Current Turn-Ons

blog1The songs of whales and mermaids. I did these photo-collages inspired by my two trips to the sea this Winter. blog2 blog2a blog3 Been craving a little more monochromatic painting in my life. I love the elegance it exudes. Play more with us here. It’s an incredible group of artists, all levels. (800+).blog4 blog5Goddess Lakshmi and her blessings and promise of prosperity when you follow your heart. blog6 blog7Temples deep in the tropical forest. blog8The unwavering grace that is breath gives… we are alive.

4 thoughts on “Current Turn-Ons

  1. Hello Lovely Alena! These works breathe love and vibrant journeys. I feel them and love them. I adore your use of layering the images, paintings with nature, nature with you, and the colors woven together. I’m grateful for your post. Be well, warm and sparkly! Peace, Miranda

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