At 40 yrs old, I’m starting to really get that it’s no longer about me, its about us. These questions pleasantly ring inside me:

Source, how can you use me for Love?

How may I better serve?

From our wounds come our deepest wisdom. My intention is to be even stronger now, less selfish, a channel for grace… My former self would react to my wounds and in the wounds of others and feel threatened, in fear, out of touch with Higher Power. My wounds got exposed and dovetailed with their wounds and so the drama/triangle begins (persecutor, victim, rescuer). I feel relationships are some of the biggest spiritual growth we can go through because through heartbreak and intense mirroring we are forced to grow. We cannot hide under the sheets, are skeletons come dancing out of the closet. From true heartbreak our hearts grow. This is the gem within loss, the treasure within the pain. So coming from an everyday intention that asks for actualization (‘Lord, Goddess, use me with your Grace’), not only takes pressure off, it is the essence of freedom. From the acorn grows the mighty Oak. This is Nature’s design. My encounters with the most generous souls have left the longest impression, not by their giving from depletion, but by the liberation within it. When I am thinking from victim or judgmental mind I am a slave to that situation. When I realize ‘how may I better serve’ I am dwelling in the heart of that which feels aligned /// Divinity.

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