A Year of Painting Giveaway!

52 treasuresSo the time is drawing near to begin a fresh 365 days of my most popular e-course to date, A Year of Painting. What an enriching and whole-hearted experience the first year was. It warms my creative heart to read the feedback given, with phrases coming out from participants like now I believe “anything is possible”, and “this class means the world to me”, along with “what you are doing is beyond what I can express in words, with others calling this experience is “priceless”, or “my soul is forever touched” and so forth. I mean it’s a humbling thing for me to read as facilitator—hugely touching. How over-the-moon thankful I am that my teaching has the ability to connect to each individual. That was my word for last year— CONNECTION. I was recently pondering the synchronicity of that, and boy was this year all about it. I fell madly in love, moved in with my partner (it’s been 6 or so years since I have lived with anyone really, as that is how long I have been divorced), I ran multiple e-courses all which sailed high and brought in more ways for people to connect, and so on. So that single intention of CONNECTION was like a golden woven thread through out my days and months. How powerful and invaluable it is to place a seed for the year…

blog2And with all of these gifts, comes another gift for this beloved course… a new book deal. That’s right, A Year of Painting will now be a treasured book for others to enjoy and will come out in a year or so. It will feature many artists from the first year and more. So since the energy of giving and receiving keeps our life force moving, I will continue that sacred tradition on today, along the holiday spirit just around the corner.blog5b

I have decided to give away 5 whole spots to A Year of Painting. (And since many of you have purchased, no need to fret, you can also enter too and if you win I will refund your payment—all good). That is a $249 value and a year of support and learning for your intuitive, playful, and expansion for the depths of your creative well. We learn and experience so much in this class and the pacing is perfect for our everyday lives.


Here is how you can enter:

  1. Sign up for my museletters if you have not already done so.
  2. Share the A Year of Painting page on Facebook and why this would make a wonderful gift to oneself or another.
  3. Email your close friends/family and copy our email info@alenahennessy.com with a link sharing why you want to take this class.
  4. Then leave a comment on this post and let me know which ones you have done. Each will count as an entry!


So if you do every one of those I would say you have very good chances of winning with 5 spots being given away, This year we had 450 on-fire and unique artists (at all levels, beginning to experienced) who utilized the group in such a sweet and, dare I say it… connected way.


Good luck and here’s to another year of inspired art-making and living…


The winners are:

Renee di Pietro
Suzanna Gaal
April Huning
Najma Martens
Bonnie Smith

Thank you for everyone who entered! For those wishing to be a part of this experience, you can still sign up here.

all my love,

xo alena

296 thoughts on “A Year of Painting Giveaway!

    1. I am 61, just became an empty nester, and was telling my bestest friend last night that I want to PAINT! I took lessong when I was pregnant with my 2nd child, 29 years ago. Now my 19 year old has left home, my last child, and it’s time for ME! I was sad at first, but already 2 weeks into being alone, I am grateful for this phase of my life. I found you on Marianne Mitchell’s fb page tonight, and it feels like divine intervention. Keeping my fingers crossed! XXXOOO

  1. All the task have been completed. I would absolutely love to win this class. I have been just trying to get back into my creative side. I would love to share this with everyone.

  2. As an artist I am often overwhelmed with inspiration that clutters the path to canvas. I’m very excited to be signed up for this course. I’m looking forward to the collective accountability and new perspectives into my painting. Also excited about the chances to win a reimbursement. It was a stretch for me.
    I’ve shared often about the course on my Facebook page, personally invited friends and sent emails. Newsletter was signed up for as soon as I saw your art! Fingers crossed!

  3. I have shared on FB and I am already signed up to your museletter. Your Year of Painting course would be perfect for me, I am inviting creativity and intuition into my life and would love to find my own style.

  4. Such a wonderful give away, wow! I subscribed to your museletters, thanks so much for the opportunity!

  5. i just emailed some of my close, artist friends who i think would love a spot in this course as well! 🙂

    thanks again for this generous offer.


  6. Hi Alena, already signed up for the class and can’t wait, but if I win I have a special person I plan to gift the class to <3. I have shared on Facebook!!

  7. Shared- check
    Emailed- check
    Musings- check
    Commented- check!

    I would LOVE to win this! I’ve followed Emiko, Lyn & Cheryl’s journeys on Instagram and they’ve created so many amazing things! They’ve also highly recommended this course! Fingers crossed

  8. Hello, I just saw the good new on the Instagram about the give away. So i decided to check it out and now I signed up for your newsletter. I look forward to A year of painting!!

  9. I did share this ling to my FB, and I’m already subscribed on your newsletter. But most important painting the whole year….wow, good things should happen then. Like really, really awesome stuff.
    PS thanks fo a chance to win this. It’s just too good to be true, or unbelievable awesome.

  10. Dear Alena,

    Thank you so much for creating opportunities like this for all those who would like to not only follow in your footsteps, but also to dance along their own path of creativity. Ive performed the first 2 on your list above – I dont really have anyone to email details to – but I happily shared on Facebook. (I’m a bit on the unsocial side lol)

    And to whoever is granted this opportunity – the world cant wait to see what beauty you give birth to! have fun! be beautiful.


  11. Hi Alena, what a beautiful idea. I already had suscribed earlier, shared in the meantime and will send to my family in a few moments. Looking forward to participate and join the journey. Andrea

  12. I receive muse letters I & have shared in Facebook & Pinterest. (Couldn’t resist).
    Would love to add this to my growth in 2015!
    Good Luck all!

  13. I did share this ling to my FB, and I’m already subscribed on your newsletter. But most important painting the whole year….wow, good things should happen then. Like really, really awesome stuff.
    PS thanks fo a chance to win this. It’s just too good to be true, or unbelievable awesome.
    I like the idea of book for a year of painting. Soo good.

  14. I shared on Facebook and have signed of your mused letters previously. I would love a chance to take classes with you!

  15. Oh my goodness this is the bestest giveaway ever! I was so annoyed at myself when i missed the early registration for this so would love to win a place! I have shared on facebook, and already signed up for your newsletter 🙂

  16. I’ve signed up to your museletters and shared the link on Facebook – if I had creative friends I’d share it via email too but unfortunately I don’t!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this course, it looks incredibly inspiring! x

  17. I subscribed to your newsletter 🙂 I’m afraid, I’m not active on FB and unfortunately I don’t have friends who share my “creativity passion”, but I do hope I have a chnce to win a spot in your class nevertheless… It sounds so fantastic!!!

  18. This is incredible. Hope to follow you closely forevahhhhhhhhhhh!
    And a win would be phenominal. Breath…………..

  19. dear Alena, I was so inspired by reading your website and looking at your art that I registered on two of your courses!! Iphoneography and a Year of Painting. Then I told my friends and got TWO to join already!!! But you are absolutely right why stop there!!! So I am sharing on Facebook, am already on your Museletter (love love love the name!!), and I continue sharing with friends and homeschoolers by emails. Oh and yes Pinterest!!!

    I just started the Iphoneography course and I love your way of teaching, showing, peacefully. It’s inspiring. Both a class and a meditation in the same time. I got my material and must say that it’s a bit more expensive than I thought. Winning the course cost would be absolutely grand.

    I am thinking of two other friends in high schools and am posting a link of your courses on my homeschooling list. Get ready to have students and their parents register!!!

    The gift of art is the most amazing gift. It touches , inspires and heals. Thank you for helping me go back to my roots. Thank you.

  20. I would love to win this! I did all of the above… signed up for newsletter, shared on Facebook, emailed friends and am now commenting. Merry Christmas!

  21. I WOULD LOOOOVVVEEE to win this!!!! I was lucky enough to spend a complete day with Alena near the beach…. and I love the experience so much…. that day opened up so many possibilities for my art…. and life! Thank you so much my this earth a better place! <3

  22. SO excited for this possibility crystallizing! 2015 is the year for me to realize this life-long dream…dispelling old ideas of “I can’t paint” and Awaken the Muse within! Thank you, Alena….Shared on FB and signed up for your museletter. (Awesome name, btw – museletter, heehee, love it!)

  23. Alena, a year of painting sounds like bliss.
    I have signed up for your newsletter and shared this on a FB group I belong to!

  24. I Signed up, shared on Facebook, and emailed.
    I was just telling a friend how painting was something I was never good at and would love to learn more about. What a timely opportunity.

  25. I did share on fb and wrote about it. I also sent my bro and sis an email telling them that they too could sign up. They paint too! I’m just a newbie.

  26. I completed all of the steps and am happy to share your site. I love your work and am excited for a chance to learn some tips and techniques from you

  27. I signed up for the newsletter, shared on facebook. Thanks for being such an inspiration and your creative flair has drawn me to your work. I would love to learn some of the process you go through. I have been painting and doing collage a while but need to take it to the next level…

  28. I’ve signed up for your museletters and shared on Facebook. Would love this, I know I have many paintings inside me that just need a little help setting free….

  29. What a wonderful opportunity! I subscribed, shared on Facebook, and emailed the link to my husband telling him that I want the class! (He would be thrilled if I would win it!)

    Good luck to everyone!

  30. Alena! You are such an inspiration! Your art makes me happy. : )

    I already receive your newsletter
    I shared on FB
    Messaging a bunch of friends to tell them about this (recently did Share your retreat and painting course on my FB page… Happy to do it again!!)

    All light and blessings for the holidays and New Year!

  31. What an absolute amazing and inspiring experience this would be! I’m emailing the link to several friends and it has just be posted on my Facebook wall as well!
    Thanks for the incredible chance!
    Much love,

  32. So excited for an opportunity for a generous giveaway.
    Newsletter- check
    Facebook -check
    And bonus Instagram!!

    Fingers crossed
    Michele osorio

  33. What a fabulous opportunity!! I’d love to do this course. I’m getting back into my painting having been creating art digitally for the past 6 years or so, which i love btw, but I’ve got the urge to start creating more physical art and this course would be perfect for what I want to do.

    I signed up for the museletter and shared on facebook.

    Good luck to everyone!!

    Jayne 🙂

  34. Hi Alena, I signed up for your museletters, which I look forward too! Shared on facebook too! Thank you for the chance to win this on-line course, very exciting!!! I would love to win …Love your style! I seem to have lost my muse lately and feeling a bit stuck right now! I am looking for ways to feed my artful soul and what better way than to join an online class with you and other likeminded fellow artists! Good Luck to everyone!!!

  35. I signed up for the muse letter, shared on facebook and e-mailed 8 people. I really want to win this amazing class! Thank you so much for the opportunity. What a great Christmas present this would be. Peace, Ronda

  36. signed up for museletter
    shared on Facebook
    emailed to 5 friends with comment & web address
    Would love to win so I could gift it to my Daughter who is a hard working Home Schooling Mom & a whole lot more. She loves to draw and taking this painting course would really enrich her life. And it isn’t in her budget at this time because family is the priority. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this reat gift that could change a life or two. Thanks again’

  37. I signed up for the museletter and also shared on Facebook. This looks like something I need to do for myself next year. : ) Thank you so much!

  38. I have shared on Facebook and on my Facebook artist site and was already signed up for your museletter:-) I would be unbelievable happy and grateful if I could attend your wonderful course in 2015 too. Attended in 2014 and learned so much. Totally love your art!

  39. hello alena thank you so much for this opportunity wow!!! love your creative style and love that you wish toi share with everyone thank you.
    Ive shared on facebook, twitter tsu seenin blog and emails for you ….. i so wish to teach kids to use there creative ability so all the different techniques i can learn would be wonderful much loveeeee from Lyn in AUstralia xoxoxo

  40. OMGoodness this is so exciting!!! I have signed up for your muse letter, posted on Facebook and emailed 3 of my artist friends! Just recently discovered you thru Tracy Verdugo’s online class. Would love to be a part of this journey with you all!!!!

  41. Your class looks amazing. I have signed up for your newsletter, shared the Link on Facebook, and emailed out to others. Yay! 3 chances! Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. Thanks for the opportunity Alena! This sounds like so much fun, and a way to keep up with a personal art practice all year.
    I already receive your newsletter. #1
    I just shared this page on FB #2
    and I emailed friends about the contest #3

    thank you! 🙂

  43. Thank you for this opportunity. 🙂 I’ve signed up for your museletters, shared on Facebook, liked your Facebook page and instagram awhile ago. Your work is inspiring to me. I am a wife, art teacher and mother of 3 (4yo, 3yo, and 1yo) and my “me” time is spent painting as often as I can. It keeps me balanced and I’m yearning to learn more. I just finished an online course with Flora and would LOVE a chance to learn from you. Thank you again, for the opportunity, and the inspiration.
    🙂 <3

  44. i have signed up for muse letter and shared on Facebook. I hope I win the year in painting…it would jump start my creativity.

  45. Your words an art are so uplifting Alena ! Your books are incredible !! Love them both . I am looking forward to a positive new year ! Shared on Facebook an with my sister Sherry Heathcott . Thanks for sharing this awesome giveaway

  46. I recently retired and would really love to take this course now that I have more free time.

    I signed up for your newsletter, shared on Facebook, and e-mailed several friends about the course. Here’s hoping….

  47. this sounds soo wonderful and tempting! i got your painting workbook a few weeks ago, and am really enjoying it on so many levels 🙂 it leaves me wanting more though, so i believe this course would be absolutely perfect for me..!

    i’ve shared on facebook and signed up for the museletters. also told my bff about it when we skyped earlier tonight, and we both felt it would be amazing if we could do this course together 🙂

  48. Hi! I love your freshness and color! I have shared on facebook with a friend in email and signed up for your musings. Thank you!

  49. I would so love to take a class with you again. Posting on FB and already get your muse letter. Love and light.

  50. My husband signed me up for class and I’m so excited!! I signed up for the newsletter, shared on fb. Thanks for the chance to win!!! 🙂

  51. Holy Wow!!! 🙂 Hoping and wishing for one of these spots. Already signed up for your museletters. 🙂 Shared on facebook on both my personal page and my Loving Road biz page. If I win, someone might have to help me off the floor cause I might pass out from the shock and joy. 😉 Hello universe, I’m ready to say YES to this. 😉

  52. Hi Alena!!! Thank you so much for this chance 😀 my heart leaps! heee! I really want to win a spot 😀

    – already on your mailing list
    – shared in my Instagram friends through direct messaging.
    – FB
    – email


    Anyhoo, I’m so happy also for the news: ANOTHER book coming 🙂 YOU!!! although I don’t own any of your book yet, because of the availability in our country, it’s on my list for next year. I know, I know someone will get it for me from the US <3

  53. I have already signed up for year of painting and so has my friend, am looking forward to the inspiration and it would be a great thing if I were picked to win the prize. Thanks. Marilyn

  54. I shared on Facebook, but was unsuccessful signing up to your newsletter. Got an error message. Can you please add me to your newsletter!

  55. I would love to be apart of this wonderful opportunity!
    I have signed up for your your musesletter and Im sharing
    your class and offer on my FB page and Liked (loved) your FB page!
    Telling all my friends by email, texts and phone messages!
    Put it out there to my extensive list of artsy groups and friends!
    Fingers, toes and paws all crossed !!!!!

  56. This looks like such a wonderful course. I love when they last all year, helps keep your creativity flowing when times get hectic. I am signed up for the museletter and I posted to my facebook page.

  57. Thank you for gifting so much! I am so excited for this class. I have shared with my friends and local art groups as well as sign up for your newsletter. Much love to you!

  58. What a splendid and gracious gift! I loved to paint when I was young but managed to forget that my painting passion has been dormant… Until now! I would love to take this class, connect and remember the expressions within… I’ve done all 3 tasks 🙂 I’m so happy for the winners already! I hope one of them is me!!

  59. Just signed up for the museletter 🙂 I recently bought your painting workshop book as an inspirational Christmas present for myself and would love the opportunity to do your course!

  60. Alena this is such a beautiful thing and you have such a beautiful heart. I very recently was inspired by my 10 year old daughter who took a manga art class at a local art gallery over the summer. I’ve always had a creative side but never really put much into it except for words that came through my intensly passionate thoughts. So I picked up some cheap acrylics and brushes, YouTubed a million tutorials, liked every art page I could possibly find and quickly found that while I judge myself in every aspect of my life harshly I find the strokes that I have put on my cheap canvas make me smile and feel proud. Between my husband and I we have 7 children all together and we have been experiencing life together with our pretty new family dynamic and with that we sometimes lose ourselves in the normal everyday challenges that a large family holds. I yearn to pursue my newfound passion in fine arts and do some soul searching in the process so that I myself can feel whole while hoping to create something lucrative for my family. I would love the opportunity to take this course and journey with you! <3 love and light

    1. I also have shared the Facebook page, the giveaway post and emailed all of my contacts the museletter<3 good luck everyone 🙂

  61. I am discovering my creativiy a.nd would love to have the priviedge to join your art class. I am living on a tight income raising special needs kids. i see art as a way to grow and an outlet for creativity. thank you

  62. I was all ready signed up for your e-mail; I’ve posted on fb and shared; and I’m in the process of composing an e-mail to family and friends about why I am taking the course. Thank you for your generous spirit and creating this online community to grow and share. My soul is very happy about it.

  63. I have been eyeballing this class for a couple of months. This would be even better. I shared on fb and signed up for the museletters. And now commenting.

  64. I have shared the link on my Facebook page and stated my excitement that I will win. I also signed up for your newsletter. Many thanks! Rebecca

  65. Hi Alena! What a great opportunity (and yes I am already enrolled). I checked my newsletter subscription is still current and I have shared on facebook. So looking forward to a wonderful connected inspired year!

  66. Hi Alena
    i facebooked, signed up for your museletter, and emailed friends
    would really love to win this class as it speaks of cultivating and digging deep and growing with my art expression…that sounds good to me and is what i want most to be able to have that happening. I’m loving what is happening with your art too:) and feel inspired by all your sharings. thank you so much for this chance to win!

  67. Shared on FB and subscribed to your Museletter. Entering for my daughter, Susan. She’s already signed up and so excited!!!

  68. I am already subscribed to the newsletter but I have posted to Facebook and emailed friends (again – I’d already told them to do it!) So looking forward to the class 🙂

  69. Create and connect were words of two consecutive years and turned into the name if my non profit.
    I have done all 4!
    I give painting classes myself and would love to get inspired by you, get new ideas and prompts, …
    I want to take painting to another level in 2015 and release an e course myself.
    Thanks for sharing your art with the world. It makes it a happier, more colorful place.

  70. I have done all the requirements for every entry. I want as many chances to be able to win a spot in this course as possible. Thank you so much for your generosity!!

  71. i love the work you do and it would be such a privaladge to learn from you, I have done the requirements
    Thank you so much for giving us a change.

  72. Signed up for the museletter and shared on facebook. I have my fingers crossed for this. Thanks Alena for offering this wonderful give-away.

  73. Oh what a lovely opportunity!!
    1- signed up for museletter
    2- shared on Facebook
    3- emailed link to family and friends

    Thanks so much for this opportunity!! This is something I really truly need In my life right now….what with all I’ve been through this last year.

  74. Putting it out to the universe that I’d LOVE to win this course and develop my abstract/intuitive painting.

    I’ve shared on my personal facebook and signed up to your lovely newsletters.

  75. Hi Alena,
    I’d love to take this course!!! I signed up for your newsletter, shared your FB page with encouragement to get their creative on:) and emailed everyone I know that would love some artistic wing spreading. I hope I make it in:)))
    Happy Holidays,

  76. Fabulous giveaway offer, I am an email subscriber, I shared on Facebook (again), and emailed a few artistic friends about the giveaway. Good luck to all! I have already signed my 7 year old up for the course…..she is over the moon about, and I can’t wait to see what she creates. She says you inspire her Alena! 🙂

  77. Hi Alena, I’ve shared on FB, signed up for the newsletter and emailed an artist who would love the course!
    Thanks for the giveaway!! Excited 🙂

  78. This looks like a really beautiful course. I’ve just signed up for your museletter and shared on Facebook. Fingers crossed x

  79. I have signed up for your newsletter and posted to Facebook. Thanks for the opportunity as this comes at such a great moment. I am taking the leap of starting art full-time and this workshop would be ever so amazing to be a part of along my journey!

  80. I so believe in connection!
    I e-mailed several mom-friends to join me next year. I shared on FB and I think I’m on your Muse-letter. Although I paid for the class already (as soon as registration opened), I still hope to win a credit to help out another soul. THANK YOU Alena. What a lovely giveaway!

  81. I have done all three! I am trying to find the link to confirm the subscription to your muse letters though! <3
    I am SO excited to take a class from you! I have just started painting and I love your books! Thank you for your inspiration!!!
    Sarah Dawn

  82. I shared your link on my Facebook page. I would love to win a spot in your course! I was just telling some friends I feel such a need to reinvent my artwork and this would be just the perfect refresher I need to start the new year off right.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Jill Lambert

  83. Thank you for a gracious giveaway.. i have shared your link on FB, emailed, pinterest, Liked, commented, signed up for newsletter!!! Have a Merry Christmas to you and your’s! <3 I would love to learn your techniques.. come see my blog! <3

  84. I updated my museletters subscription & shared on Facebook! I’m excited about the class & a refund would go straight to the supplies needed! Woohoo! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  85. I love your work so much! I have some of your books!THANKS for keeping all us budding artists inspired!This is a very giving thing for you to DO ,It would be great to start my new year 2015,with this wonderful 1 year of painting course!That will be My NEW YEARS WISH!Thanks for being such a wonderful giving person!xo RENEE

  86. Hi there and thanks for the opportunity to win. I did all 3….shared on fb, emailed, and signed up for the museletter. Thanks again for generously offering these 5 free spots!!! Cynthia

  87. This has been a challenging year for me with serious health issues, however, I am on the mend and looking forward to beginning the new year in a positive, creative way. Winning one of these spots would jump start my creativity in 2015.

  88. Hello beauty!

    Gosh, I’m so glad that I saw your post! Count me in.
    I tend to do things with my whole heart and soul, so I would certainly give it my all if given the chance.

    Last winter, I formed a women’s circle with friends here in Portland and we gathered weekly as we worked our way through Flora’s e-course. It was such a potent process and important and healing, and SO. MUCH. FUN!
    So, thanks for the inspiration today – I wrote to them about your course, and invited them to sign up for the course, and even enter the giveaway today, too! It would be so lovely to form a local circle again, this time with your prompts to play around with. I wonder how many people in your course are in Portland OR?

    I also posted on facebook, and updated my preferences for your museletter so you have my new email address.

    XO and thank you for the invitation to enter.

  89. I would so love to win a spot on your course!! What an Ah-mazing way it would be to start the year!! Have shared on my fb page, already subscribed to your newsletter & I would share it with all my friends with email except I don’t have their email addresses…

  90. Only Sunshine Lives Here…chase away the Winter Blues with a heavy dose of warmth via art and friendship. I loved this class! Posted to my Facebook.

  91. O I would SOOO love to win this..I have shared on Facebook, signed up to the musings newsletter, stretched my computer skills to the limit and sent the emails with the link!! and have decided to like your Facebook page too, as realise what you do, indeed your whole approach to art throughout it is so me and that I would have connected anyway (now I know of you) due to this, and needing desperately to join with others to move me positively on from a period of intense lowness and chaos back to my artistic self..and maybe be inspired to shift some of the (albeit art/craft-associated) clutter and disorder that have built up in this period and that still prevents me from creating in my own space fully again. I hope the support and focus and magic will reignite who I truly am again through a resurgence of my own creativity and work, both artistic and spiritual.

  92. Posted on my artist Facebook page. Already receive your lovely newsletter. I’ve been wanting to delve into your Painting Workbook more. Maybe I’ll try one prompt a week for 2015 – a year of painting with you : )

  93. Cant wait to recieve your newsletter – have subscribed – also have posted on my face book page. will be putting an email together with a brief explanation as to why I want to win this course – Have liked your beautiful FB page – Done all of it as I really want to win this course- it would be a fantastic opportunity- I love colour and I love your work -thank you
    I am new at painting…. 🙂


  94. What an amazing gift, thanks for your generosity …I signed up for the muse letters and share this in FB..

  95. what a wonderful opportunity, thank you for offering! I am already subscribed to your newsletter, have shared on FB and will be emailing a few loved ones tonight! I also have your book! It would be AMAZING to win one of these spots for a year of painting with you!

  96. Dear Alena
    not sure How to do – most of the ‘options’ you listed above- i think it’s due to – being so unwell and my dyslexia therefore- being in – overdrive . . . i cannot compute! But- i did understand that part about commenting here (i think so anyway!) – and – am already on your – mailing list. . . If you have Any tips for me- to help me – do the other things – please dm me to my email- – Thanks much- and – i Hope to be – in your class! 😀 (you know i do already, actually:)
    Very cool of you- by the way- to – offer xmas gifts like this – – SWEET! heart – that you are! xox ♥

  97. I signed up for your muse letters. Thanks for the chance to win. I would love to take this class. I will look forward to the letters.

  98. Thanks for your generosity Alena! I am already a museletter subscriber and I just shared the information about your course and this giveaway on Facebook. Thank you again!!!

  99. Great looking class! Looks like just what I need! I shared on Facebook, I sent email, and signed up for museletter! Thanks!

  100. I’ve signed up for your Museletters. I’ve just found the courage to pursue my creative urges that have laid dormant for years because I haven’t had the confidence to follow them. I’ve just finished an online class with Flora and fallen in love with painting. An artist friend in our group shared your link, and I was amazed to see it, as I had just discovered your book ‘A Painting Workbook’, which arrived yesterday! Serendipity at its best! I would love the chance to win this…I’m a single mum with a disabled child and I don’t have the resources to buy the course, but it would be so lovely to stay connected with the artist ladies I have met in the last few weeks who have signed up for this course too. Thank you for the opportunity to enter. Bless you.

  101. Hi there,
    My friend told me about you on fb. And I shared her post on my timeline.
    Lovely artwork!
    I would love to take a class with you!

  102. I would love so much to take a class and win your Year in a painting course, I signed up for your museletter too! 🙂

  103. Hi Alena,

    I am a subscriber to your museletter. I would love to win the opportunity to participate in A Year of Painting! It would be such a blessing! Best of luck to everyone!!

  104. Thank you for this opportunity! I subscribed to your newsletter, and am about to e-mail some friends. Taking part in a year of painting would be a wonderful opportunity! It is so generous of you. Good luck everyone!

  105. I have subscribed to your museletters, shared the Year of Painting Page on Facebook, and left a comment here! I am just finishing my Bachelor’s in Fine Art and have become a little disconnected with my real inspiration for art. I’m ready to get back to my roots and find painting fun again! Your paintings always look so happy and delightful. I feel like this class could help me get back to having fun painting! Thank you for doing what you do!

  106. Was already signed up for your awesome newsletter, but I shared and I emailed friends! Hoping! I have a friend in mind!

  107. thx so much for such a rad giveaway!! I posted on Facebook and signed up for the muse letter. You are a beautiful soul and I love soaking up all the inspiration you have to offer!

  108. Alena, you are such a dear! It is a delight to share your offerings with others! I get yoyr newsletter and shared on facebook. ❤

  109. I did all three! Emailed, sign up for your newsletter and shared in FB. I would absolutely love to win a spot in your class. I’ve been wanting to sign up for the longest. And after the year I’ve had this would be such a blessing!

  110. Thanks for the offering..I would love to attend your year of painting. I imagine it to be very transformative.m I shared your page on my facebook, and emailed your info to some friends. Everyone has the same response…how wonderful! Thanks

  111. This sounds great! Despite being an art therapist, I currently don’t make enough time for my own art making. I just did all 4 and I recently bought new paints so I really hope I win!

  112. I already receive your newsletter. I shared on FB and sent a message to some dear friends with a link to your email and site. This would be an amazing opportunity! Thank you for making such a generous offer! Would love to win!

  113. Commented
    FaceBook Shared

    Already part of the museletter

    Fingers and toes crossed. I think this class is just what I need!
    Thank you for the chance

  114. I signed up for your muse letter, and shared the link on my FB page. Oh, how I’ve wanted to take this class! But, alas, funds are short. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  115. Hi Alena,
    I’ve signed up for you museletter, emailed my close friends & family (please ignore our nicknames, we are a weird bunch) & shared on facebook.

    Would love to win a spot..thank you so much for your generosity :))


  116. Hi, truly a diving gift as Art is healing!! Thank you! I have complied with all requests except emailing as I don’t have my address book with me for emails. I would love to win a year of Art healing 🙂
    Thank you for providing this opportunity for people!


  117. I signed up for the museletter some time ago. I came across your work through Lifebook and enjoyed your lesson the most out of that whole year. I would love to dive deeper with you next year. Fingers crossed perhaps I will be lucky. I haven’t paid yet as I am hoping the Aussie dollar will go up a bit in the next few days!

  118. I signed up for your museletter already, so I don’t know if that counts. Loved your lessons on Lifebook this year and would love to win a spot in your class.

  119. Alena, I am really looking forward to connecting with my inner child and my higher self as I move through “A Year of Painting”. Thank you! Connie

    I already receive your newsletter. #1
    I just shared this page on FB #2
    and I emailed friends about the contest #3

  120. Thank you for this fantastic opportunity. I would be thrilled if I were picked. I signed up for your newsletter!!!

  121. Alena, thank you so much for the awesome opportunity!!
    I have shared a few times, pinned, posted, commented and on my way to email! phew!

    Love your outfit- great photo! Hugs and Joyous holiday wishes!!

  122. Hi Alena,
    I signed up for your musings, shared on Facebook and left a comment.

    Thank you for doing this giveaway. I love your work and missed you when you were here in Portland Oregon. I am hoping and praying that I will have the opportunity to join you this year for your class.

  123. Hopefully I will be extremely happy on Christmas Day with the news of a win. I have joined up to Museletters and shared on Facebook.

  124. Hi – I love your site! I have signed up for your newsletter, posted on facebook, and emailed some friends and family about your course! xoxo Merry Christmas

  125. This is so awesome! I’m just starting to figure out my creative path..so many things I would love to do–your book is a wonderful start as I follow the artistic path. I shared on FB and signed up for newsletter. Thank you

  126. I joined your newsletter and shared your Facebook page with my Dad; I’m trying to win this class for him! He recently retired and is finally coming back to painting!

  127. So kind of you to offer these five scholarships. I have never done much in the way of art, but whenever I do — even decorating Easter eggs — I do get SO into it. However, the person I would really love to have win this is my sister Julie, who has had a lot of heartache over the last few years and would really benefit from having something to do with her hands that she could put her whole heart into, that — hopefully — would be a really healing thing for her.

  128. Greetings to you, and yours, may your holidays be filled with joy, great health, abiding love, peace, and cheer!

    I have subscribed to your news letter, liked your facebook page and gladly shared your post to let the world know of your kindness.

    Good luck to one and all!

    Warmest regards,

  129. Signed up for museletters, shared on FB and personally invited friends via email…

    Why I’d like a place in A Year of Painting… in the past few months, we sold/gifted & donated our home, business and almost all of our belongings and relocated to Europe with just one suitcase each (and one small satchel for my art materials). I’m immersed in a huge life transformation that I would love to capture and express through my art-making. As I navigate the shift, my responsibilities to others and the new directions in my art, it would be wonderful to have a grounded, structured practice to help me re-find my own centre and guide my unfolding.

  130. hi Alena,
    Thank you for putting on the competition. I have signed up for your museletter and shared on FB and l am going to blog about it also.
    Haves great Christmas.

  131. I recently signed up for your newsletter, and I’ve shared your information in emails to art friends. I hope, hope, hope I win a spot!

  132. Hugs, love and Merry Christmas !!!!!!!! xxxxxxx signed up, FB and will email my partner with the hope he might purchase if I don’t win. Fingers and toes crossed.

  133. Uiih seems there are mullions of girls who wants to get inspired by you <3 And I would love too 😉 Have shared on FB and signed up the newsmuse 😉 Merry Christmas to you and can´t wait to see the lucky winners!

  134. Sent an email to three artsy friends that would love this…one more chance can’t hurt 🙂
    Since FB is acting wonky these days…My email is sandykay@tvn.net. Just in case I win and you need to find me!! Thanks again Alena…sure hoping I’m one of the five lucky winners!

  135. signed up fur museletters, shared on facebook and now leaving a comment 🙂
    What a generous giveaway! I love your work and would love to win!

  136. I just signed up for your newsletter.
    I shared your class on FB.
    I retired a bit early to work on my art. I adore peeking into other artists passion.
    Peace and Paint,

  137. I would SO LOVE to paint with you for an entire year! I signed up for your Musings, and shared on FB, and Pinterest. 🙂 Thank you so much for the chance!

  138. Hey I have shared on facebook pinterest and email
    I am not sure I did the email correctly having some tech issues but for sure facebook and pinterest
    I absolutly admire your work and you as well I would be in heaven if I won xox

  139. Hi, Alena! My friend has become the woman she knew she was meant to be after taking your class. I feel that I am attracted very deeply to her art as it comes from this deep place within. I have your book and am excited to find that place as well through your lessons. You are a wonderful teacher and I wanted to thank you for spreading such light into lives both near and far to you.

    I joined your newsletter and sent and email for loved ones, thank you for the opportunity to take your course.
    Wishing you the best throughout the end of this year and for a lovely start soon approaching.
    Kind regards and hugs,

  140. Oooh I wanna paint! Signed up for the museletter and emailed my best friend/husband/super-supporter who always encourages me. Have a great holiday!! <3

  141. I subscribe to your museletter.
    I share in my timeline in FB.

    Hoping to be fortunated to win one of your spot! Thanks for the connection!

  142. cool! I signed up for museletters, shared on facebook, and emailed a friend. I would be thrilled to have a years worth of inspiration!

  143. WOW, a Year of Painting Giveaway?! Thats cray cray 🙂
    I have signed up for your museletters!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  144. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win your class.
    I signed up for your MuseLetters, posted on FaceBook, sent mail to a friend and am now commenting – Your art is amazing and I’d be thrilled to have you as a teacher.
    Happy Christmas

  145. Hi Alena! I’m all signed up for your museletter and have shared this great giveaway several times thru Facebook and email, asking with your email. Thank you for the chance to win! Hugs to ya! Fingers crossed…

  146. Dear Alena, a friend send me this great opportunity and Iam so glad to have maybe a little chance to win a spot. I so would love to <3 This year was not so so luckily for me and I have the kind of feeling that your course and the beautiful power (or force?) I see here on this page will give me a healing & helping restart to reconnect with my inner….<3<3<3

    So back on here: I did a posting on FB: https://www.facebook.com/sikiseerose

    I signed up for your museletter <3<3<3 cute!

    And finally I sended a mail with the course link as below to friends & family!

    So I hope I did (understand) everything well and you can understand my english (:
    Actually Iam from serbia but I live in germany!

    I love how you do it and I love your kind of paint and I also love to paint. It´s open, full of layers and the colors I so love.
    So I hope you and all up here have I nice celebrating time to end up the year and start the new one with grace.
    Hugs to you.
    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you for the welcome gift, it´s truly awesome. I will print: -She loved live and it loved her right back-
      Be blessed

  147. Hi, I posted on Facebook, signed up for your museletter, sent an email to several people and am commenting on this post. Thank you so much!!

  148. I shared the good news of this class on Facebook & subscribed to the email newsletter which I love getting good news. Good luck to all of us and happy holidays to us all God bless

  149. Alena, I did all three things you asked us to do. =)
    What a fun thing this would be to win!!
    I am 62, about 30 plus years ago I took one class to make a painting but have not done anything since then til this year. I am in love with art and learning so much – you can teach an old dog new tricks!

  150. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” is so fitting for me. I signed up for the muse letter and emailed others about this class. Thanks for all of sharing your inspiration! Merry Christmas.

  151. I have signed up for the newsletter, sent an email and posted on Facebook. This class is exactly what I need to get back on track with painting. It’s so easy to let other aspects of life take priority and having a class format would help me to build the the habits I need. Thanks!

  152. What a spectacular piece of synchronicity finding you just now. I’m embarking on an inner journey in the New Year. I’ll be undistracting myself from most of the outside world and almost all of social media… for although I love looking at the art everyone shares, I feel the need to forge a deeper connection with my own muse. I’ve shared your Facebook page and signed-up for your museletter ;)) <3

  153. What a wonderful Christmas gift (for myself) this would be!!! And, that is what is so fabulous about the opportunity – I have spent the last 16 years giving anything ‘extra’ to my kids that only now am I now ready and open to start exploring different paths for myself….I signed up for your museletter and shared on FB.

  154. Guess what, my mom is signing up for a year of painting because of the email I sent her yesterday. Maybe that will give me a bonus entry into the drawing 😉

    I can’t wait to start this class! It will be even more fun to do it alongside my mom.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas, Alena.

  155. Alena, thank you so much for this giveaway opportunity!! I signed up for your muse letter, shared the page on FB (and tagged you) and also shared your giveaway announcement post on FB. I emailed my best friend about your course and the giveaway so she might enter as well, and of course cc’ed you on that email. Thanks again!!

  156. Hi Alena,
    I’ve signed up for the news letter and shared you on Facebook! In 2014 I participated in Lifebook as a happy accident. I loved it. You lesson was a favourite! I would love to work with you this year because I resonate with your earth connectedness and spirituality. The lacy beauty of a west coast vanilla leaf skeleton has captured my attention with its possibility this week…and I remembered to complete this comment. I’d love to accompany you on my artful journey in 2015!

  157. I have pinned and shared and posted and prayed about the wonderful opportunity of taking your class!!!
    I am so excited that at a local art supply in my city wants me to teach different classes to beginners and seniors and youngsters in our community….Now I just need your tools to share with them one week at a time….. And then. expose them to your online E classes!!!!

  158. Wood furniture possesses something quite all natural concerning it.

    There is this feeling of comfort, of attribute and of luxury that could be be found in hardwood furnishings.
    Wood is birthed from the earth. It feeds the fire, disintegrates in to ashes and also blows away.
    It is actually very close to the human existence in the world.

    May be actually that is why it resonates a great deal with us.
    May be actually that is actually why you still obtain that cozy emotion when you contact a wealthy mahogany desk.

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