the process of making art, but the way it enhances our existence.

blog2An intuitive media painting by Sita Marlier created in one of my recent classes. It was done with only one rule: to not judge yourself or your process at all and to let your inner feeling direct you.

blog8Another painting created that night, with a little sparkle added at the end to call it complete! See the little beings reaching? That was unintentional, then beautifully became intentional by the maker who had a real breakthrough in this class.

So I have introduced to you some of my thoughts on painting, or art making, because I happen to believe it in wholeheartedly. In fact, you could say I am one satisfied devotee. And as we create as individuals, and come together to share, magic will happen, in fact… every time it happens! How extraordinary is that? I have seen it in every single one of my classes, a little breakthrough, a little more love, more sharing and togetherness, more ooo-ing and awe-ing… its complete and utter vulnerable fun. And from that note, I would like to introduce to you a very special offering that already is forming a totally awesome group so far (folks from the States, Denmark, Australia, Iceland, and Canada have already signed up). It’s a super sweet good deal right now– I think there are just a dozen spaces left for the first tier then it will close. This workshop is based on all the feedback I have been receiving from students on what would work best for them. It will allow you the whole year to learn with ease and grace, and to be supported within a rich community of creatives. The intention I will be holding for this space is one where our lives become richer and deeper in many levels in the spirit of color, movement, subject, and network. It also coincides with something very special that I will announce soon. In all truth, I will be sharing most everything I know, and creating, right alongside with you. So yes, I am over the moon excited to be facilitating this work and to dive more deeper into this sacred language with you.

9 thoughts on “That which moves you moves through…

  1. alena, gorgeous post. will the early bird spaces still be available at the end of this month? i need to wait til i get my next paycheck! crossing fingers…. – m.

  2. Hi, Marianna! They have been going pretty quickly… about ten went yesterday so its impossible to predict these sort of things but perhaps write me and we can work something out!

  3. You have summed up my thoughts and love of painting/art-making perfectly. Thanks. I am very glad to have happened upon your blog! Cheers.

  4. Yeh I’m hoping there’ll be a spot left when my money arrives in a few days or today or when that bank gets it from my super fund.

  5. Really gorgeous Alena. I am nervous because I feel I am just now beginning to paint. I really don’t have a lot of experience and don’t want to be overwhelmed. What are your thoughts?

    By the WAY, I am so inspired by your work. It moves me and makes me feel peaceful.

  6. Oh Gena, yes yes… all levels welcome — beginners and aspirants! There will be established artists in there too. All good here, especially based on the foundation that is laid out for this course. A network of creative community of support is what this is all about in terms of experience.

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