A Year of Beauty


Lately I've been reflecting on the richness and fullness of the year so far in terms of my creative life and work. When looking back, something that very much stands out to me is the work that my students created in my online course. It filled my being with delight to witness the range of creative expression that was shown. It was a gift to see the photos, writings, hand-lettering, and explorations with ink, acrylic, and collage that were demonstrated. Above in clockwise fashion from top, are examples from Jackie Cate, Kelly Burns, and Sigrun Sigoroardottir.


This inspired me to share more of their work, since registration will soon be open (please email me to get on the list and to be notified when it opens, since it is first come, first serve). It was honestly one of those most touching experiences I have had in my creative life– and on such a daily occurrence. Their willingness to show up and explore the depth and breadth of their soul, to share through whatever media moved them, and to try new things, no matter what level they were at, was just total beauty to witness. But truly, the unique and healing synergy that was formed between the students and I was what made the experience so special. It was a network of total support and authentic sharing and soul witnessing. Its amazing how when you set that intention out (which I did for the course) how gently and with ease it falls into place. (Work above by Ingrid Ellison, Janie Dorward, and Lucy Snow; below by Sigrun Sigoroardottir, Stacy Smallwood Simon, Joanne Franco Marsh, Kristina Wingeier).


I also feel the holistic healing element, mostly in the form of plant spirit medicine (through flower essences, oils, and herbal teas), makes this course offering particularly unique. Often times through the mystery of grace, flowers or herbs will show up to provide assistance and support to those nearby in need. I had forgotten about this until it happened to many of my students, who happened to have lilacs, honeysuckle, or sunflowers in their yard and when they found out its healing properties, it was a twinkling moment of serendipitous grace. Further, the making of a flower essence (as seen below) is an art form and meditative experience in itself.


One thing I strive for my students to achieve is to not create art like me (although that undoubtedly will happen through teaching and examples) but to find their own voice and unique aesthetic expression that wants to come through their hand. That's why I love to offer the wide range of media to work with. I hope you will join me in the next session, beginning in October. Registration will open soon, so send me a note if you are feeling called to join and I will email you before we send it out to the public. As every star we can witness above, to ever flower that grows near and far– that is the amount of possibilities that life can provide us. We are dreaming this dream, so lets dream it deep and clearly within, and with one another for the highest good possible. (Seen below, in clockwise fashion starting in the top left hand corner, is works both by Paula Madonna, Krista Lawlor, and Ingrid Ellison).


7 thoughts on “A Year of Beauty

  1. it makes me happy to think about our course after reading your post and coincidentally, I was just remembering how your e-course today, earlier, and how it set all kinds of wonderful things in motion for me this year. It will be a highlight to remember from 2012. I could have cropped my pic a little better above, but it made it to the fridge, which is a nice place to important quotes to live. love you alena and all of our intertwined journeys. buona sera love

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