True Gifts of Collaboration

alena hennessyThis mixed media photo painting was one of the most fulfilling projects I have taken on in a very long time. Learn how to create dynamic work such as this in Co-Lab.
alena hennessy new ecourseThere has been a very special project I have been involved with all year that I have kept pretty mum about… until today. So with a thrilled heart I present to you Co-Lab: Paint, Paper, and iPhoneography Magic. This is a brand new online class created by myself and the brilliant Susan Tuttle, where we bring the world of paint, paper, and photo (plus so much more) together in one brilliant virtual experience! For those of you that don’t know Susan, she is a lovely human being and Mother living up in the woods of Maine, author of several books, and one incredibly gifted photographer and editor.
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co-lab1stilllife-portraitaalena hennessy susan tuttleI grew so much from working with her, not only as an artist but also as a person. The contagious spirit of collaboration ended up being one of the biggest gifts I could have asked for this year. Susan’s work has literally blown me away and left me speechless– and it all can be done with a smart phone (iPhone, iPad, iPod, or other smart phone).
co-lab2Imagine being able to capture imagery of yourself or others in this way! Within this course we share so many beloved tools from our artist toolbox. Now only can you learn to ground and enhance your painting by creating expressive still life, landscapes, and portraits, but you also get to learn how to edit and enhance your imagery in brilliant new ways… so necessary for artists these days to know these tools!
10635908_10152515819668122_7773137284678429718_nLearn to take macro-photos of flowers and then paint abstractly from them, along with mixed media photo-paint works that ignite the spark into new worlds of creating thinking. Plus the latest in all the apps, along with blending and editing your art imagery in new ways never known before. This beauty above was created by artist Cheryl Greene in our class.
colab2co-labThis course has many foundational guidelines for understanding art and design, as well as how to present and create work. By combining these powerful mediums, you will learn the basics of creating rich backgrounds, color harmony and theory, freeing your inner critic, unleashing the muse, painting from intuition, and understanding composition and more. As an extraordinary bonus, you will also learn how to take breathtaking photos through some of the best apps out there (Susan is in the know), which will also help present yourself, your work, and your offerings out into the world in a striking and exceptional way that rises above the masses. We will also show you how to collaborate and synthesize paint, print, and iPhone photo work in a way that dazzles and broadens your visual language.
colab3co labI can’t emphasize how enough invaluable it is for artists today to be able to incorporate and understand simple digital imagery and photo work. It is perfect for beginners who are wishing to create a stronger base and understanding, as well as experienced artists, who desire to expand their visual scope. Susan and I have been teaching online classes for years now, both with several best-selling books under our belt, and are honored to be asked to synthesize our knowledge together. It’s like having two courses in one! Making this course was truly such a joy for me, as it stretched me just where I needed to go.M3V-15Paint a landscape from your wildest imagination and place an image of yourself or loved ones within it, then creating a simple yet captivating frame to enhance it. This is the stuff dreams are made of! Learn this plus so much more in this compelling course.
colab5Feeling the yes? Sign up here and save *HALF OFF* (for a limited time with simple payment plan options). You will receive immediate access, along with being able to go back and touch in to this course for a lifetime. Walk away from this class with more knowledge and inspired juju than ever before, to be able to expand your portfolio in ways you never knew you could. You can work at your own pace and revisit it whenever you feel like. I am sure the artist within you will thank you for years to come…

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