The Overflowing Heart + LifeBook Giveaway

UPDATE: the winner is Genevieve Camp!! Thank you everyone for entering. Be sure to sign up for Life Book right here!

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

“We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes it run over; so in a series of kindnesses there is at last one which makes the heart run over.”
― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451


Creations of an expressive heart: combining iPhone and Paint is ridiculously fun! This was made in my latest offering Co-Lab.

alena hennessyMaking art — and painting in particular, has always been a source for filling my heart’s well. It provides me peace, challenge, and satisfaction. To me, painting is a metaphor for life.

Lately I’ve been reflecting upon what is it that truly fills the heart… and how, whenever our hearts feel that flutter of fulfillment, that is where our treasure lies. I’m reaching a point in my life where in terms of my relations it’s quite simple really: those who are kind, honest, and sincere get my attention– and attention is love. So where our focus lies, that tends to grow in our lives, we are fanning it’s flames, so to speak. No longer do I have time for the insincere, dishonest, or manipulative sort– life is too short and too precious. My love goes to those who move my heart, to experiences that enrich my being, where kindness is both King and Queen. Ahhh, and lately, yet despite all the trials and tribulations that life can bring, my cup doth runneth over more often than I think it ever has. Thank goodness life’s constant is change and that we can all grow more comfortably within ourselves… that is a true gift about growing older. Less and less I care what others may think… I want to live a life for what feels true within me. Sweet liberation indeed.


And onto some more good news . . . Today I have a *wonderful giveaway* for you all. I am a part of Life Book 2015, where the darling and lovely Tam (organizer and artist) has formed a stellar group of teachers who will each give their own unique lesson on making art and the creative process. Each of these teachers in Life Book will share their own mixed media techniques, tips and tricks with you. This course is themed around self-development and healing, where you’ll be creating several loose mixed media art journal pages per month which by the end of the year you will bind into a glorious journal (a Life Book)! You will have a wonderful keepsake that you can treasure for the rest of your life . . . how sweet is that?

*To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below on what truly fills your heart’s cup — and/or why you love to make art.

*To enter the giveaway *two whole times and increase your winning chances by double*, sign up for my artful muse newsletter right here (+ receive a free gift from yours truly, you really can’t go wrong)!  I do not send out more that 2x a month usually… and always like to include some artful musing gems.

I will be taking entries until the blog hop is done on October 3rd. All the best of luck to you and happy hopping!


… and here is the gorgeous blogroll, with many of my favorite art buddies included:

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29th September 2014 –  Roben Marie Smith –
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1st October 2014 –  Lynn Whipple –
2nd October 2014  Donna Downey –

PS. The grand opening for registration for Life Book is October 6 — and you can sign up right here!

383 thoughts on “The Overflowing Heart + LifeBook Giveaway

  1. I have just arrived at a family reunion, we travel from all around the globe to be here…my cup is full, my heart is warm and glowing…
    not making art is unthinkable…every where I travel I have a little nest of art and crafty things … and am always on the look out for a bigger handbag!

  2. The reason I want to win, is there is a kindred spirit person who is taking the 2014 LifeBook course right now, and she and I have been through similar circumstances in life, and she wants me to be able to join with her on the 2015 Life Book journey, so we can be side by side, doing the same classes together and sharing what inspiration we have learned. I love creating mixed media pieces and I end up giving most of them away on my blog!
    thank you for this wonderful chance to win and join my friend on this journey.

  3. I love to think about the art and feel the art and drown in the process. But…. back to reality, haha , I have a house full of kids and other responsibilities and am in the process of trying to make art and creativity my daily routine and life and way of making a living. But aside from all that fuss, snuggling with my kids fills my heart. Of course one is almost 22 and he would just think it was creepy to snuggle, so i stay away from him. ha ha ha. Would loooove to win a place in LifeBook 2015, its so much fun!

  4. When I’m happy I make art, when I’m upset I make art, when I just don’t know what else to do I make art. No matter how I’m feeling… the act of creating feeds my soul exactly what I need at that very moment. I can’t say that about anything else that I do. It’s a special and magical thing.

  5. I love making art because it is pure joy. It is like taking that intangible invisible thing we call happiness and making it visible, tangible. I make art because my soul demands it.

  6. My heart’s cup is filled by the knowledge that all the love and kindness I put out into the universe has helped create my own inner sunshine.

  7. Hi Alena, I signed up for the newsletter. The on going support of my husband, friends, family and my cat fill my hearts cup! I feel blessed to have them in my life. It’s the little things that matter. When my brother passed at the age of 43, I wasn’t in a very good place. Even though I had the support from everyone, something was missing. I found it within my art. I’d discovered a mixed media swap on line and thought I’d give it a go. The over-whelming support from my virtual friends was amazing. I received many emails, sharing their experiences and encouraged me to never give up. Every time I feel down, I look at that mixed media piece and know in my heart that I have it in me to be creative. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in Life Book 2015.


  8. Spending time with my daughters truly fills my heart. There was a time in my life when I wasn’t sure we would ever have a relationship again. Today, we laugh and love together. I am truly blessed. I love to make art because it connects me to the Spirit of the Universe, gives me a place to know myself and truly makes my heart happy.

  9. making art is the only thing that helps me make sense of things. always has been that way, and i’m lucky to make it my job. ahhh, and i just ordered your new book – so look forward to it! xo

  10. When i can give my children all of me and my attention, that fills my hearts cup! Helping others and working on my families farm, no money in return just labor for my brings me joy. I don’t know why for sure but my soul loves hard work. I love to make art because it feels right, deep inside it feels right..there is just no other option for me. I would so love a spot in this course! I figure if it’s meant to be it will come to me..♡ thank you!

  11. kindness, joy and love. making art + nature. these are the things that truly fills my heart’s cup.

    making art is a must for me. it pulls me. it’s not just love, it’s a need. a staple. it’s something i have to live my life with. it gives me comfort + joy + love. it gives me freedom. it makes me shine.

    (already part of your mailing list 😀 but updated it 🙂 thanks Alena!)

  12. I love to do art because it takes me to a place complete well-being and I feel nourished and enriched and whole. Thanks for the opportunity.

    I subscribed to the newsletter as well.

    Thank you 🙂

  13. I love to make art because during the process of creating, time seems to stand still and I feel completely in sync with my true self. I love looking afterwards at what i’ve drawn/painted/glued/sewn, it gives me great joy! And yet, I find it hard to make time for art or worse, feel guilty when I am playfully creating. !!!! crazy! Would so love to win this class, thanks for the chance!

  14. what fills my heart’s cup – i really love taking textural pics, unusual objects but i desire to incorporate them into my art more. that challenge alone drives me to enjoy arting.

  15. Art saves my life. I have cancer since 7 years and art became the heart of my life. I cannot live without art. That´s all.
    A spot in this wonderfull class would mean a lot to me!!

  16. To see my girly coming out of a really tough time and hear her laugh again and how art journaling help me to cope with this difficult time thank you for this chance and look forward to your newsletter xx

  17. The reason I would like to win is because having been recently diagnosed with Crohns disease I need healing both physically and creatively – I have not done much art for a while whilst sick. My grown up children are what fills my cup!!

    I have also signed up for your newsletter – so two chances!!

  18. Morning Alena, and this is why i love Life book, i was introduced to you today because of it 🙂 now onto my answer. my family and art See i don’t have an easy family, lovable but with more issues than you could believe and i have never been all that nurturing so often all of there needs overwhelm me, nurturing just does not come easy to me (hard to admit as a woman – seems we are supposed to just flow into it) discovering painting a few years ago gives me a space to breath in, a moment of my own and when i come out of it i am a much calmer and nurturing person. it has givin me peace in a way not much else ever has. Not sure why that is but i am willing to go with it 🙂 thanks for a chance to win

  19. Making art makes me free, bring me a happiness to the heart that I can not explain. The colors on paper make me smile. I just love to explore and create!
    (I subscribed your mailing list to :)!) Thanks for the opportunity.
    Kiss from Portugal.

  20. If I see all the beautiful artworks from other people, I think: I want to make those beautiful artworks too. And I’m very proud when I’ve made an artwork which is like the way I want it. So I think there will be a lot of inspiration and possibilities to learn enough next year with Life book 2015.
    And I’ve signed up for your newsletter!

  21. Hi Alena! My heart overflows when I am with people I love – family, friends …what more could I ask for? But as the universe would have it, I also get to experience nature and art and books and creativity and the list just keeps going so I guess my answer is life in all its richness. Thanks too for the opportunity to participate!

  22. My 3 yr old daugther fills my heart with joy. She is inquisitive, kind hearted, joyful and it brought Joy and love in my heart i never knew could be so powerful. My second passion though always shattered and not explored much until now is the freedom i find in art. i still have much to learn to be able to be totally free but i am working on it and lifebook helps so much in that process.

  23. I just subscribed to your news letter and I’m ready to receive some love from you on a regular basis.

    To answer your question, I think art in general makes me happy and feels like my heart is already dancing. But when I paint with acrylics and play like a child in my art journal, then is the moment when I feel complete, my dart jumps with joy and I am truly happy. There are times when I don’t have time to do anything art related, and I can feel the willingness to create. All I can think is how to make some room to create, something, no matter what. My soul needs LIKE BOOK, and 2015 it’s a great year to start! It will be my first time for me participating to the class, and a great birthday present, as I’m turning….34 on October 6th!

    Sending much love,
    Cristina Parus

  24. On my birthday I have a few women invited. Each should bring something that is creative for them. Everyone was so excited and happy that it was a miracle. We have tasted jam, danced, regarded something homemade, and listened to a piece of music.

    I think everyone needs such a thing, something that makes him happy, something which he himself brings into the world.

    For me, it’s my jewelry, but also the music and the dance. And the drawing of course.

  25. I love making art bevause it’s my way of expressing what is inside my heart. I feel that I am in a different dimension everytime I would create something. Nobody fully understands me except my art.

  26. I love to create! My heart is full, my mind is relaxed and I feel my best when creating! I have created in many different mediums but this past year has brought me to painting and art journaling……and I love love love it!!! I would be very grateful for the chance to win a spot on Lifebook 2015. Thansk for the chance!

  27. What truly fills my heart’s cup is my husband and 3 daughters. Before I had my girls I suffered a terrible loss and to be where I am today and have my family is the best present I could truly have. I am truly blessed 🙂

  28. There’s something about the process of creating that does something for my soul. It lifts, encourages, refreshes, restores….it is such a life giving process. My cup is full to overflowing.

  29. I love making art because it makes me feel free. When I’m in my studio, with music playing softly, I enter a sort of meditation where I can explore my thoughts and feelings without judgement. Art is the way home.

  30. I’ m a worker so my job isn’t very “exciting”!!! At the end of the day spend time in my “craft corner” make me feel LIVE!!!
    THANKS for opportunity Alena!!
    I liked very much your lessons in LB 2014!

  31. I think the thing that truly fills my heart’s cup is just watching my severely autistic sons when they are contented playing out in nature and the elements. I love to do art, for lots of reasons but I love how I loose track of time when I paint. I signed up for your newsletter as well 🙂

  32. I love it when I can create art as only then am I in a happy place, where nothing can hurt me, and thoughts of not being good enough are left behind. But the problem I am having is finding the techniques to be able to get to that place, which is why I would so dearly love to win a place on the LB 2015 course (I have only been doing this for 3 months or so). Since my husband walked out on me over 2 years ago, I have been plagued with feelings of inadequacy and lack of self-worth, despite the fact I KNOW these feelings are just the result of being left all alone – I only have 2 members in my family, my mother who is 84 and very sick, who I look after – meaning I can’t go out to work, and my wonderful 27 year old son – now he’s the one who fills my heart’s cup. If I ever did anything right in this world, it was having him! Thanks for this opportunity to win a place on the LB 2015 course. Hugs from Spain xox

  33. what fills my heart up must be walking with my dog in the forest or in the mountains. the first 10-15 minutes are the hardest, when im thinking i might want to stay in or go back to the sofa, but then it just gets easy. its like my legs can walk for ever. my mind wanders of, and i solve all the worlds problems. my dog reminds me of the litle joys of a pothhole.
    i make art to release some feelings i have, or to learn something about my self. when i make art i become more ME.

  34. Connection with other like minded babes around a table with paint brushes in hand, talking about our lives and the goings on and the joys and heartbreaks. These moments of reconnection fill me up so. I am lucky to have cousins and a sister would have art weekends and It is nice to have a group of ladies who love and support me. And I love to make art because I feel crazy when I dont. It reconnects me with myself.

  35. things that fill my cup: being with my nieces and nephews, hugs from my fiancé, painting on paper with no particular result in mind, walking in my neighborhood park, colors, fall leaves, early mornings, and kindness (i could go on but these things feel particularly filling right now) xx katie

  36. I’ve learned that when I put my art last or think I don’t have time, all life becomes heavier. A little time in my art room lifts my energy and I get through the other stuff with ease. While it lifts me and puts me in an ethereal place it also grounds me and connects me to my world. All those words and I’m still not sure I’ve expressed the deep reason I love to make art.

  37. My cup runs over with Joy and love and forgiveness. I would love to win a spot because I cannot participate any other way.I will not be able to pay for a spot. The love of creating art has come to Me late in Life,now I crave it and don’t see how I lived so long without it.It was a gift from My creator and Lord I believe for My late years as an empty nester and Senior-Thank You-Denise

  38. Making art is not a choice. It is something that I have to do. No matter the medium, I have to alter and enhance things around me. It is a compulsion.

  39. creating art fills my heart’s cup. Truly nothing makes me feel more grounded and at peace, joyful, than painting, than being in my journal. I’ve lost my way lately though. I’d love a chance to reconnect.

  40. peace and that ahhh feeling when I take the time to create, which isn’t nearly often enough. thank you for the opportunity, I look forward to your newsletter and the creative inspiration it will bring 🙂

  41. The past 4 years have been lousy first my dear Mum passed away then I had health problems of my own and now money troubles so my art has helped me get through the times when there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Taking part in Lifebook 2015 would help boost my confidence and help heal my mental health

  42. Dancing colors fill my hearts cup, I see them in nature, in art work and on my hands at the moment. I love to make art because it softens the edges of this world we live in. It takes me places and I feel my soul leap when I get in to it.My art to me is a prayer. Many thanks for an opportunity to win a place on Lifebook 2015. LB 2014 was life changing.

  43. I love to make art because it frees me up, it pushes the boundaries of who and what I think I am and takes me outside my day to day.

  44. My hearts cup is filled when connecting and spending quality time with my loved ones. It can be a lazy sunday gathered together with warm cups of tea and coffee chatting and just being or it can be an exciting adventure we embark upon together, both are the same quality time together filling our heart’s cups. Thank you for the opportunity to explore the joy of art over a year with fabulous teachers!

  45. Making art and inspiring other people to do the same fills my heart!! I love how my art and my insights into the process of creating art (doing what I love doing, basically!) can touch other people in such a profound way. I have had some amazing personal responses and I find that so so humbling and motivating.

  46. I fill my heart’s cup by spending quality time with my family and by spending time with my God. Those times influence my art and make my life much happier.

  47. When the sun splashes warmth through the window of my studio and activates the solar moving flower, I know that it is the hour to write in my thankful journal. It is the moments that begin my daily hunt for joy; feeling in my heart all the gratitude I have for all the wonderful gifts the Earth has let me share. From the silliest thing like a moving flower that makes me smile to the hills and forest and fields and friends and husband and birds and bugs; it fills my heart to bring me to tears of joy. To bring me to the blank page to try to express a bit of that heart felt joy through my art. Huh. I have never put this into words. Thanks.

  48. I love making art because I love the challenge of making something new. But what fills my cup is watching my pets play. I have 7 cats and 2 dogs so there’s no dull moment. 🙂 I also subscribed to your newsletter.

  49. I love doing art, I feel it is an extension of myself. An expression of self love and what is unique about myself. Art adds so much beauty to my life that I am able to share with others. Mostly my husband, my biggest fan and supporter. His love for me fills the cup and it has been the constant inspiration in my life. My cup runneth over with LOVE! Peace, Ronda

  50. I like to make art because is fun and relaxing. Is like a cleansing for the soul.

    I’d love to win to renew mind and spirit throughout the year. This would be spectacular and would help me control anxiety. Alena, Thank you very much for this amazing opportunity to win a place in Lifebook 2015.

  51. My heart is filled with love and peace while walking through nature and taking in the magic. I make art because it makes me happy to play, create and give birth. thank you – love your lifebook lesson.

  52. All sorts of things fill my heart’s cup… morning coffee brought to me in bed by my wonderful husband, feeding and chatting to my 18 month old granson, talking to the dog…….swimming in the ocean, diving through waves with my eyes open,,,,,watching the birds at the beach, collecting shells, finding heart shaped rocks….eating mangoes from my own tree….finding intersting losys…aa feather, abottle cap, some rusty wire,a butterfly wing or even better a circada shell. Many of these found objects find their way into mt art

  53. you made me think… 😉 I realised that there are some – not too many – things that fill my heart’s cup. one of them is my family, especially my sons (at those moments when they aren’t making me angry of course ;)). another one is meetings with my “tribe” – a local group of creative women. also – a long walk in the nature, especially hiking in the mountais, but a forest is ok as well. and the last but not least at all – art. I’m not good at it, I don’t paint/draw/journal regularly, but whenever I do, I feel that my soul grows and I’m a better person. unfortunately it only lasts only for a limited period of time 😉

  54. My favorite thing in life is my relationships with my children, husband and family members. I have made a huge transformation in my life up to this point in which I’ve learned the value of love and being of service. Before this transition I was caught up in the materialistic culture and the “me me me syndrome” at the expense of my loved ones. I am so glad that I was able to see the light and have the opportunity to spend the rest of my life focusing on positive and loving relationships. All the other selfish aspects of who I was fell to the way side and my happiness and fulfillment grows daily. Art and creating things has been one of the ways I have been able to express myself in order to grow spiritually. I also like to give my creations to my family and friends and I’ve found in doing this our relationships grow closer as well.

  55. Hello: am truly looking forward to FB2015. 2013-14 have been difficult for me. What fills my heart is the kindness that surrounds me. Friends and neighbours making food for me while I was ill. Flowers and cards of encouragement. So much empathy and understanding. All this fills my heart and makes me smile. Art heals my soul too and when I do it I seem to enter a quiet world where I lose sense of time and find the centre of my being. Thx for giving me the opportunity to win a spot on LB.

  56. So much beautiful art, i know know how you all cram it into one year! i’d love to find out though 😉 Thank you for the oppourtunity xoxo

  57. Making art reminds me that I am good enough just as I am and that I am more than I thought I could be. When I was a child, my dad and sister were both very talented in drawing and painting and I couldn’t do what they could. My dad always complimented my sister on her art and would say”she must have gotten it from him”. So I grew up believing that I didn’t inherit the gift and moved away from the desire to create. A few years ago, I decided that my love of collecting art supplies needed to be more than just a collection, so I signed up for an online class. It was the best thing I could have done. It has freed up my self-imposed limitations and really taught me we are all artists and like many things in life, it is a skill that can be learned and grown. I know appreciate and find such joy in this part of my life. I only wish I would have done it sooner.

  58. What truly fills my heart’s cup, is when I’m in a creative flow and making art like nothing can ever stop me… And I love to make art precisely because of that… because it fills my heart’s cup. Keeps me going!

  59. There are so many talented artists in this class, I would love to be connected to a community like this. My favorite thing in my life is first my family and my art. I have 3 amazing kids and a wonderful husband. My art is carried with me where ever I go.

  60. We have learned to see with our hearts at my house, as my husband started going blind four years ago. While we were very visually oriented, we’ve learned to see in other ways, too…often, largely with our hearts! And he has had a change of heart from when he first started losing his vision, a daunting and depressing life change for a photographer, and he is now determined to become an artist and leave behind a legacy of art and heart. He loves large, colorful paintings with contrast and shapes he can still discern. 🙂

  61. Art allows me to escape from the issues of life and focus on what is present and directly in front of me. When I am done working on my art for the day I am truly refreshed and ready to face what comes next with a new perspective. I feel more connected to myself.

  62. What really fills my heart’s cup is being retired and having the time and space to create art. I participated in LB2014 and would love a chance at winning a spot in the LB2015!

  63. i love to give away art pieces. I love to see the expressions on their faces. I love them to feel special, wanted and needed. My dad has cancer and he is dying. He loves elephants so I painted him one and it made us both happy for a moment. And I know when he looks at it, it will make him smile. That is why I make art. To give away happiness.

  64. I love art because it relaxes me and energizes me at the same time. I like to make beautiful things. I also signed up for your newsletter. Thank you for the two chances!

  65. My heart’s cup is filled by many things like beauty, humours, sunshine, colors and anything that inspires me really. I love making art to share that all, but also because it is a space where I feel free, where I can do what I want to and I am the queen, the creatress.

  66. Wow, what fills my heart’s cup is the special things people do for each other. Today a friend of mine shouted me to lunch (in Australia that’s what we say for paid for my lunch) and she also paid for the customer in front of us who had scratched together the money to pay for his coffee and sandwich. She instructed the waitress to give him a cake and his money back and she covered it all, but not to let him know where it had come from. The waitresses were touched, but even more so when he asked to convey the message of how grateful he was as he’d been having a really bad week. It also really made me glad to have such a great friend. 😉

  67. Oooo i really love lifebook 🙂 and also you’re year of painting 🙂 and i am learning so much from all the lovely lessons, so i want to won the spot for lifebook 2015 so i can learn more :-)!

  68. Being outside, exploring nature is what fills me up. I love hiking, sailing, snowshoeing and beach combing. “I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” ― John Muir. Art allows me to enter “flow” and to blissfully be in the present moment.

  69. Wow, what truly fills my heart’s cup and whyI love to make art. It’s my oxygen. It really is. It is the only way to glue myself down on a chair. I loose myself and/in time. Always difficult to start, but when I start, made something, I feel so loaded, good. Btw, good to see you are doing Life Book again.

  70. i first got to know who is Alena Hennessy from LB2014 ( i didnt join but a friend told me to just checked her out) On the same day i signed up for a year long painting with her… I love to make art because creating makes me happy/joy and relax. Being in a stressful and fast phase advertising job, painting and creating is the only way i can switch off and not think about work. And with Alena’s class, she guided me to be more spontaneous which Im forever grateful.

  71. What fills my heart’s cup is making art. Especially making art with a group of wonderful. talented, creative people, like Life Book teachers and members.

  72. When I am engaged in art, the world disappears for me. The only important experience is what I am working on. That is mostly why I love art. Of course, I also love the outcome, the results, it’s a high to see what I created. I like to think of it as me and God or some essence that is with me. That is why I love to make art.

  73. Creating art both soothes and ignites my heart at the same time….and I am a perpetual learner and know the growth value that Life Book presents!

  74. Family comes first! But I must say that art projects of any sort fill the heart in ways that no amount of hugs can. So I’m glad there’s room for both! Thanks for the chance to be a part of LifeBook!

  75. Seeing people who care and pay attention to others. Like the above paying anonymously for someone’s meal who seems to need it. Spotting the person behind in a checkout line who seems to need it. Not just large acts, but small ones. Passing a homeless person a cup of cocoa. Smiling and saying ‘hi’ to the kid who doesn’t have a lot of friends. Kindergarten teachers who keep boxes of cereal in their cupboards from their own money, because some of their students don’t have money or caregivers to provide them breakfast. There are so many tiny, small ways to change a person’s day, and create a ripple effect that carries forward. Those things fill my heart.

  76. What truly fills my heart is spending time with my two young grandchildren and experiencing their joy of discovery with them. I especially love creating art with my 5 yr. old granddaughter. I am learning to be more free and to create for the joy of it and leave the judgment behind. Thank you for the opportunity to win a place in this wonderful art journey.

  77. Whenever I’m doing my arts/crafts, I get lost in time. Sometimes, I have to make myself work on my current projects, but once I do, the ideas keep flowing. One things leads to another, and before I know it, an hour has passed. Most of my finished projects become gifts for friends and family members. But, I also make things to keep for myself. I love working in an art journal. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in the workshop.

  78. Hi , I love to make art as It relaxes me and is a wonderful hobby now I have retired , I class this stage in my life as MY time after bringing up 4 children and looking after ageing parents now is the time to do the things I love . To be a part of Lifebook 2015 would be a a truly wonderful experience What makes me happy is the love and warmth of my family and my husband of 47 years

  79. I love making art because it’s like a “re-birth” process. You can explore new things and create, give bith, to something unique. What make’s me happy beyond everything right now? It’s contemplating my very unique masterpiece : my newborn boy. He’s so gentle and wonderfull that he fills me up with brand new emotions and feelings that I can use to create. He changed my life and the way I’m making art. Life is wonderfull and there’s no doubt that the path I’m following is full of creativity and happyness.

  80. I have had a very emotional year with several very painful issues nagging at my heart. Lifebook 2014 has been a wonderful balm for me. I would love to contiune the momentum and just keep going. Thank you for the giveaway!

  81. My heart’s cup is full when I achieve a balance between the good things in my life: time with my spunky daughter; creating new friendships; and finding peace in losing myself in the creative process.

  82. The thing that fills my life cup is being brave. When I step out of my box and doing something that takes courage, that is when I feel my most alive. I’ve been pushing myself to do this more, even in my art. It’s hard to take the difficult path, but so worth it!

  83. Art to me is very fulfilling and joyful. I wish I had found it earlier! I love to make art as it can express all feelings both happy and sad – and that’s all good. It’s been a great help in stressful times. It’s been the source of happiness pure and simple too. For this reason I’d love to win a spot on Lifebook 2015. Thanks for this chance!

  84. Nothing fills up my heart more than watching my two boys (husband and son) all cuddled up in bed sleeping. The contentment I feel when I see that is just exhilarating! I have dabbled into different art explorations and have yet to find my home with a specific media. I am hoping to be able to do that next year and this would be a really good headstart. Thanks a lot for this opportunity!

  85. What really fills my heart is learning new things. It’s one of the reasons LifeBook is so near and dear to my heart. Making art is essential to giving meaning to my life.

  86. What fills my heart cup? Healing music, a good cup of tea, yoga in the mornings, and sitting down in my art studio being creative. I love making art because it takes what ever is in the deepest part of my soul and transforms it into something beautiful whether it is on canvas, my art journal or simply watercolor paper. Being creative and being immersed in my art is like poetry to my soul.

  87. Alena – so many things fill my heart’s cup! People smiling, generosity, my amazing husband….I could go on. And, I love making art because when I am creating I am free and it fills my soul.

  88. being surrounded by nature fills my cup to overflowing. i am far more creative if i can work in a room with windows near trees and flowers. that said, i am currently sole live-in caretaker for an elderly, disabled relative and only have workspace in the basement. enter bright colors and wall decor to bring flowers and cheerfulness to the area.

  89. What fills my soul is creating art. it calms the negative nellies and helps center me in the raging storm that is raising a teenage daughter. Creating art is a way to release and let go and just go with the flow. no planning needed and getting my hands covered in paint is always a good thing.

  90. I am a proud mother of 2 sons, a Marine and a high schooler who plays football. Time with them is precious. Making art puts me in a place of peace and appreciation. Thank you for this opportunity and for your inspiration.

  91. Making art is showing yourself as you really are, without walls, without been scared of what people will think about you. It’s just you being free.

    I’ve signed up for the newsletter

  92. Art takes me to another place, a peaceful world where all the hassles and stresses of life no longer exist and time doesn’t matter.

  93. I love making art because it connects me with positive aspects of myself, relaxes me and feeds my confidence. I love having an art journal where contact and express my feelings without judgment.
    Through art I can take away the daily stress, fears and anxieties. It is a very therapeutic way in my life.

  94. I love to make art, because it give’s me rest and the feeling that I am worthy. It is difficult to explain in a languige that is not my own, but I hope you will understand. Art takes the voice away that I am not a capabel person, but Art fills me with a feeling of richdom. Thats why I hope to win a spot at lifebook 2015 and thats why I signed up for the newsletter as well.

    1. Yes, it doe make us feel rich inside! Thank you all to who are also signing up for the newsletter.. it does increase your chancing of winning by double! I do not send out more that 2x a month usually… and always like to include some artful musing gems.

  95. thank you Alena! Just signed up for your newsletter

    Creating art fills my cup, as I have so many things in my head, that it would almost seem a shame to let them die there. This has not been the greatest year unfortunately for creating, thanks to unexpected life events, but I hope 2015 is a better year.

  96. What truly fills my heart is spending time with my 2 and 1/2 year old son and watching his creativity flourish by including him in my art and letting him explore his talents 😉 It in turn gives me new life and new ideas to create my own art.

  97. What fills my cup? It’s cliché but not any less true- my children. They keep my heart full and keep me going when I feel like everything else is spiralling around me. I watch in wonder with how they explore the world, and how I get to be the one to guide them throughout this journey. I have been engraining the power of art and creating at a very early age. We have painting time and my two year old loves when I pull out the brushes and canvas. My 7 month old isn’t interested yet, but it will come. Right now he plays with the textures of the brushes and likes the feeling of paint I between his fingers. Like his mom. My heart is full knowing that my hands are never truly ‘clean’. They either have some sort of artistic medium on them, dirt, grass, slime, bugs, food, snot, and any other type of grime that children get covered with. My hands are the outward symbol of my full cup. I would love to be able to participate in this class to gain more knowledge and stretch my creativity so that I might be able to teach my sons this wonderful world of questioning, creating and limitless possibilities.

  98. My heart is full when surrounded by family. After 32 years with my husband I still feel my heart race when he walks in the door and my skin tingle when he touches my hand. Love is what the heart was made for.

  99. I took Lifebook for the first time this year and I have loved the lessons from you! You are such an inspiration for me. I would love the opportunity to learn more from you and the other amazing artists!! I am already registered for your newsletter 🙂

    As for what fills my heart’s cup, my family and boyfriend of 8 1/2 years. We all understand and accept each other as we are, faults and all. Being around them makes me feel content and at peace with who I am.

    Kristin Langlais

  100. I love to make art because it is so freeing and relaxing for me – up until recently I was a software engineer, a job that requires creativity but within fairly strict bounds. I love that with art there are no rules…

  101. Creating art and poetry feed my soul. I lose track of time and everything I feel pours out onto the paper or canvas. But being with people I love, especially while out in nature (hiking, camping, exploring), fills my heart’s cup. Thank you for the chance to win a LB2015 spot!

  102. being present in the moment and open to receive, finding compassion and connection in unexpected places, it can be as simple as a smile, inspired by nature and see art/ creative energy everywhere;)

  103. I LOVE to make Art because it truly relaxes me & puts me at peace. This past year Art has helped me heal following the death of my Dad in Aug 2013. I have been able to release alot of of pain, anger through my Love of Art!!

  104. Hi – I’ve been making some type of art ever since I can remember andd it has always tapped into the creative expression side of me. I have been making paper craft, mostly cards, the lastm12 years and though I love it I want to spread my wings and get into art journaling and mixed media. It’s very exciting for me to try new things, it enables me to express myself in different ways. It opens a new door to walk through…

    I signed up for your newsletter 🙂

  105. My little granddaughter, Gayle, will be 1 on Friday. My heart overflows with love for this little girl! Her smile lights up my heart. I am always telling her we will fingerpaint together soon!! I am also overflowing with love not only for my immediate family but also my art family. I have met so many incredible people. Making art makes me completely happy!!! I also signed up for your newsletter!! Can’t wait for LifeBook 2015!!!

  106. making art is the best therapy for me to understand my feelings and go on in my life! (I already am your newsletter subscriber!) Thanks for this opportunity!

  107. My heart overflows when I’m free from doubt and insecurity and can see myself clearly: a talented person surrounded by loving people. (wow, stays hard, doesn’t it? calling myself talented & in public too!)

  108. Hi Alena, I have just signed up for your newsletter. I love creating mixed media art because it takes me to a place of peace and contentment like nothing else. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in Lifebook!

  109. Hi Alena,
    What fills my hearts cup? Hmmm… This, for me, is a difficult question to face. I have been suffering from depression for several years and today as I ask myself this question, I am at a loss for an answer. My cup feels empty, that is the problem. When I started painting two years ago I was soul searching, looking to find out who I was, trying to find a way to feel worthy. Creating art has become a healing journey for me. Some days it’s one step forward and two steps back, but some days it’s not, and those are the days I have to look forward to. The process has been slow but with my discovery of Life Book I am excited at the prospect of adding more tools to my skills belt as well as my healing belt, to assist me along the way. Thank you for an opportunity to win a seat in LB 2015. Good luck everyone!

  110. I make art for many reasons…it is how I filter the world…t is the best way I know how to gain access to my inner wisdom and give voice to inner yearnings and quiet voices inside me…art making is my spiritual practice and the way I reconnect to my Source…I make art because the creative process mirrors back to me the places in me that are in need of healing, kindness, self-care…creating is exhilarating, terrifying, comforting, necessary…all of this.
    Thanks for inviting me to take the time to reflect!
    And now I’ll go sign up for the newsletter <3

  111. My heart is a full cup with love, friendships, faith, peace and joy. However it is also cracked, losing much of my spirit until I pick up a paint brush or a knitting needle pair. Art fills my cups cracks with Gold, mending and healing so I can remain full.

    I’ve happily signed up to you, thank you for your blog, I’m going to dive in now

  112. Adventure fills my heart’s cup and for me is my creativity. Planning a trip to a new place, getting organized beforehand, enjoying the newness of somewhere unknown is my adventure. Crocheting a new project, creating a new art piece, a new page in my art journal, meeting with a new client – they’re all adventures – exciting, thrilling and a little intimidating. I’d love to win a chance for a free Life Book year. Thank you.

  113. My heart’s cups gets filled up with all those warm, fuzzy moments. The feelings of accomplishment, those times when you are content, the moments of pure happiness with family and friends.

  114. I love to make art because it takes me out of my head. It takes my mind off of what’s bothering me, both emotionally and physically.

  115. My sayings that may your art always have heart and may art always fill your heart. I’m almost 59′ diagnosed with systemic Lupus at age 9. My life has been different and about 4 years ago I had to “medically retire” and my pain management doctor suggested painting as a means to help controlmy pain. Why I could g paint my own fingernails! Off to a paint party with wine and appetizers and voila I was addicted and paintings my ow at my kitchen table the a small makeshift studio in a small hallway. Just before Lifebook 2013 began my beloved husband of 37 years was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer- he was asymptomatic and was found at yearly physical. He had complications and early died twice. Then Oct.27, 2013 when we thought we had conquered all the hurdles I had a brain stemmed stroke of which I still rehabbing. I need Lifebookto help make those brain reconnections and retrain brain to see correctly. Due tooverwhelmingandcontinuingmecicalexpensesicannotafford it. I hope you choose me. Art makes things well with my soul.

  116. I love to make art because it brings balance to my life, enables me to make meaningful connections with others, and fills me with energy to create even more. Art is part of who I am – I cannot make it through a day without some creative act.

  117. I love to make art because it brings balance to my life, enables me to make meaningful connections with others, and fills me with energy to create even more. Art is part of who I am – I cannot make it through a day without some creative act. Have happily signed up to your newsletter

  118. I signed up for your newsletter with the email I use for art, but I used my home email here. I’ve never taken a LifeBook class, but a friend introduced me to Tam’s work and I so want to be a part of it. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win a seat, which would be so welcome with my new limited income. So what does art mean to me? Art is both a noun and a verb – it is something I see, something I do, something I love, and something that is bringing change to my life. As a scientist by education and a manager by profession, I began my path of discovery several years ago with tentative dips into the waters. It was scary because I lived in an exacting world of straight lines, formulas and absolutes. I retired a few months ago and have begun to get my feet a bit wet exploring this very different world and learning just a bit how to relax and be. My left brain is struggling to hold on to control, but my hands have other ideas. My mind doesn’t want to move away from the safe, known world of project management, spreadsheets and the comfort of familiarity, but my heart has other ideas. I wonder what would have been if my path had been art instead of science. Would I have been holding my breath for the last 40 years? Finally, I feel like I can breathe. I feel more alive. I am so very grateful. That is what art has done for me.

  119. That glimmer of love/light that I see in the eyes of my friends and family and sometimes in the eyes of those I haven’t yet met, music to set my feet dancing, and Nature in all of her glory and mystery…these all dazzle me and fill my heart’s cup. Over and over.

  120. Unselfish kindness makes my cup runneth over. When a person goes out of their way to do something nice knowing there’s no tangible gain in it for themselves, or they do it anonymously really fills me with love and faith in my fellow human.

  121. I love to make art because it brings me by myself, the true me. It gives me balance and peace; joy and hapiness. I need it to feed my soul and to nurture the playfull inner child in me. Love to work with colors and all kinds of materials and play, play, play and have fun, fun, fun! It feels awesome!

  122. Making art gives me the joy and freedom to fully feel and express myself. It’s a wonderful new way for me to connect not only with my heart’s desire but also with deep wisdom. So happy I discovered that passion in me!

    Excited for your newsletter, just signed up 🙂 Thx for the blog hop lottery!

  123. When I am able to create art I find it incredibly healing. It helps me process what I feel that is inside of me, looking for a doorway of expression. Thank you for this opportunity!!

  124. Hi Alena! Congratulations on being an instructor for LB15!! It is an amazing course with fabulous instructors and artists. I love to do art as it puts me in a happy place… almost meditative like and I find it very fulfilling. I would love to win a spot on LB – yesterday was my Birthday sooooooooooo it would make the Best gift ever!!!!!!! {fingers & toes crossed!!} Can’t wait to get to know you & your art. Also, I’ve signed up for your newsletter.

  125. i love seeing something appear from nothing, what fills me up completely is that ripple of excitement that flows between people who art together. They feed off each others inspiration, they encourage and enable and it is just magical.

    I also signed up for your newslettter.

  126. I just finished watching your lifebook 2014 video… I adored the way you shared your talent and I felt like wow I can totally do this… I am just now getting back into creating and honestly it is the only thing I look forward to each day… I entered my name in on your newsletter so here is keeping my fingers crossed… I would love to win a spot… Thank you doll you are such an inspiration.

  127. Art helps release all those pent up emotions. It keeps me centered. Thanks for this opportunity. I have signed up for your newsletter.

  128. What truly fills my cup is to bring beauty where there is suffering, and to let art be the way I respond to and navigate hardship…. to let it be my natural go-to place.

  129. I love art because it offers the perfect escape.
    After a long hard day at the 9 to 5, I can come home, kick off my shoes, throw my bra across the room, and melt into whatever crazy paint flinging, gelato smuging, paper sticking, gesso fixing, water color busting piece of awesome-ness I have going on.

    (ps I signed up for your newsletter!)

  130. Following my excitement and curiosity at any given time fills me up over and over and over and it overflows into the most lovely adventures! It might be to go and commune with nature, to create nature connection meditation videos, to share things that inspire and uplift, to sit and just breath, to chase after a lovely bird for more views, to splash color onto a page… on an on I follow my excitement and my cup overflows. <3

  131. What fills my heart to overflow is giving my grandchildren (a 4 y/o and almost 2) creative opportunities. It’s such a delight to watch them play and experiment with color or master an age-appropriate technique. Their joy of and abandonment to the moment is priceless!

  132. What really makes my heart sing is being with good friends, listening to good music, seeing small and large natural wonders and enjoying a sunny day. I did sign up for your newsletter for a second entry.

  133. I like making art because it is so uplifting and personally satisfying. When I’m preoccupied with a problem or challenge, and the thought of a project comes to mind, I smile. And I’ve signed up for the newsletter.

  134. Creating brings out what is within my heart…its like an overflowing of the blessings that have been given to me….to see what I feel within

  135. The art of creating fills my heart every time… truly DOES fill my heart’s cup! I love to make art because I feel like it is the best way to express my soul to the world, and to spread love and light.

  136. My heart is full when I create. Growing my own vegetables and flowers, filling my walls with my creations and wrapping my body in soulful expression makes my soul shine. Would love to be a part of the next LifeBook series.

  137. Honestly…..What truly fills my hearts cup is seeing my children growing and thriving. They have been my heart’s work these 20 years… helping them to create/discover who they are has been such an absolute joy. As I move on to the next stages of life and I am more “me” focused for a season I am rediscovering who I have always been and who I am still becoming… and art is a TREMENdOUSLY HUGE part of that process for me – a way of expressing myself when words cannot…a way to give a more deep and detailed (and sometime trancended?) meaning to what I’m living at these particular moments…. A long winded answer I guess but true. Thanks for the chance!!

  138. I just started painting 18 months ago…it is the home I didn’t know I had. My heart flows with whatever needs to be seen when I put brush to canvas or paper. Your work is beautiful….I hope for a spot so I can get to know you better. Thanks for the opportunity.

  139. What truly fills my heart? Being surrounded by love . . . which comes in many forms- special people, beautiful places, extraordinary experiences and discoveries and always God. Art has been my most recent discovery and I have fallen in love! Thank you for a chance at the giveaway!

  140. Hi,

    How fun! What fills my heart’s cup – my children’s laughter, a warm hug, a mega-watt heart smile on someone’s face (even a stranger – maybe sometimes especially strangers – that heart-smile is why I share anything in world), sunset/sunrise/moonbeams and chocolate….I also delight in listening to other’s stories about their life experience. Honestly, sometimes I don’t love to make art – I have a residual streak of perfectionism in creative expression that I don’t have elsewhere in life; I make art because my heart nudges me to and I learn more about presence, unfolding and infinite possibility from creating (and sharing) art than any other method of learning. I think learning technique will dissolve that perfectionist streak.

  141. My family, my dogs, my dearest friends & art. Those full my hearts cup. I recently took a serval year sabbatical from creating. It was soooo hard to come back to it, but come back to it I did. Now I wonder how I made it through the past 3 1/2 years without art. My husband had emergency surgery just over a week ago & I passed my time in the hospital drawing in my art journal. It calmed me. Centered me. Helped me deal with the emotions. It is what’s life has been missing.

  142. What makes my heart full is spending time with family. I am blessed with a wonderful mom, siblings, my husband, kids and grandkids and my little Yorkie that fill my life with so much joy! Making art also fills my heart because it is a stress reliever to explore new techniques. Thanks for the inspiring website!

  143. I love to make art because it lets me express myself in ways I can’t otherwise do. It is satisfying to see a completed price and have others relate to it. Thanks for the chance!

  144. I need some form of creativity in my life. It is something I do just for me, then hopefully bring others along for the ride. I’m rather new to mixed media art. I have been a quilter for close to 20 years and this is a new outlet.

  145. It fills my heart’s cup to see the little ones in my life exploring color, making intuitive but discerning choices of what to use when, and how to move and make marks across the page. Seeing it all come together into a sweet masterpiece, without self-criticism or doubt, held up with pride once it’s finished… well that just makes my cup run over.

  146. My niece and nephew (the littles) fill my heart with happiness. They love freely, they know no bounds, they believe.

  147. I love to make art because I can share my innermost thoughts and feelings with myself and with others. My family and friends enjoy receiving cards created especially for them.

    I have always focused on watercolors until this year when I was inspired to try acrylics and mixed media. My adult daughter has been disabled since 2005 when a serious illness caused considerable brain injury. The brilliant colors of acrylic and mixed media journal pages has ignited her interest in making some art pages. My heart’s cup is not just filled, it is overflowing.

  148. Creating in all sorts of ways art, cooking, gardening, singing, dancing 🙂 just a few of my favorite things – art helps me express & release deep feelings, thoughts, joys, sorrows etc

  149. I signed up to receive your newsletter and want to thank you so much for your gift. I chose “She loved life and it loved her right back”. So much synchronicity.

  150. Being out in nature and my garden is a deep and ongoing sense of wonder and awe to me; this always fills me up to overflowing. And clouds, clouds are so fascinating — so varies and constantly changing yet always awesome. Nature is such a grand artist sometimes I question is there is any reason to my even trying? But then again, what else is there to keep a person sane?
    Truly love this chance to enter, thanks.

  151. Music, laughter and the time to be ‘free’ and express myself are the things that refresh and recharge, making my ‘heart’s cup fill’ in an otherwise busy life juggling full time work and being a mum.

  152. I love to create because I lost everything what goes wrong in that time and I feel harmony inside. It’s like an addiction for me 🙂
    Thank you so much the possibility to win a spot and learn from wonderful teachers!
    I subscribed for your newsletter, too.

  153. What an AMAZING giveaway!! It’d be the best early birthday gift ever 😉 The one thing that without a doubt fulfills me is my family. I may be exhausted and want to have some personal down-time, but as soon as I see my whole family together for Friday night dinner I feel renewed and refreshed. Family is what gets me through everything.


  154. I make art because it makes me happy and makes my heart full of joy! I love color, and the way different colors play off of each other makes me giddy at times! I signed up for your newsletter too! I love your lessons in Lifebook this year and I am thrilled to pieces that you are teaching again in 2015!

  155. Yesterday was the first warm, sunny day here in a few weeks. My husband lounged outside on sun-kissed benches and read books and talked for nearly two hours. It was heavenly! My heart has been very full lately and it is all because of my new, caring, thoughtful, compassionate husband. Love him!

  156. I love to make art because it calms the mind, gives life to the soul and makes me a nicer person. My grandchildren fills my heart with joy and happiness. I did sign up for your newsletter, I look forward to receiving it.

  157. I love love love reading all these! They are overflowing my heart… keep em coming – I won’t be closing this for at least several days now! 🙂 Maybe even until the blog hop is over on the 2nd. Xo

  158. I love colour. It is one of the most powerful elements in our day to day lives. I love how it can change the mood and energy of a piece of art. I get exited when I see a simple box of crayons filled with all those colours. To me colour is what feeds my creativity and my soul :”)

  159. I can’t wait for next year – so many awesome artists to learn from.

    So my cup is filled with my family, my awesome friends, my studio, my art, my creation + imagination. I am very lucky in that my cup is full most days…

  160. what fills my heart cup: my nephews, my dog, flowers, butterflies, colors, brushes and drawing 🙂 i make art because i love the playfull-process, time just for me, and i never were good with words.. this is the only way i can truly express my feelings…

  161. I feel my heart filled with joy when I share time with my family, when I am in the company of my friends or when I can help someone feel better.
    I am also very happy when I release my feelings painting while listening to music.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  162. My heart is filled when witnessing beauty, generosity, and sincerity… both in people and nature and especially, those special moments when I even notice it in myself and feel the connection to all that is. This year has brought about amazing transformation as I’ve stumbled into this lovely tribe of artists that I never knew existed before… a group of soul supporters that cooperate and inspire and encourage one another (as opposed to the competitive world I once felt trapped in). My heart and thoughts have changed as I have witnessed such beauty and made a conscious choice to change critical, judgmental thoughts into love. I feel heartlight radiating now in a new and beautiful way and healing from past abuse and grief. I am extremely grateful to have discovered so many lovely souls through online art groups and classes recently.

  163. I heart art! I am passionate about it and I do art almost everyday even when I am sick , until I am confounded to the bed! It’s like a breath of fresh air, or air itself without which one can not exist! It’s that kind of a feeling. I love folk & traditional art and have been practicing it. Life Book sounds exciting and unique in it’s own way with an array of amazing artists. I wish to try something new and enrich my artistic experience.

    Thanks for the chance to win a spot 🙂

  164. My family and friends fill my heart cup and I love to create art how’s it how I express so deep emotions
    My form of therapy and meditation. Love you art by the way stunning colours xxxx

  165. My family fills my cup just like many others have said. I love to see them grow and learn. I also love to create because it help my brain to slow and think about things that are important.

  166. Creating art makes me happy. I love getting something on a page where before there was nothing. It is deeply satisfying and enormous healing.

  167. I have just signed up for your newsletter. I look forward to your “art gems.

    Art has always been a part of my life. I cannot imagine life without it.

    It is my breath. It is my oxygen. It is my sustenance. A life without creating would be void of joy.

    Thank you for your contributions to this creative life. <3

  168. My family fills my heart up. The love we all share. Art makes me happy and free when I can get in my studio, because I work fulltime. So, when I do art, I appreciate the time so much. Thank you.

  169. Yesterday, while driving home from school, my kids suddenly and desperately insisted I pull off the road to rescue a tiny inch worm that had accidentally hitched a ride, stuck on the outside of their passenger window. It seemed silly, but they desperately pleaded – the inchworm’s fate lay in our hands! I pulled over, and as I watched my 8 and 11 year old sons take such special care with this tiniest of creatures, gently transferring it from our station wagon window onto a nearby tree branch, I was overwhelmed with love and astonishment of these sweet, innocent, and kind half-sized human beings that I get to share my life with. My heart’s cup overflows with love everyday when little magical moments, like rescuing an inchworm, allow me the chance to appreciate the magic of our world with childlike wonder again.
    Art, for me, is another opportunity to play as a child. It helps me to reconnect with my inner child – my truest and most authentic self.

  170. My children fill my heart…until I had them I did not really know what unconditional love was…and now I am able to experience that and share my love of art with them…thank you for the chance to win a spot!

  171. What truly fills my heart are the quiet times. First thing in the morning writing my three pages for The Artist’s Way. Drinking coffee while watching the sparrows eating their rice grains we feed them for breakfast. Seeing my sweet husband’s face while he sleeps. Relaxing and warming in a winter bath. Watching the sun rise (or set), bringing glorious life hues. Then I know my heart is full of gratitude.

  172. As an older woman just beginning her art journey, I love creating art because I can express like never before. I have always journaled, but adding art has been life changing for me! Signed up for your newsletter. Excited for bits of inspiration! Life Book will be fabulous!

  173. I love making art because it allows me to seek the answere with. To journey into my soul and look around at the layers of wisdom.

  174. What fills my heart cup? What a soulful question. I love LOVE seeing peoples “gifts”, watching people use their soul wings and fly, this seems to fill me up. Like those “flash mobs” and an artist lost in her/his piece, witnessing someone using their gift (whatever that may be) and touching others lives. It actually brings me to tears. Thanks for asking such a GOOD question.

  175. i love to create art because the process makes me slow down my crazy life and take a closer, slower look at everything that is around me. in the process it slows down life for my family and time spent together seems to be much more quality time

  176. Art fills my heart! Making art allows me to be fully in the moment, in a way that also allows me to process things I am going through in a completely honest way. I am pretty sure that making art is the only way I manage to stay remotely sane.

    Ps – I’m already signed up for your newsletter 🙂

  177. What fills my heart is making art! Also cuddling with my hubby and pets, seeing others’ beautiful art and walking in the woods.

  178. What fills my hearts cup is love. You know, the love that makes you smile ear to ear. Your heart feels like it’s going to burst and yet you feel such inner peace. Art puts me there and helps keep me grounded yet light. So hard to put into words but it’s a magical feeling.

  179. Creating something out of seemingly useless material fills my heart. Making it for someone else and having them use it and appreciate it makes it even better. Learning new art or using it in new ways opens new spaces in my heart. I am looking forward to Life Book 2015!
    Thank you. Namaste.

  180. My heart is filled by road trips to new destinations, hoodie weather with bright fall leaves, sitting around a table with others that fill me with Joy and make me laugh til my cheeks are tired. Creating art takes me inside myself. It helps me to solve problems and understand myself better. It creates flow and freedom. A meditation.

  181. Mmmm…what fills my heart’s cup? Alena, there are so many beautiful things that fill my heart, from the loves of my life (including my kitties…one of which is curled up on my lap, right this very moment, w/ her little motor humming away in deep content)…to the beauty that lies all around us in nature, people, & places; deep friendships & of course, creating; whether it’s creating something in my little art studio, photo taking, or cooking/baking in my kitchen. It’s all love & joy!!

    Thank you ohhh so very much for this generous & beautiful opportunity!! ~H♥~

    P.S. If my name happens to be drawn, I would love for this to go to my sister, Holly, instead of me. 🙂

  182. The process of art, for me, is taping into my spirit & accepting myself just as I am…loving myself unconditionally…imperfections & all.

  183. my goodness your work is so beautiful! i also signed for your newsletter and year of painting (SO EXCITED).

    art for me is everything, it always has been. it overflows my heart naturally.

  184. Art is life to me. Its a portal of communication with the universe. It gives me pleasure and makes me feel alive. The days I dont create even for a few minutes I feel quite sapped out of energy. It feels off on the days I dont paint. I create because I love creating.

  185. Love what your students have created. Just subscribed to your newsletter and look forward to all the yummy news from your art world.

  186. What truly fills my hearts cup is to watch my children grow and blossom everyday into independent young people who have creative dreams and hopes for the future, both have chosen creative careers to follow and I love to watch them on their separate journeys.
    But in saying that I now have more time for me and have started to once again pursues my own creative pleasures which had stopped … what an exciting time!!

  187. When I am in my darkest hours, it’s creation that frees my soul and lifts my spirits. Painting makes me feel like joy is rising within me, and that I am enough as I am. When I see what I’ve created, I am always surprised as to what pours out of me in every color.

  188. I havent seen my husband since april and in two weeks i will get to see his smile and give him the biggest hug…that makes my heart beyond happy 🙂

  189. I like to create because it is just simple who i am…and when i am not painting drawing or creating new dinners…yes i am creative in the kitchen too! Anyhow when i dont create i just feel kinda off and moody

  190. i love to create. It might be a painting, or making jewelery, gardening, cooking, crafting, decorating. Anything that creates beauty or a message from my heart, makes my heart sing.

  191. Creativity and making art or anything for that matter with my hands is the only time I finally quiten my mind from all the thoughts and allow my heart to speak. After spending so much time being the nurturer and running and doing for my 3 kids it is time just for me to express myself and it really helps me to feel like my own person one again and like I am filling my own cup.

    Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway, love your work!


  192. Family, friends, pets, kindness and love fill my cup completely.
    Art lets me escape and express myself freely… is such a great therapy…

    I also joined your newsletter xx

  193. My heart is filled today with answered prayers for a loved one’s health and the hope of healing. My heart is full of anticipation for a new job starting on Monday where I feel that bringing love for others will be the most important job requirement and things that I can do. I’m so grateful for art and artists for the beauty and colors and ideas conveyed and for the process of creating which allows for expression, celebration, healing, and freeing for those doing the creating.

  194. What fills my heart is engaging in creative play with babies and children, and actively pursuing a mindfulness practice through artistic expression. Creativity heals me, creativity energizes me, creativity calms me, creativity grounds me in my soul’s purpose. Would love to win a seat in this most amazing online experience for 2015.

  195. A baby wrapped in a warm blanket, safely in it’s mothers arms, gazing lovingly into her eyes. Children at a park, swinging on swings, running, playing and laughing. 2 young lovers, walking slowly holding hands, while others briskly walk past. Parents, proudly sitting on cold, hard bleacher seats watching their child score their first goal. Elders, recalling fond memories of children in their arms, watching children at parks and soccer games, and remembering walking hand in hand with their lover. To me, this is love . . . Love is what fills my hearts cup.

  196. Things that fill my heart’s cup: A quiet moment under a sunny blue sky. Painting while rain taps at the window over my art desk. Sitting by a fire on a cold day, reading, with a kitty curled up next to me. <3

    Signed up for your newletter. Love your art. 🙂

  197. my family and friends fill my hearts cup and they also inspire me… also the need to get out all the emotions I feel but can’t seem to express with words drive my art sometimes.