New Website Party!

OK y’all, a confession: its taken me over a year to complete my new website! For whatever reason, sometimes a process goes slower… and this is certainly true for my new site. But now here it is unveiled! A few major changes were made, with special attention going to readability especially for my online courses. To celebrate my new virtual home, I am having a week long sale of EVERYTHING (with the exception of retreats or workshops)! (Online courses, prints, paintings, bamboo blocks). Save 25% off with code newhome.

THANK YOU friends for being here and supporting my work, I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me! I’ve got some sweet new projects in store and I’m looking forward to deepening my creative process with you and alongside you.

8 thoughts on “New Website Party!

  1. The room in the photo looks absolutely beautiful. What an inspirational place to create in! It holds the beauty of your paintings.xx

  2. Love the new site Alena, and your Studio space. Thank you for developing amazing classes for us to further our creativity. Many Blessings xx

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