We crave the sacred, we long to remember

IMG_2264 IMG_2306 IMG_2324 IMG_2332Since I share so much on the value of self-care and nurturance, it’s key that I walk the talk. I therefore took myself on a Qoya retreat (sacred movement and ritual for women), where I am learning and un-learning so much goodness. I realize more than ever as human beings we need to experience the sacred, what we FEEL that is real to our hearts, what we have always known within but due to so many things we can forget (our true essence). We long for connection and through connection to other, through creativity, expression, ritual, through breath, … we can remember. And since I’m on the topic of longing for the sacred…

12496451_833375130107230_900078830883289372_o12418970_10204449197783501_7252348176634534265_o12525429_10156436079620788_5186109939252393730_o10653479_10206866599838322_2090394537570483770_nMy Year of Painting students are blowing me away again this year (for real). This is just a few examples of the first lesson… so if you are feeling the call to express from your heart out through your hands, something that holds meaning, intention, power, and a keepsake for years to come, now is the perfect time to join. People join all year until late Summer.

To the sacred in you and in me…

xo ~ a

2 thoughts on “We crave the sacred, we long to remember

  1. Beautiful artwork! Your students are doing an amazing job. I find self-expression through painting to be very therapeutic for me as well. I knew I liked drawing and playing with the colors, but I have only recently discovered that it actually relaxes me.
    Qoya yoga retreat sounds lovely. I hope you will achieve everything you have planned while you are staying there.

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