Together in Sweet Creation

I just returned from teaching a series of workshops out on the West Coast. The first week of teaching proved rather challenging, with me catching one of the worst bugs I have ever had. The second week I came back to life and rocked 3 workshops in a row. I keep learning more of what each participant needs each time as my lessons grow deeper, richer, as well as more light. As I grow and evolve as a facilitator I notice my students’ work deepens as well. They were amazing. I feel in love with SO many pieces. I flew back to the East Coast with a full heart, so thrilled for them, so content on the many exercises and processes we explored.
blog1Have art media will travel: one of three suitcases that I brought along this 2-week workshop journey. This large hard-shelled case is filled to the brim with art supplies. One of the more not-so-glamorous parts of the job.

blog2 One exercise I had students do was two Quick, Affirmative, and Intuitive paintings. They can only work for 20 minutes on the first and then 10 minutes on the second one. They must work completely by instinct, play, and trust. It is pure delight to do this! Takes us back to our inner child when we made art without involving the ego.

blog3 Another student example, the 10 minute painting. I love her whimsical lines, her carefree way of being. It is perfectly imperfect: the wabi sabi style of painting. I emphasize this concept to my students repeatedly.

blog4 The above photo are some of the delicious materials that I have my students work with. Sometimes I have them paint their own paper pieces that they then collage into a painting. It is so rewarding and teaches them how to make the elements and principles come alive in a work.

blog5 A student painting almost complete in a day-long workshop. It is so free and rhythmic. I believe the energy and state of mind that we pour into the a painting can be felt by the viewer.

blog7 This is my first chaotic layer that I paint with water-based media so that it feels fluid. I love this free process, working like a child: free, exploratory, curious, instinctual, trusting

blog8 “You Blossom my Heart“: my completed demo-painting. This was done after many layers and exploring various techniques and intuitive art principles. This was sold the next day.

blog9aAfter the long journey on the road, it is so rewarding to come back home. There is no place more special in this country to me then my darling home town of Asheville, NC. My love and I took a hike to see numerous waterfalls. The water and warm/cool rocks restored my being. Connecting to this source of life, the Natural world, is imperative for my being and peace of mind.

blog10Of course it’s always nice to receive a beautiful bouquet when you return home as well! He knows my favorite flowers. Feeling so blessed and under a magic star these days. I am grateful in so many ways. I thank you sincerely for being here. Never give up… dreams held close to the heart do come true. Stay on the path, both feet on the ground, trusting and surrendered. Let it unfold for you. Love all of creation.

6 thoughts on “Together in Sweet Creation

  1. Oh Alena,

    I absolutely loved this post and resonated with so many things you’ve shared here.
    We have so many beliefs in common, it’s so refreshing to connect with you!

    I’m not surprised your beautiful painting sold, it’s absolutely light filled and delicious.

    I’m so glad to have met you in your painting course – each lesson I feel like I get to know you more and enjoy your beautiful, freeing, creative wisdom.

    Love Chrissy x

  2. “I believe the energy and state of mind that we pour into the a painting can be felt by the viewer.”

    I don’t think that a truer statement could be made. All the paintings are so free and I love your demo painting. I’m always so attracted to trees. <3

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